Business in Front, Computer in Back: The Benefits of an Online IS Degree

Did you ever hear a mullet described as “business in front and a party in the back?” No?! Well, you totally missed out on some fun comments about the odd hairdo that once graced the covers of many an 80’s rock band album cover! But seriously, what did that even mean? Like one could really go to a business meeting and be perceived as a shrewd business person if only those in the board room saw them from the front? Or perhaps when party time came around they’d just stick on a hat to draw attention to the drape of hair coming out the back. Well, I think what “they” meant by that was that those who sported a mullet had the best of both worlds, seamlessly melding business and pleasure into one hairdo, destined to bring joy and utter coolness to whoever wore it.

J Whatever the meaning of the mullet’s business/party mystique, I was just looking for a springboard into talking about the multiple benefits you can receive by getting an online IS degree. Yeah, I know, quite a stretch huh? Perhaps. Follow along to get some ideas about the dual benefits of the IS degree.

First of all, Information Systems is a relatively new field in human existence. I mean, it hasn’t been around as long as agriculture or textiles, both of which are primary human needs. However, with the advent of the internet, an explosion of information and its application to progress human understanding and growth has resulted. Libraries, bookstores and educational facilities are fast becoming as commonplace as grocery stores and laundromats.

Now with the need for people to gain access to the vast amounts of data that is available to make their lives better, there has grown many new businesses. Some facilitate the gathering of the data. Some provide the information in raw format. Others provide analysis and some storage. With all these new businesses to support this new world of information, there is of necessity a need for education to train newcomers how to best manage all these businesses.

If you like computers, how they work, how they work together with human interaction to create systems you may like to study towards your IS degree. In the discipline of Information Systems you will gain valuable skills in business management, computer networking, databases and other essential skills.

Putting your attention towards understanding this area will most likely not be a poor decision. Careers in the information industry in one aspect or another are flourishing. And while the way you work today in the area and how you work tomorrow may be dramatically different, there are dozens of positions and thousands of opening at present that you can grab in this fast growing industry.

When all is said and done getting an IS degree online is akin to getting a mullet. Why? Because you can get the best of both worlds; an understanding of computers, networks, etc, but also how to manage these resources to work together in comprehensive systems. If you are inclined to starting a business, this is also a brilliant path to look into. If you are interested, let us help you find an online IS degree program or school that fits your needs.

Beauty in an Online Art & Design Degree

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. But when one seeks to see the beauty in all things their world is broadened. They open the door to a new world that always existed, but remained hidden to those who limit themselves to seeing beauty only what they are told is beautiful.

Those who see beauty are more able to recreate it in their lives. And while this creation is not confined to those who go to school, you may just find your creative mind tapped by dedicating a little time and energy into getting an online art and design degree.

Let me share 3 ways that your ability to see beauty can increase by taking some internet classes. First, by being exposed to what others consider beautiful. Second, by studying ideas of beauty, perspective and design. Third, by dedicating yourself to seeing beauty in the world around you.

My first suggestion may at first seem unimportant. I mean, you like what you like and won’t it always be like that? Well, no. Take for example your music tastes from when you were a kid and compare it with your likes now. Are they the same? How about the kinds of clothes you wear, are THEY the same? Probably not. But just because your tastes change doesn’t mean that your ideas of beauty will, yeah? Well, just trust me on this one. Take an open mind to the classroom and I think you’ll find that being exposed to a few of the greats you cannot help but see your ideas about beauty blossom and grow.

To help you understand my second idea, think back to a time when you studied something intently. Personally, I have the example of learning the theory behind music as well as learning a musical instrument. During the course of that study I came to appreciate all the work that goes into creating such beautiful symphonies, magnificent melodies and other music. Others had studied for years and through practice refined their talents; they made it look so easy. But I came to realize that their works represented a dedication, a devotion and much of their time. This became beautiful to me. As you study what goes into creating great art and architecture you will come to appreciate more everything around you.

Lastly, there is an old Native American saying that goes something like this, “You cannot understand me until you walk a mile in my moccasins.” In the doing we come to see even more clearly the brilliance involved with creating great art. When you paint, draw or sculpt like after the manner of the great masters, you can understand somewhat of what they went through to create what they felt was beautiful. And pouring so much into spotting and creating your own beauty you will learn to see beauty where others cannot.

While each person’s experience in education and in classes is different, I strongly feel like you could benefit from learning how to bring beauty to life through art & design. If you have ever had an inclination to learn more about art or design, why not shoot for an online art or design degree? If you are interested, let us help you find the perfect solution to your online learning experience.

