Online General Education Degree

An online general education degree is the perfect choice for any students who are interested in getting into the field of education.  As the degree itself suggests, general education is typically reserved for those who would like to teach a little bit of everything.  The choice is ideal, for instance, for students who would like to teach in an elementary school, where they can be responsible for many subjects.  There are a number of degrees available in this field; it simply depends on what the student wants.

Online General Education Degree Duration

The typical duration for an online general education degree actually depends on the type of degree in which a student is interested.  Students can go after an associate’s degree, which generally takes about two years, though that depends on how many classes a student can take each semester.  A bachelor’s degree in this field is a standard four year degree but, again, may take more or less time, depending on a number of factors.  Typically, a master’s degree can be completed in about two years.

General Education Associate’s Course Information

Students who work to obtain an associate’s degree in general education receive basic training, which will allow them to work toward higher degrees.  The coursework required for this degree also revolves around the basics of education, so students will take standard courses in science, English, and math.  Other required courses include such subjects as general sciences, biology, college level math courses, sociology, philosophy, political science, and history.  Students may also be required to take computer literacy courses, as well as economics, geography, and physics.

General Education Bachelor’s Course Information

To receive an online general education degree at the bachelor’s level, students typically build on the courses required for an associate’s degree.  They may decide to focus on a particular area of expertise, such as English, biology, or math.  They may also decide that they want to specifically teach third grade, fifth grade, or students in middle school.  They will have to expand their knowledge by taking humanities and fine arts courses, as well as courses in life science communications, applied statistics, and adolescent psychology.

General Education Master’s Course Information

To obtain an online master’s degree in general education, students continue to expand upon the things they began learning in their bachelor’s program.  At this level, students also have to focus on oral and interpersonal communications, as well as critical thinking.  Their courses revolve around the development of necessary skills that can help them deal with a variety of different students and situations.  The courses also focus heavily on pedagogy, allowing students to learn how to create curriculum plans and to be effective leaders in the classroom.

Online General Education Degree Career Outlook

Anyone with an online general education degree can work in many positions and can make extremely enviable salaries, although it depends on where they work and what they do.  For instance, working as a teacher in an elementary, middle, or high school can earn anywhere between $47,100-$51,180 each year.  In some areas, this may go as low as $30,970-$34,280.  In still other areas, however, top earners can earn as much as $75,190 annually, and that may go up as high as $80,970.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

There are many advantages associated with getting an online general education degree, such as the fact that those who do will be giving back to their communities.  It is worthwhile to get any degree online, because it saves time, allowing students to focus more closely on their work.  In addition to being time efficient, this option can also save a significant amount of money.  That is important primarily because it can help you keep from wracking up debt due to student loans and grants.

Earning an Online College Degree: Some Basics

If you’re reading this webpage, I already know a couple things about you: You know how to turn your computer on, get connected to the Internet, open a browser, and either do a search or type in a URL. That’s good, because these are some of the basic skills you need to have in order to get an online college degree.

In addition to these basic fundamentals some other helpful things to know before seeking an online college degree is how to send and receive e-mails as well as know how to attach documents, how to type in a little more advanced fashion and the one finger approach, how to take care for the maintenance of your computer including how to operate your computer’s virus software, how to create folders, to operate basic software by a word processor, spreadsheet program and PowerPoint software, as well as how to create and save documents .

Those are some of the skills here are some of the technologies you’ll need to put in place before seeking an online college degree.


Almost computers nowadays will come equipped with everything you need to get started with your online college degree you want to briefly check just to make sure you have some of the most basics. Of course you need a computer which is gonna include a monitor or keyboard and mouse. In addition to that your Internet connection speed can accelerate or impede your progress in online classes, so make sure it’s a good one.

Some computers come with just the basics, which typically includes speakers, but if you received an old computer from a friend you may have gotten gypped on the speakers. Speakers typically don’t cost that much if you need to purchase them. You could probably find a good set at a local thrift store.

While many documents are stored and transferred electronically nowadays, a printer is still a good thing to have. There will be times where you want to print off reading material to take with you when lugging around a computer would be inconvenient. You may also have a teacher who requests that you print off certain things any number of reasons.

