Online Criminology Degree

The criminology field involves the research and reporting of specific aspects and conditions related to crime. While the career might not be as glamorous as is depicted on popular television programs like CSI, criminologists must be every bit as meticulous and creative in their thinking and actions in order to help victims, stop criminals and work towards preventing the crime from happening again. Criminologists also help convicted criminals to become rehabilitated so that they can reenter the workforce and become an asset to their communities.

Online Criminology Degree Duration

Those wishing to become certified criminologists need to be dedicated in order to succeed at any level. However, it is possible to take an associate’s degree for two years in order for those interested to see if they want to pursue the career further. Following on, typically a bachelor’s will take four years to complete, a master’s will take two to three years and a PhD will take four to five years. While this would take quite a commitment, colleges that offer online criminology degrees allow people to study in a more flexible setting around their environment.

Criminology Course Information

Criminology is a field of study that draws upon many different disciplines which include psychology, sociology and law in order to study the nature of human criminal behavior. As a result, there are different paths that those interested in this field such as criminal justice, justice administration and homeland security. Online criminology classes will also include information on statistical and computer applications in criminal justice, directed policing, alcohol, drugs and criminality, as well as crime and violence to name a few. The idea is to provide students with a multifaceted understanding of criminology until they are in a position to specialize in a particular field.

Criminology Degree Career Outlook

Career opportunities for criminologists are quite abundant in today’s job market and are expected to grow quickly over the next several years. However, employment opportunities for criminologists largely depend on the location and crime rates of each specific area. Government law enforcement agencies typically look for well-trained individuals to fill available positions. The average annual income for detectives and investigators is roughly $53,990. Graduates with an online criminology degree can also look into a host of other careers such as forensic detectives or correctional officers.

An online criminology degree is a lot easier to attain for people who do not have the time or money to dedicate to a traditional on-site campus university. They are particularly helpful for people who are parents or who need to work and study in their part time. However, completing a criminology degree will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but the rewards and career opportunities will make the effort worthwhile.

Online Forensic Science Degree

The forensic science field can be a very exciting and challenging field to be in.  Those who pay close attention to detail and are career driven will find working in the forensic science industry an excellent decision.  However, in order to enter this field it is required to have a quality education.  Individuals who hold full-time jobs or are taking care of a family may find it difficult to obtain the required education through most traditional schools.  To accommodate these people, many schools offer online forensic science degrees.

Online Forensic Science Degree Duration

There are many schools to choose from when looking into an online forensic science degree, but most of these schools will take roughly the same amount of time to complete the program.  If a potential student were only looking to obtain an associate’s degree, the program can be completed in one to two years.  However, if a student is wishing to continue to a PhD in forensic science, the program could take as long as seven to eleven years to complete.  Broken down and depending on the school, a bachelor’s degree could take up to four years, a master’s degree can be up to three years, and PhD courses can be up to four years.  Potential students must ask themselves how far they want to take their education before they can know how long they can expect to be in school.

Forensic Science Associate’s Course Information

An associate’s degree in forensic science helps students establish the necessary skill requirements for the field at the entry-level.  Generally, online forensic science associate’s degrees require students to complete several general education classes in addition to some natural science classes.  Some technical courses are also required to receive this degree.  Some online schools will permit students to choose a specialty for their degree.  For instance, when this is available a student may decide they wish to focus primarily on crime scene investigation.

Forensic Science Bachelor’s Course Information

Several online colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in forensic science. These programs give students the information needed for the highly competitive field. In most cases, students are required to take natural science, general education, and some more specialized forensic science classes. In most cases, students are also required to take several criminal justice courses.  In some schools, students may be required to enroll in a criminal justice program which gives special attention to a specific aspect of the forensic science field.

Forensic Science Master’s Course Information

For the students who are interested in the high paying jobs within the forensic science field, it is important to choose an online forensic science degree program that also offers graduate level study. Most master’s degree programs can take anywhere from two and a half to four years to complete.  In that time, students will benefit from a highly advanced technical education in laboratories. Most schools give students the opportunity to learn about the psychological aspects of crime as well as instruction of how to analyze DNA and generate basic toxicology reports.  Forensic Science degree programs are highly advanced and students need to be prepared for the extensive amount of work required to complete the program.