3 Reasons to Look into an Online Masters Degree Program

In his article about becoming amazingly great at something, Leo Babauta of shares that if you want to become a master at something you have to take action. Action X time = getting good. He continues, “Some estimate that it takes 10,000 hours to master something, but I think it varies from person to person and depends on the skill and other factors.” I would have to agree, but the bottom line is to decide what it is you want to master and get started learning the skill and doing the skill.

I have come up with five reasons why you should start down the path to mastery and consider and online masters degree program. While it is likely that not all will appeal to you, I hope that one does and the world finds another person matched with their true passion and is a better place for it.

One: There is only so much time in the day, in the week, in the month and in the year. What will you do with that time? Well, whatever it is you will experience opportunity costs. In other words, you will have to sacrifice spending your time on one thing so that you can pursue another. While some see this as a sacrifice, it can also be extremely rewarding if you find what you love. I have always operated on this premise that if I do what I love I will do it with more passion than others and most likely be able to do it better as well. If the world was filled with people that found their true passion and pursued it until they became a master at it, wow!

Two: I have always admired my mother for consistency she has shown over time. In the course of doing something consistently you grow in ways that sporadic application can in no way replace. It is powerful to realize that the skill you have is greater than the sum of the days invested. Consistency towards an end builds us like nothing else can. This is true in exercise and it is true in matters of the mind. Knowledge starts to build on other knowledge to create new areas of awareness and understanding. Mastering something provides this unique growing opportunity.

Three: I once had a friend that used to say that his purpose was just to learn something new every day. It is this attitude, one of continual learning , that marks the character of the great inventors, philosophers and teachers. Opening your eyes to see the world around you and seeking to understand it is more than rewarding, it is the way that mankind progresses. Think about it. If we resigned ourselves to not going any further than those before us had gone, to stay put as it were, we would soon find ourselves moving backwards because of the lack of understanding of even our present situation.

In short, there are many reasons why choosing to master a skill today is important and beneficial, but juts take these three in mind and hopefully it will inspire you sign up for an online masters degree program, or at least pick up something new or that you had started an have since stopped: Give yourself to the career you are passionate about, work daily at improving and learn something new every day.

Like Managing People? Get your Online Human Resources Degree

Most jobs you will find that you get to work with people. In some careers this is more true than in others. If you become a computer programmer, affectionately known in the industry as a “coder” you may find little human interaction. This of course depends on your work environment. I know environments where you can find much group collaboration and others where you work in relative isolation.

Everyone has their own individual needs when working with others. You may work better when given instructions while others may work better giving instructions. If you have noticed that you have a particular liking to helping people find fulfillment in their jobs and not doing the actual job itself, then take a look into getting your human resources degree. You can do it online and soon be helping people get the most out of their jobs. Here are 3 cool areas in human resources that you can pursue after getting your degree.

Training: Do you like to talk? Have no fear when it comes to standing in front of people? What about your ability to convey ideas and keep people interested? While some of the trainings that come from HR are anything BUT interesting, if you have the aforementioned skills you may be good at doing the training part of HR responsibilities. But don’t worry! If this is not you, there are other areas to explore. Come along with me and we will do just that.

Recruitment & Hiring: Are you more of a one on one person? Are you a good judge of character? A resume can be so sterile, but during recruiting fairs or interviewing you can see the person behind the words. If you can get along well with people and are good at assessing their abilities, good at questioning and asking probing questions, you may find this aspect of HR enjoyable. While firing may also go with this job, a good people person can also do this with grace. But if you are not so much about confrontation then perhaps the next role will peak your interest.

Compensation Analysis: While some people are more right brained and enjoy the interaction they get with people, others get more enjoyment from helping people by crunching numbers. Those responsible for compensation, benefits and incentives have a special place in the company. It is these people who are able to help incentivize employees to move forward in accomplishing their tasks and meeting company goals. And whereas before HR kept mostly in the background the government’s Occupational Outlook Handbook notes that they are playing an ever increasing role in executive strategizing. They need people who understand numbers and can help them retain the best employees.

So whether you like to help people by talking to groups, interviewing individuals or by going more left-brained and providing the number manipulation that is necessary to keep good employees motivated there is a place for you in Human Resources and what better way to get started managing people in these and other ways than to get your online human resources degree? It is never too late to begin!