Lastly, while not all programs will require you to have this, a headset with the ability to speak through a microphone can be handy. Even if it’s not required you may use a headset with a voice to text program in order to more quickly create your documents.


You’re reading this so you’ve got a browser, but just as a personal preference, if you’re not using Mozilla Firefox I’d suggest you give it a whirl. I like Firefox because of its safety features. However keep in mind that some websites are designed for specific browsers. Your online classes may require that you use Internet Explorer in some instances, so it’s good to have both browsers available. Firefox is a free download. Just do a search in Google and you’ll find the most up-to-date version.

Next, an office or Word-processing software is going to be essential. If your computer doesn’t come with Microsoft’s office, you may be able to find a discounted student version. You can also download and install OpenOffice for free. Both OpenOffice and Microsoft Office come with the basic programs you’ll need for your online classes: a word processor, a presentation software and a spreadsheet software are the basics.

These basics are just that, basics. You need more than this to succeed, but hey it’s a start.

Online Education Teaching Degree

The world will always need teachers and educators, especially those who believe in what they are doing.  Studying for an online education/teaching degree is a great way to go after your dream of educating and caring for others.  Students can acquire associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master’s degrees in both education and teaching, leading to a variety of different positions.  The following information offers detailed statistics about what to expect on the journey to receive a degree in the field of teaching and general education.

Online Education/Teaching Degree Duration

For the most part, acquiring a degree through an online university takes the same amount of time as it does elsewhere, depending on whether a student takes classes on a part time or full time basis.  Otherwise, receiving an associates degree will take approximately two years, although certain certification programs take less.  A bachelors degree is typically a four year program, but can go faster if the student takes classes all year round.  Finally, in as little as two years, you can receive an online education/teaching degree at the masters level.

Education/Teaching Associates Course Information

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get an associates degree in this field, and that degree leads to several richly rewarding careers.  It is possible to be a substitute teacher with this online education/teaching degree, for instance.  Students can also become teaching assistants to teachers in elementary schools and secondary schools.  In general, preschool teachers can also find a position if they have at least an associates degree.  Furthermore, the hours that go toward acquiring this degree can be applied to furthering your education with a bachelors degree.

Education/Teaching Bachelor Course Information

Several fields are available to individuals who have a bachelors degree in education and teaching.  It is possible, for instance, to be a teacher at the elementary school level and the secondary school level.  Students can specialize in general education, special education, or they can focus on the subject of their choice.  Thus, it is possible to teach math, science, English, and all other curriculum courses in elementary school, while secondary school teachers can focus on biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, or a foreign language.

Education/Teaching Masters Course Information

Getting an online education/teaching degree at the masters level provides even more opportunities.  A current educator may want to add to his or her knowledge and skill sets, or this may be a student’s aim all along.  A masters degree will allow you to be a teacher of elementary, secondary, or adult education.  Educators with a masters degree can also become administrators and can look for positions in the field of instructional technology; this can also be the first step toward becoming a college professor.

Online Education/Teaching Degree Career Outlook

For those students who go on to teach at elementary and secondary school levels, the yearly salary averages between $47,100 and $51,180.  However, teachers who begin their careers with a bachelors degree make an average of $33,227 per year.  In addition, special education teachers make a yearly salary ranging from $40,480 to $63,500; while the average for special education teachers who work in secondary schools is slightly higher, ranging between $41,810-$65,680.  For school administrators, the average wage is $85,220 per year.

An online education/teaching degree is a great way to give back to the community, no matter where you live.  Online degrees are becoming more and more popular, largely due to the fact that students are not under as much pressure.  They can work around their schedules without sacrificing their grades, and thus succeed at a much higher level.

My Online Nursing Degree, Will the Dream Become Reality?

So it wasn’t long after the divorce that my mother remarried. She needed someone I guess. Being alone is a scary thing, especially when you realize you have just been alone for the past 12 years. It is not that my dad didn’t love her, it’s just that I guess he didn’t know how to. It’s hard to determine what all went on between the two of them since it was never discussed, but I have come to a greater understanding  over time of what it means to love and be loved.