Online Forensic Science Degree Career Outlook

After graduating from an online forensic science degree program, students will be most likely to find employment at government crime labs.  The average pay for a starting level position would be right around $1900 a month.  For those who have prior experience, the pay rate jumps to as high as $3000 a month.  After receiving more experience in the field, forensic scientists can earn up to $50,000 a year.  The overall future outlook for this career path is fair for those who are properly trained.  However, the entry-level positions in the forensic science field are very limited.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

By receiving an online forensic science degree, students have the ability to continue working while getting their education.  Online programs offer flexibility that is not found in traditional on-campus schools.  For those interested in science and who have the desire to help victims of crime, the forensic science field is an excellent choice.  There are several online universities which offer the programs necessary to start a career in this exciting field.  The most important thing students must remember is that in order to start a career in this field, they must work diligently to complete the programs to the best of their ability.

Top Online Certificate Programs

With online educational programs becoming increasingly popular, more people are going back to school and deciding to further their educations in a number of ways.  Some of them look to obtain an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree, which are the most popular degree programs.  However, others look for certificate options instead, as they require less study time and coursework, less hours, and typically cost less money while still providing the opportunity to get a good job.  Although there are many certification options, most people go for the top online certificate programs available through online universities.

Teaching Certificates

Teaching certificates are among the top online certificate programs, especially among young women and men.   Although it is not possible to become an actual teacher through a certification program, there are still other options which make it a top choice.  Specifically, students who go with this option can train to teach preschool programs, and they can also use it to become teaching assistants to preschool teachers, as well as those who teach in elementary and secondary schools.  This is an incredibly beneficial choice for those who want to get teaching experience before obtaining a degree.

Medical Billing and Transcription

The health care industry is booming right now, and many students are taking advantage of the types of positions that  are opening up in the field.  As a result, there are many schools offering certification in medical billing and medical transcription, making them two of the top online certificate programs.  Although medical billing is generally done within an office setting, transcription work can sometimes be done from the home, which also adds to its popularity.  In either case, both positions offer tremendous opportunities and benefits.


Nursing is another health care option that is becoming ever more popular among both men and women.  Although acquiring an RN takes more than a certificate, many online universities have CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant – and LPN programs that comprise their top online certificate programs.  This certificate can be a stepping stone to a higher nursing degree; in fact, many individuals with nursing certificates go on to receive associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in nursing.  The nursing certificate itself allows for rewarding jobs, however, and its popularity is growing.

Computer Programming

Many popular certificate degrees are devoted to computer programming and other similar subjects.  This industry is also growing by leaps and bounds, and many students take advantage of that growth by getting certificates in subjects pertaining to their interests.  Students can train to repair computers, work as IT specialists, work in computer graphics, and many other options with this type of certificate.  Another benefit is that there is typically room to expand their knowledge, and they can acquire many different certificates in this field.

There are a number of other top online certificate programs as well, but these four are by far the most popular.  Typically, with most subjects, students can find a certificate program that will let them get their foot in the door of the subject that interests them most.  Certification programs are popular because they typically take far less time than degree programs, which is extremely time efficient.  Students can spend the minimum amount of time getting their certification, and then join the work force in the area of their specialty.

The Advantage of Getting an Associates Degree Online

An associates degree can be a valuable stepping stone for anybody wishing to get their bachelors or masters degree in any subject. It can be difficult to jump right into a bachelors program directly out of high school, so by studying instead for an associates degree, it’s possible to greatly decrease the initial workload and make a more gradual transition into the more rigorous courses required. Technical students are usually able to get by without going any further than an associates degree, as that is all that their job would require in most cases. Getting an associates degree online has many advantages compared to traditional schooling.