Join the Future with an Online IT Degree

Have you ever been to a Star Trek convention or seen coverage of one on the news? Well if so, you may not feel as connected to your inner Clingon as those you’ve seen dressed up and speaking a language that only true Trekies know and can appreciate. Don’t worry, that is not the kind of future that I am referring to. The future I wish to talk about is the future where technology is taking us.

At one point they said that every 6 months existing computer technology becomes obsolete. That window narrows with each passing year. I once bought a 500 GB storage drive. It was just about the top of the line in the consumer market at the time and it was about half the size of the average college textbook. Just the other day while walking through store I saw that same volume available for a quarter of the price (Even taking into consideration that I purchased my storage device at a clearance sale) and just about a quarter of the size.

Over time, hard ward gets smaller and more powerful. We are able now to transmit much more information in much shorter a period of time. For those who remember the dial-up internet connection days, I bet you wish you didn’t! To be relegated back to those days after experiencing today’s high speek internet is enough to drive anyone mad, especially if you are a gamer. Just think, the highly popular world of war craft wouldn’t even be possible on a dial up connection. However, the alternative of text based video games is similarly exciting 🙂

No, the future I speak of one most cannot even comprehend yet. It’s the future that those with the vision and the skill create for us. Who knows, but that we will have computers connected to our brains in some way that lets us record in text form our thoughts, transferring brainwaves to books, electrical impulses to interesting articles?

The future at large, both the kind you see in science fiction novels as well as the ones you can imagine, will be created and pushed forward by those who know information technology (IT). It is those in the IT field that make so much of our modern world run. And in coming days this will only hold more true. It is those in IT who push innovations in medical diagnostic machinery. It is those in IT who are responsible for the vary network of Walmarts and their amazing distribution system, of knowing when stock needs to be ordered based on the purchasing rate of local customers and trends. Similarly, you probably would not have such a good experience with FedEx if they also did not rely on information technology.

Yes it is true that people run the machines, but the machines enhance the people’s ability to move products quicker, provide them more consistently and improve them more regularly. Technology really is a wonderful thing

So, before you resolve to purchase your first Ferengi mask and join what you think is the future, just let us help you find an online school that can get you the REAL skills that will take you “to infinity and beyond.”

Selling Yourself with an Online Marketing Degree

Marketing deals with understanding people’s emotions and why they buy. It is about understanding attention and how to keep it. Things that tap into people’s emotions are often used because they tend to keep attention the best. A good marketer knows that tapping into people’s fears or their basic desires is a way to sell products. While I am not condoning the ethics of such advertising I am suggesting it is not only important to know how to sell a washer or dryer, but how to sell yourself.  . You can do that with an online marketing degree, no not an “online marketing” degree, but an online “marketing degree.” 🙂

In the ever changing world of marking it is important to continually hone your skills. Knowing what people want, their motivations and desires gives you a window of opportunity into providing that for them. Automobile manufacturers and shoe distributors spend millions of dollars on market research so they can give the customer more of what they want. You too can know how to better sell yourself by investing in an online marketing degree.

Obtaining a piece of paper that says you spent money and persevered in classes is not the only thing that a degree means. To potential employers a degree in marketing can be very enticing. The essence of any business is making money and the better they can do that the more successful they are in terms of one of their core purposes. Even if you do not end up in the marketing department it has been pointed out by small business consultant Michael Gerber that everybody in a company should be on the same page, that each point of contact from the sales rep to the customer service employees are telling a story about your company to the customer. Therefore, you can be a very valuable asset to a future company just by knowing how to present your company and its products or services to potential buyers.

In addition to making yourself more attractive to potential employers, you may just find that you can use some of your marketing skills to help you find a date, or to help your kids’ lemonade stand take it up a notch. All in all, by getting a degree in marketing you could learn how to put your best foot forward and set a good impression with all those you meet.

If you wish to not only know how to sell goods, but how to sell yourself, check out an online degree in marketing. While you will not necessarily be learning how to read minds you will learn how to know what people want and how to deliver it to them. “Find a need and fill it,” is a solid line from the movie Robots. If you want to achieve your dreams, learn to see others’ and help them achieve theirs.

These are just a couple thoughts I wanted to share with you about how you can get in touch with others’ wants and desires as well as your own by starting down the road to a marketing degree.

Picasso, Dali and an Online Art Degree

Were you given a handful of wonderful names in addition to the standard first, middle and last? Then perhaps you are a long lost relative to the Spanish born Pablo Picasso (baptized name: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispiniano de la Santísima Trinidad) or surrealist painter Salvador Dalí (Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquis of Dalí de Púbol) born on the North east corner of Spain.

