Take Some Online Education Courses & Help Teach the Next Generationa

I am reminded of a story that I recently heard. The story was of a man that had to cross a river. He spent painstaking effort, after having crossed the difficult water filled gorge himself, to build a bridge. The bridge took him some time and was perhaps even more taxing than was his efforts to cross the river himself. After much time had passed and the man has spent most of his life in determined effort to build the bridge he then moved on with his journey, never to return.

Someone asked this then old man, “Why did you waste your time building a bridge that you would never use?” The man replied that his time was not wasted because he did it for the others who would follow, to make their journey less difficult than his has been.

It is this very thing that happens when we take time to teach those who follow. Teaching, there is no more noble profession. It is the instilling of passion and knowledge in others after having obtained it ourselves that qualifies as teaching. Each generation that grows up is reliant on the last for their learning. And it is this teaching of the next generation that can bring us much joy and satisfaction.

So, for those who wish to take such a course in life, of helping others to avoid the pitfalls that you yourself may have fallen into, I suggest preparing yourself not only with the experience, but with some online education courses. By studying how to most effectively teach you are sure to prepare a sturdy bridge for the next generation to cross.

While we are on the topic, I want to share another story that deals with education. There once was a man who was entreated for some food by a hungry man. The man whose belly caused him to beg for food had noticed the other’s basket of fish. Wisely, the man with the fish handed the man a fish and walked with him down to the pier. There he gave him a fishing rod and showed him how to place his bait and select his lures. He encouraged the hungry man and taught him that once mastered, the art of fishing would put him on a more sure ground, that he could fill his own hunger instead of begging it from others.

It was in this little interaction that the essence of teaching can be seen. While the man with the fish was willing to give the one who asked of him to eat, he also realized that in giving him the skills to fish for himself he would give the man much more than food for himself. He would give the man a stronger sense of welfare, a greater feeling of self-worth.

This is what you can do when you give yourself to some education courses. Learning how to instill this kind of self determination in others is one of the greatest feelings you will ever have. I imagine that it is similar to raising a child in the womb and then for the first year of its life until it takes its first steps. The payoff at those critical life moments can feel so very rewarding.

So, here is your challenge: Take some time right now to consider if this is the direction you wish to take in life. If so, then just use the simple finder on this site to help you locate an online college that will fit your needs as a student and give you the skills to teach a man to fish.

Understand Girls with Online Psychology Courses

It may seem like an odd notion, but many men don’t understand women. It is no secret that we have our differences, but it does seem to be a secret as to how to bridge that so often vast chasm that separates the two beings. In his books about men & women differences popular speaker and author John Gray rides those differences to get people laughing. In that state they are more ready to hear the truth that underscores the humorous nature of the space between Mars & Venus.

Dr. Gray has helped many to understand the opposite sex much more than they previously did and while buying a book isn’t the end all, he has succeeded in bridging the gap for many. Similarly, in the course of my schooling I took some psych classes. It too has really helped me to “get” girls to a much greater degree. We must seek to understand, says Dr. Steven Covey, before we seek to be understood. So, if you are interested in understanding girls better, let me share with you a few ways that taking some online psychology courses can help.

First off, by enrolling in some classes, probably regardless of what they even are, you put yourself in a whole other realm to the women you will approach and date. There is something about a man with direction and ambition that girls like and when they can see in you positive traits that they desire to have in a man they are more apt to open up and share with you about themselves. This is the first window in opening up a window into understanding women – becoming a man in whom they can feel safe around. Make sure your direction is real and you have a good head start.

Now, do not by any means stop there. Just because a woman shares with you her heart does not mean that you will understand it. But it helps! Next, signing up for a psych class or two will give you additional perspectives, especially ones of meticulous observers. That is what the field of psychology is, detailed study of why people do what they do, their motivations and thought patterns. And that includes girls too! So, just by showing up you can be much farther ahead in understanding than you presently are.

Lastly, if you want to take this understanding to a new level, you have to BECOME the observer, the listener. It is in the practice of this new knowledge you gain in your psychology classes that you gain real mastery of understanding women. For example: you may learn of a study that tested how women respond to certain smells and how smell plays a big part in their perception of life situation. Regular showers and some deodorant at the very least would be a good start. And if you can find that one smell she likes better than others, you are golden! Or perhaps you read about how women need validation and not for a man to try and fix everything. With this knowledge you may become a much better listener and ask if she’d like help instead of insisting you know the answer.

There are so many bits of wisdom you can pick up about both yourself and women by just paying attention, you can accelerate that learning by enrolling in online psychology courses. It can be rewarding to learn something about how women perceive the world, to change your behavior so you can be more successful in relating to them and find out that they respond in positive ways! All you need is a little learning and some practice and you will be understanding girls sooner than you think.

Explore the World of Online University Courses

In the world of online university courses there are many lands to explore. One can stay close to home or travel to faraway places, never encountered before. Before you begin your journey consider some of these new destinations you can go by enrolling in some classes.

Music: When the battered child prodigy went deaf he sawed the legs off his piano so he could place his ear on the floor and hear the vibrations the strings made. Beethoven, master of music, has taken me to many faraway lands with the brilliance with which he sought to perform his craft.