Part of the deal I guess was that my father wasn’t contributing to the goals of my mother. It’s difficult to stay on the same page when both people are traveling in different directions. I guess that explains a bit about why it’s been hard for me to commit to a long term relationship. I see the direction of the girl and know what I want to give her, provide for her, not just in terms of monetary value, but in terms of a loving husband who is traveling on the same road she is and for the same purpose. I often find myself sitting down on the side of the road and exploring the nearby woods. I don’t want to give that to my future wife.

So, why this window into my soul you ask? Well, perhaps it’s just a little way for me to take survey of my life and see if I’m on track to be where I was hoping to be when I was younger. When I was younger I wanted to become a great artist. I would watch my older brother at his drawing table sketch in amazing detail things around him. The world seemed different through his eyes and I wanted to become like him.

After a short run with the art through my high school years I never really kept up with that goal I had. But another dream blossomed after seeing many sit down at a piano and create music that soothed and healed the soul. It was then that the best pianist was going to be my mother’s son. I jumped into piano and when practice became a burden I stopped, another detour in the woods. So my mother removed me from lessons and every now and then I sit down to wonder, what might have been.

The guitar soon took precedence as the dream of choice. I had friends in a band and I craved the collaboration and enjoyment they seemed to have. It was my senior year of high school that I got my first guitar and played it night and day. I largely taught myself with the help of a few books and while it was enjoyable it too became boring to practice seriously enough to go where I wanted so I went back to the drawing board.

I even pursued briefly the idea of becoming a doctor, but again, life got in the way again. There is still a small part of me that yearns to carry on what my grandmother started way back when she met my grandfather. She was a nurse. Can I follow in her footsteps? Can I get my online nursing degree? I am not sure what the future holds, but I do know that if I don’t decide and persist, the dream of entering the medical profession may end up on the side of the road like many of the others.

I Want to Get an Online Education Degree, Is this Possible?

A great man once said, whether you believe you can of you can’t, you are right. But Henry Ford was not the only one that believed in the possibilities of the human will to set firmly its determination on a goal and achieve it through steady and ongoing action. You ask if it is possible to get an online education degree?

Well, I can already identify in the question some doubt. You may have a disability or perhaps are older than those you see going to college. Perhaps you don’t believe in your ability to learn how to use a computer well enough to make the online thing work for you. Or maybe you have even decided at some point that you are not smart. Whatever your individual situation, there is a solution that is right for you. Just to be sure that it gets into your head that anything is possible, I want to share with you three examples of average people overcoming tremendous odds.

Let us start off with one of my favorite TV characters, Jack Bauer. Now, if you know the man of whom I speak then I needn’t say anymore. All you would have to do is hang a poster of him on your wall and you would remember that anything is possible. For you older folks, Macgyver may conjure up the same feelings. If you do not known either, let me give you a quick scenario. Jack Bauer is a federal agent working on counter terrorism. He has died about 3 times and come back to like. Each day he takes out probably close to 100 men who stand in his way and who threaten the American people. No amount of danger or terror can stop Jack from protecting the nation. Fiction you say? You are right, but hold tight, we have another example coming up.

Did you ever hear the story of Michael Jordan or Thomas Edison? Well, when you think of these two men you may put them almost in the same category as Jackie boy, even though they are real men. However, that is only because you are looking at what they have achieved, not where they began or how much they persevered through. To give you an idea, Jordan was rejected when trying out for the varsity basketball team in high school because he was too short to play at that level. He used to practice for hours each day to reach his dream of being on the team at one point shooting no less than 100 shots a day. Edison discovered 10,000 ways at least how to NOT make the light bulb, but finally did and can you imagine what life would be like without it? So, with a fixed goal in your mind, you can accomplish anything.

The last example of greatness through determined and consistent work is someone I know who has a rare skin disease. I have never seen her without a smile on her face and despite having to change bandages to protect her skin daily and grinning through the constant pain, she has been an inspiration to many because of her attitude and determination to fight a good fight and come out on top having contributed to the world and those around her rather than sinking into despair and self-pity. It may  in fact be that help she gives others that keeps her spirits so up.

So, whatever your circumstance, whether you are a fictional character or someone with seemingly unequal hardships, you have what it takes to get an online education degree, so never give up. Never surrender.