But really, if you have a love for art and especially if your first word was pencil, like was Picasso’s, you may have more in common than your long names. If this is the case then pursuing a degree in modern art online could have a very profound effect on your future and the future of others as did studying art for these two great masters.

Pablo Picasso found a love for art early in his life and was given lessons from his father at the age of seven. Much to the disappointment of academic I’m sure, but to the sheer delight of the art world, young Pablo took much more interest in art than in his schoolwork. Ah, to be a kid again!

When a passion exists in the heart, one can accomplish great things by refining their talents and heeding the dictates of their consciences. This is just what Picasso did and though his schooling consisted of much real life experience, he may have just considered an online degree in art had he been alive today. Why do I say this? Well, it is obvious that I do not know Picasso personally so I cannot say for sure, but his desire to travel and meet people may have just been enhanced in our modern internet age. Who knows?

Next, Salvador Dali. A bit eccentric like many of the greats, painted many surreal landscapes and mashed up images of people and animals. He is perhaps most well known for his work, The Persistence of Memory with its melting clocks and dry desert scenery.

Dali attended a drawing school at an early age and as he grew he continued to impress art lovers with his unique way of seeing the world.

Do you have a keen eye for art? Does your understanding of the world come as you interpret it onto a canvas or sketch pad? Perhaps your path may follow Picasso and Dali, at least in terms of helping people to see things differently and consider new ideas. If this is the case, you may wish to consider an online art degree. With the flexibility that such a route affords you can hone your skills as you enjoy the benefits of both an online education and the freedom to travel as you do so. Perhaps Paris or Spain will be your first stop?

Meet 3 Engineers Who Will Inspire You to Get your Online Engineering Degree

We all have a least favorite subject, mine was stats. I struggled to understand the basic reason why it was even important. I could do the homework, but I lost interest when I couldn’t see the bigger picture. However, the third time around (yeah, it was a basic class for my major and I needed to pass it, so it took me three times) I finally had a teacher that opened up the world of stats to me in a way that made the homework assignments bearable and I even enjoyed class every now and then.

Many times when we hate a class or subject it is often because we do not understand how it fits into our lives; but when someone comes along and opens that door of understanding to us, we are able to see it in a whole new light. We may even find that we enjoy it quite thoroughly. That is my intent with this short article, to introduce you to three engineers who have contributed to your world that you probably did not even know about.

To start us off, let’s begin with my personal favorite, Nikola Tesla. While you may have heard of his contemporary rival Thomas Edison, chances are that you may never have heard of Tesla unless you’re an avid car collector or science buff. Serbian born Nikola Tesla brought us fluorescent lighting and bettered our ability to transfer electricity from place to place. He invented the AC system that dramatically reduced the amount of huge power “relay” stations needed to transport power from location-generated to location-used. And for all you dreamers out there, he was also said to have devised a system of transporting electricity safely and effectively via wireless stations using the energy already existing in the ionosphere surrounding the entire world. If electricity excites you, let the Tesla Coil inspire you to get a degree in it.

Next off, let’s toss out another name that you are probably even less likely to know. If you spend any part of your day on computers you have the pioneer Alan Turning in part to thank. In bestowing upon him the honor of one of the 20th century’s most important people Time magazine underscored his importance to our world of modern technology. Turning’s contributed significantly to the very basic system on which computers operate, the binary system. He also is credited with helping to end World War II by decoding German encrypted messages. He also made great contributions to software development after the war and is said by some to be the father of computer science. If you get an online degree, you are standing on his shoulders.

Let’s give you one more engineer that can help inspire you on your way to getting your engineering degree. While Henry Ford came up with a way to mass produce cars, Nicolaus Otto, the German engineer/scientist invented the 4 stroke engine that’s used in just about every car today. Without that brilliant engineer, heading off to school in another state may still be behind a horse and in a buggy—perhaps. J

So, when thinking about a career in engineering, don’t shudder too fast because of the coursework. Simply look to giants like Tesla, Turning, and Otto who accomplished great things with limited means and think of what you could do, building on the work they and others have passed on to you.

Cutting Though the Hype with an Online Science Degree

To listen to some modern evangelists you would think that the earth was created 6,000 years ago. On the flip side, to listen to Richard Dawkins and others you would think that there is absolutely no place for religion in the life of an educated person.