Literature: Simple, yet memorable was the beloved Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. He could make up words to create images and it was through many of these images that I came to love and know many of the lessons I now hold dear to my heart.

Art: It was at an art camp that my eagle head made its first debut. Lost in a trance, it felt as though I were almost becoming the eagle. It was almost as if the eagle were drawing itself. In moments of creativity many have come to know the relationship between people and nature. Art can facilitate that.

Chemistry: The periodic table does more than make freshman chem students dizzy. It predicts relationships between known elements. It beautifully creates a roadmap to understanding the deeper workings of our world. It is in this field that many have come to know life more fully.

Mathematics: Remember the times tables? Those papers with grids on them, numbers up top and numbers up and down the side? That is where it begins, but for way to many it ends not far beyond that. Mathematicians over the centuries have unlocked knowledge about an infinite number worlds, but they did not do it by mere times tables alone.

Food: I spent two weeks once cooking recipes from a cookbook of Rachel Ray. It was a delight having her in the home for that time. I came to know a great woman, one who loves food as much as I do. There was something else. I found joy in the preparation of the meals, more than I thought I would. While we can gain our sustenance from the basics of the food pyramid, a true artist has learned to make food live and dance inside our mouths.

It is good to know that we all have our own interests, talents and directions in life. It is in this that we all come to benefit from each others’ passions, that we come to see the world differently and that we come to travel to faraway lands. Examine some of those lands before you begin your travels. You will not be sorry for the map that will be created in your mind from this preexamination of the possibilities.

When you have determined you destination, use some online university classes to take you there, but remember always to enjoy the journey, for it is in the journey that the destination develops meaning.

Building Financial Literacy with Online Finance Courses

Robert Kiyosaki is known best for his books on financial literacy which help people to understand how money really works. So many are not taught how to earn, use & spend money, as a result it uses them. In his flagship book Rich Dad, Poor Dad Kiyosaki shares an experience of when he was young. He and a friend asked the grownups for some money. When told to go make some, they did! Robert’s dad found him later on in the driveway with Plaster of Paris scattered about and the boys smoldering tin from used toothpaste tubes doing just what they were told to do, make money.

While this is a humorous scenario it is meant to illustrate perhaps two things. That we often times go about making money in similarly ridiculous ways, but conversely, that there is a need for out of the box thinking when it comes to making money.

In schools today most children grow up learning how to work for others, how to be employed and how to do it well. Doing what they are told and conforming are common themes that stem from most educational processes today. These things are often learned at the expense of financial literacy.

Whether you learn how to build your own business or how to work for someone has done this, financial literacy is essential. It is critical for example to let sink in just how interest works. It can either work for you or against you and not fully comprehending the outcome of interest is often the difference between those who accrue it and those who charge it. It is not something to be trifled with and can be deceptive to those who know not its workings.

Another principle of financial literacy that is missed out in schools, either by skimming over it so briefly or by complete avoidance, is the role and importance of having a savings account. I was given a little bank when I was a child, there were three slots; One for spending, one for saving and another for charity. I was taught that it was my prerogative where to put my money, but to help me decide there were percentages on the outside of the bank. Savings usually includes ten percent or more. This is what many in the world of financial education call “paying yourself first.” The idea is that you typically spend all of that which you have to spend, so by taking out ten percent once any income comes in, you will typically not live any less off than you did before and you will be prepared for future purchases or emergencies.

So, how do I build my financial literacy you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple, though it does take some work. Start reading. In addition to reading you are going to want at least a bit of structured instruction. This can be achieved by taking some online finance courses. They are a quick and easy way to build your financial literacy while at the same time maintaining your current job (assuming that you don’t work as a sleep deprivation patient).

However, whatever you do, do something! Your future happiness just may be based on it. While money is not the source of happiness, an understanding and wise use of it typically is essential to it.

Online Education Cdourses

There is no denying that there are many roads that can be taken when pursuing a education. There is also no denying the influence of technology on how we retain what we learn. The modern senses are bombarded with stimuli from every direction, especially on the internet. This has made us change how we interact with not only machines, but people through machines. Seeking the progression of your education is a wise choice for anyone, no matter who you are. But, deciding to start by enrolling in online education courses is even a wiser decision. You might be asking “Where does one start?” And, that is a great question. The number of schools far exceed the number of prospective fields. With a little direction, you can be well on your way to beginning a new, modern, and technology influenced education.

Free From Commitment

One of the most desirable factors in deciding to take online college courses is your ability to remain free from life consuming levels of commitment. It does not take long at all to learn curriculum that will expand the limits of your career. This can be achieved by keeping your schedule free to maintain the lifestyle you have chosen. These days, you can expand your home business to international levels with the ability to learn different languages online. They allow you to branch out your client base by bringing you up to date on the current marketing trends. You may even find yourself required to take online education courses for particular work projects. With changes in technology happening so frequently, updating your knowledge will be demanded from your employers, in increasing amounts, over the next few years.

Advances in Technology Will Lead The Way

As more people adhere to the changes that have been put into place by technology, the amount of resources for learning will also increase dramatically. In order to pursue a valuable education, you must make changes along with it. You cannot simply ignore all of the valuable knowledge that is being put right in front of you.