Why I Would Prefer Getting an Online Bachelor Degree

So, I will admit something to you right now, I do not actually have my bachelors degree yet. Now you may be asking, why is a dude without a degree writing? Or better yet, why is he giving me advice on getting a bachelors degree? Well, I used to have a scout master that never got his Eagle Scout Award when he was younger and regretted it. In that state he sought to help all his boys get theirs. He was really quite helpful to this end, until I eventually got mine.

If this analogy carries over, I wish to be that “scout master” for you. There were several things that kept me from getting (thus far) my bachelors degree and I want to help you avoid the pitfalls that I fell in so you can complete your basic college education and be grateful someone shared with you their experience.

So, to begin my college experience I just dove in, taking all kinds of classes, kind of to see what I wanted to pursue. Not this is important in both pursuing an online degree or a traditional one, but I did not decide what I wanted to do before I began. It was that beginning in which I had no direction that partially affect my later schooling. So, before you begin your bachelor degree, make sure you have spent some good time in thought and evaluation so you can dive right into it and have the momentum that is so helpful to carry you to the end.

Next, I found it difficult to make it to all my classes. Had the lectures been available online or at very least on DVD or VHS I would have been able to fit my classes into my occasionally hectic schedule. This is TOTALLY a benefit to going after your bachelor degree online. You can go through your course material first thing in the morning if that is when you are most alert and best able to concentrate. And that can happen whether or not the professor is in the classroom. I could have really benefited from that kind of set up.

Similar to the getting to class on time issue was the location issue. I love to travel, hike, vacation, but how able are you to do this in the traditional setting with classes going daily and with only one or two breaks during the semester? Not really plausible. Even when you do have time off it is often just a couple days. What if I wanted to go for a week road trip to see some family and friends that I have not seen in a very long time. How important would it be for you to be able to take that trip in the midst of school and not miss classes or homework assignments? Sure you would have to do some work on the trip, but I remember playing catch up when I would take those kind of trips during my undergrad.

Last, I started a business in the midst of finishing up school. This is probably the biggest reason I dropped out when I did. I was focused on the business during the day and my classes suffered. So I chose to devote myself wholly to the biz. Sure there were night classes, but not all required classes are available as night classes and I still would have to make the trip, taking valuable time out of my schedule. There were also time I needed nights to plan things for the business.

So, all in all, I would say that if I had the choice, I may just choose getting an online bachelor degree than try to cram myself into the strict context of the traditional way. It is up to you, but, I have made my decision.

Online Hotel Degree, Duh!

Alright, so you have running around in your head a thousand things that you want to accomplish in life and it is starting to get down to crunch time. Your parents are asking you incessantly when you are going to make something of yourself. Your girlfriend is kind, but you can see her sad face when she thinks of your future together. And even some of your friends are starting to pick up and leave to pursue their careers. What do you do? Get an online hotel degree, duh!

Think of it this way, out of those thousand things you want to do, most likely around 900 of them are outlandishly not doable, things you saw in movies and were created by a script and special affects in the first place, that particularly goes for number 467: Turn Aunt Janie into a toad like Harry Potter and number 338: Jump off a skyscraper and land on a trampoline like Spiderman. So, with the 100 left over, let’s rule out 75, just because they are not attainable until you make your first million. Now, with 25 left, you start to see that you are still working with too many. It’s time to look at your top ten and compare them with an online hotel degree. Ready? Then let’s go!

One: Travel to Europe. If you had a degree in hotel and hospitality management you could LIVE in Europe. Online hotel degree, duh!

Two: Have a fridge packed with never ending goodness. Come on, you are telling me that this one can’t be accomplished with an online hotel degree? Duh! You’ve seen how hotels stock the room fridges each morning during cleanup.

Three: Meet cool and fascinating people. What better place to do so than in a hotel where people travel from all over the world to vacation. Online hotel degree, duh!

Four: Learn how to play like a lounge singer. Baby, if you have not seen the ritzy chaps and ladies that play in the lobbies of the world’s best hotels I am going to have to say, online hotel degree, duh!

Five: Get a massage once a week. Many hotels have spas attached to them where massages flow like rivers to the sea. Play your cards right and you can relaxing like the customers at those places. Need I say it? Online hotel degree, duh!