Science has always been in pursuit of truth. A basic tenet is that as scientists, we are in the business of observing and proving things wrong, humble to accept future, but presently unknown, details that would illuminate more clearly the world in which we live. By this very initial premise we see that something like God’s existence cannot be disproved as we would need to not only measure every bit of matter and space at the same time, but we would also need to know what we were looking for.

Well, putting aside the often heated debate between religion and science for a moment, I would like to propose a theory. It is probably not anything new. In fact I think people have been running off of this premise for centuries, if not millennia. It is simply this, “if there is something you do not understand, you can, by investing your time through a careful study of that thing come to a more clear understanding than you can by merely listening to what everyone else has come to believe.”

So, cut through all the hype with an online science degree. In the course of your studies you are bound to come to some more clear revelations about the inherent discord or harmony between science and religion. You will be able to come to your own conclusions, but I warn you to start with an open mind. Some who go into studying science find that the complexity they observe in nature leads them to believe in God while others find just the opposite. I know what I believe, but it is your privilege to come to your own conclusions.

If you come from a strong religious background, in the course of getting your science degree you will most likely be faced with things that challenge things you have felt like you knew. In the days of Galileo and Copernicus many believed that the earth was the center of the universe. And while this may have been true in a metaphorical sense, it was soon discovered that the earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around.

It is not unreasonable to expect similar long standing notions to come to a head when scientific evidence and modern inventions lead us to see clearly what we only surmised about before. That said, knowing human nature, it is also reasonable to assume that there will be many truths taught in the name of science that are no more real than the belief that the earth is flat. Carelessness in our assessments of reality may just lead us to sailing off into the sunset, confident of a happy ending, only to fall off the edge of the known world.

With all that is said about how things really are, it is increasingly more important to learn all that you can, take what is true and leave behind what is false and assess the world for yourself, with both eyes of faith and eyes of careful observation. You can supplement your understanding of the known world and cut through the hype with an online science degree. Get started today by letting us help you find the best online college to fit your needs!

Online Math Degree – Bust out Your TI-84

Remember those geeks that used to carry around their TI-84 calculators and be so eager to show you how they programmed a simple video game or the logarithm that explains how the entire universe works? Well, it may just be time to dust off some of those old memories and recall how they showed you how to turn that beast on. Why is that you ask? Because it is time for you to go back to school and get an online math degree!

AHH! MATH! I HATE MATH! No, you really don’t. Hate is typically just a form of misunderstanding. You misunderstand all the beauty in mathematics and that is the only reason you are saying that. Just think about it; those who created your favorite milkshake use mathematics to mass produce that strawberry or chocolate goodness. The Eiffel Tower, ya know that amazing landmark in Paris that stands tall above most of the romantic scenes in your dreams, was not created by someone who hated math. Neither was Hoover Dam, the Louvre nor the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon was not man-made you say? Well, you would be right on that one. I was just seeing if I lost you once I questioned your hatred of math.

Now that I know you are listening I want to share with you a couple other reasons why dusting off that old brick of a calculator and getting your online math degree may be more exciting than you think.

Have you ever gazed at the stars in utter amazement of the grand scale of which we seem to be a part of? Have you ever wondered how our understanding of the universe came to be? Well, if it was not for the work of some amazing mathematicians we may still be

The supposed coiner of the phrase “mathematics” was no other than our dear old friend Pythagoras. I am sure you have come across his name before. Yup, that is right, he is the one from which we get the Pythagorean Theorem. He and other early mathematicians gave us an understanding of our world that has led to many great inventions and understandings. The early great math whizzes such as Aristotle, Hippocrates, Archimedes – all names you have probably heard – were the backs upon which the likes of Galileo, Copernicus and Johannes Kepler stood to develop a more advanced telescopes and postulate the earth was not the center of the universe.

In the twentieth century we can look to the examples of Edison and Nikola Tesla, rivals, but geniuses in their own rights. These modern inventors used math to give us light bulbs and harness the power of electricity. Upon the backs of all these giants we now have modern robotics that makes so many products we enjoy and take for granted. Just about the entire industry of personal computers uses mathematics to bring us things our favorite music and movies. Google, the search engine you probably used to find your way here relies heavily on math in their search algorithms.

Every computer chip placed, every artificial heart implanted and Barbie doll or GIJOE guy you ever got for Christmas came in part because of the understanding of math. So, next time you are sitting around the dinner table with old friends about to laugh at the pocket protector nerd who showed you his, remember all the great pleasures you now enjoy because of some geek like, pull out your TI-84 and start the wheels a turning towards getting your online math degree.