Six: Go to plays, get cultured. Hotels are so often tied to some of the best local productions. There is also occasionally discounts to those things to entice visitors. Again, get an online hotel degree, duh!

Seven: Wear nice clothes. In the hospitality industry it is important to look professional, so you will have plenty of opportunities to dress up nicely if it is part of your job! Online hotel degree, duh!

Eight: Eat well. Hotels attract some of the world’s best chefs to make the experience just right for their guests. You too could be eating some of the best meals fit for a king if you…yup, you got it, get an online hotel degree, duh!

Nine: Work out and get buff. Sparing no expenses, some of the best fitness clubs reside on resorts, with personal trainers and fitness instructors. On your lunch break I am sure you could schmooze with those guys for some awesome tips on how to stay in the best shape of your life! Online hotel degree, duh!

Ten: As if you really didn’t want this one…to be surrounded by pretty ladies! Well, here is your shot, get an online hotel degree, duh!

So, as you can see going into the hotel and hospitality industry can totally make all your wildest dreams come true. Don’t hesitate. It is waiting for you! See ya at the resort!

Top 5 Reasons to Get an Online Health Care Degree

There are many reasons we do the things we do and with all the possible choices these days it is important to have some solid and good reasons to take on new endeavors. I am going to examine several of the reason we choose our paths in life and help you apply those to getting an online health degree.

First, we often get involved with doing what we do because it was “handed down” from our parents or other guardians. This is how agriculture often was back in the day. If you had a family farm chances were good that you would grow up to “inherit” it. This reason then is duty. When we feel a responsibility to pursue a certain direction in life one of two things happens, we can either grow to resent it or feel a sense of connection with our ancestors & predecessors. If one of both of your parents were in the health care field you may feel drawn towards it as well. Just make sure that if you pursue it, that you yourself buy into at some point. You need ownership if you are to weather any obstacles that will arise.

Second, decisions can be made based on curiosity. If you are curious about health care, it may be best to shadow someone who is in the field for a week and see if what they are doing is actually something you want to go into. Before you jump into classes or shoot for getting that degree up on your wall, make sure you are ready to embrace the end towards which you are traveling.

Third, We often have life changing experiences that motivate us towards making things better. Perhaps we had an experience where a doctor made a bad move with our grandmother and she ended up paralyzed. Sometimes in an effort to “make things right” or to prevent others from suffering as we did, we get involved with causes or certain life paths. This can definitely be a powerful motivator. When someone really wants to learn they often pick up on things quicker and more deeply than those who are learning because they feel obligated or are not sure it is what they wish to pursue.

Fourth, did you ever say to yourself when you were a child that when you grew up you wanted to be a fireman, an astronaut or doctor? Well, many times we get an idea implanted in our minds early on that leads us to follow our dreams. Those are also very powerful motivators. Many who feel a deep inner connection with their career path often move mountains to get there. Remember the movie Rudy? Because of his determination to fulfill a childhood dream Rudy was able to laugh in the face of obstacles and through persistence he was able to achieve what he set out to do. If you have always wanted to get a health care degree, do not give up now!

Fifth, and perhaps thought of least as a motivation, is that sometimes people are extremely motivated by accomplishing what others tell them they can’t. I have a friend that eats up dares like I eat up pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. A well timed statement of, “I don’t think you can do that” can work wonders. When someone has this motivator inside of them they will move heaven and earth to prove you wrong. If you are motivated by a good challenge, I bet you could not last even one year in an online health care program. Prove me wrong, if you can!

These may be some reasons why you’d want to pursue an online health care degree. But whatever your personal reason, make sure that you have a personal buy-in. Nobody controls your destiny but you, accept it and reach for the stars!

Got a Virus? Don’t Get Mad, Get An Online Computer Forensics Degree

So, did you ever watch the Fox T.V. series 24? It is set in a Los Angeles counter terrorism unit or what is affectionately known as CTU. The scene is decked out with computers and work stations that are all open to facilitate quick communication between all parties. Some computer geeks break codes while others hack the bank accounts of suspects. Sometimes this behavior goes down with a warrant, while other times they take matters into their own hands.

There is one character on 24 that often gets overlooked and I am not sure why. He is handsome, has a British accent and is the ex-husband of the annoying, but darn good computer tech Chloe O-Brian. This character’s name is Morris. He is a little abrasive, perhaps because he is a recovering alcoholic, or perhaps just because he lived with Chloe for so long, but he is one of the best code hackers in CTU. He can reconstruct images and files from computers burned in Jack Bauer’s notorious explosions.

Well, the reason I am even giving you this background is because I want you to think a little differently next time you get a computer virus that threatens your very sanity. I know this feeling well, but there are definitely other methods of handling it than throwing the computer out the window or using it for t-ball practice.

The better way of which I speak involves getting an online computer forensics degree, yes that is right, a college degree. Why you ask? Well, imagine that your computer is the “battle field” and you are Team A and all virus’ and computer destroying threats, Team B. Now your battle field may seem rather calm at the moment, ya know while Team B is doing their stretches and warm ups. You even heard that they may pass on this battle, and you are glad because if the truth be told, you were never even ready to take them on anyway.

So, once Team B finishes their stretches and such, they start to take the field. You, as captain of Team A think maybe I can get the ref distracted and then he won’t start the game. Then when he does, you just try to stay away from the rough looking Team B. But eventually your avoidance strategy gets you pummeled, because Team B is in it for blood and they won’t let you escape.

When you do not put preparation into your game plan, you are just playing Russian roulette. It is only a matter of time before you get blown up by Jack Bauer (assuming that he was a bad guy that wanted to destroy your computer).

So, the sure fire way to be prepared for Team B and the damage they can do to your computer is to snag yourself an online computer forensics degree. While in the course of learning to be Morris O’Brien you will also be exposed to knowledge that can prevent these heinous attacks on helpless victims like yourself. I mean, you are seeking to do good with your computer, right? You look only at good stuff. You send loving kitty email forwards to all your friends. You even donate your down time to SETI so they can continue to scour space for alien life forms.

When all is said and done, you want to be one step ahead of your attacker, so get prepared and get a degree in computer forensics. Seriously man. Just do it.

Make up Your Mind! Get an Online Psychology Degree

There is a poem by Robert Frost that speaks of two road meeting in a forest. The narrator decides to take the one less traveled on, perhaps thinking that it would be better, more exciting. Maybe he was sick of following the crowd and wanted to get in touch more with his individuality. Whatever the reason, he made a choice, something lacking in to many lives.

When we fail to make decisions we coast through life, letting it take us wherever it seems to be going. While there is a component to life that is uncertain, one thing that is so often not set by the stars, but by our decisions is where we end up going.

While many claim that we are products of our genetics or even of the circumstances in which we are born, ultimately it is the choices we make that determine our destiny within these two factors. Two people born under the same circumstances and with the same genetic makeup can find themselves in two completely different places after 25 years of making one small choice after another.

Knowing that we control what we eventually become can help us to make up our minds when it comes to getting an education. If you are not yet settled on the power our minds have on determining our futures perhaps you can get an online psychology degree to help you more clearly come to this conclusion.

Meticulous observers have studied the effects of those who think they have control over their lives and those who do not. Those who experience a much greater degree of happiness are those that have what is called an internal locus of control, or feeling and realizing that happiness lies within the control of the individual, or internally generated. These people can get stuck in a traffic jam and not get upset. They can lose a job and more quickly get back up and find another.

On the flip side there are those with an external locus of control who feel like their life is determined by things outside of themselves. They often react more sensitively to the weather. They may look for someone to blame when they lose their job or place in line. This seeking to place the reaponsibility of one’s own happiness on anyone or thing but themselves is what causes those with an external locus to react negatively more often to life’s inevitable challenges and bumps.

So, following this one psychological theory, I encourage you to dig down deep and come to an understanding that YOU are a core participant in shaping your destiny. No one else is responsible for you and what you become. Take this perspective and learn something that you can then use to benefit mankind. There are many who need help realizing they have within them what they need to find happiness in life and with an online psychology degree you can be that much closer to helping them to realize this essential truth of life.

Make a decision and go for it. Get an online psychology degree.