Lower Cost

First and foremost, the cost of an online tuition is generally less than in-house schooling. While this is not always the case with all degrees, it does make up the rule, rather than the exception, for many associate programs. Tuition aside, getting an associates degree online also allows students to save in other areas as well. By taking the course at home, there is no need to pay for gasoline or public transport. Food costs are generally less of an issue since it becomes much easier to prepare simple meals.


One of the biggest reasons people opt for an online education is simply the convenience that it affords. Holding down a job while studying for an associates degree online is much easier than it would be with the exact same education and course requirements on an actual campus. The great thing about online education is that it fits around the life of the student, not the other way around. Online classes can be scheduled for any time of day and lectures are much easy to follow because they can be recorded and watched at a later time.


Online education goes wherever the internet goes, which is pretty much everywhere on the globe. If you need to take a trip somewhere there is no need to miss classes. Even if you don’t have a laptop there are still places to access computers and the internet in nearly every state and country. Unlimited portability puts your classroom anywhere you happen to be.

Slow the Pace

Sometimes college level courses can hit a newcomer pretty hard. The main reason many college students end up dropping out is simply because they are unused to the workload. Studying for an associates degree online allows the student to set his or her own pace. Juggling a job, college classes, and maybe a family is never easy. Scheduling courses at a pace that you can cope with is sometimes the most essential part of success in the college world. Conversely, if the pace seems to slow you can always pick it up a notch.

There are plenty of advantages to getting an associates degree online. Sometimes there are little setbacks along the way that make it difficult to complete a higher education, which is completely understandable. The goal of online education is to remove those setbacks and give more people the opportunity to excel in life.

The Advantage of Getting a Bachelors Degree Online

In many fields of employment, having a bachelors degree is not only a bonus, it’s a requirement. For this reason, more and more people are enrolling in bachelors courses at colleges and universities, always in the hopes that it will bring about a higher salary after the years of education are completed. Getting a bachelors degree online is becoming a more attractive option every year because there are so many advantages associated with online education that aren’t possible through traditional schooling methods. Here are some of the biggest advantages to receiving a degree online.

Lower Tuition

Tuition is prohibitively expensive for many people from middle to lower income families. The tuition of a four year bachelors course can cost more than $80,000, the kind of money that a lot of people do not have. Comparatively, not only is it possible to receive a bachelors degree online in as little as two years, the tuition cost is generally less than a fourth of that of traditional campus-based education. Student loans can keep a graduate in debt for decades after his or her education is complete, and that can be completely avoided with an online education.

Reduced Expenses

While tuition is a major setback for many aspiring college students, there are other little costs and fees that really add up as well. Transportation is a big one, if attending a nearby college. Dorm rooms on campus cost a large amount every semester as well. No matter how you stack it, living at home and taking the courses online saves a tremendous amount of money. Getting a bachelors degree online is a great option for anybody who doesn’t have the financial means to throw at a traditional education.


Traveling to and from campus eats a lot of time out of the day. This is a huge problem for anyone juggling schooling and work. Just a half hour in each direction to both school and work will swallow a 24 hour day in just a little less than two weeks. Similarly, getting a bachelors degree online makes meals easier because they can always be prepared at home. Daily fast food is a drain on both your wallet and your health. By studying at home it’s easier to remain focused on the course material that is being provided.

More Options

Bachelors degrees are typically the most popular degrees to earn online, but it’s possible to study for an associates or masters degree as well. The course material is exactly the same as what would be covered in a physical classroom, meaning that the education is the same. There is also a wider range of course options online, because some colleges don’t cover certain degree courses. Studying for a bachelors degree online really provides more freedom over traditional schooling.

The internet has made a lot of changes in the way the world runs. Whether it’s education or a job, most people see more flexibility and choices online. Earning a bachelors degree is not easy, but it should be as convenient as possible.

Online Risk Management Degree

Risk management is an essential part of any business model. Knowing what factors are more prone to risk and how to prevent them from becoming prevalent is extremely important for business owners. In light of this, careers in risk management are on the upswing, providing business owners with personnel who have been trained in assessing and minimizing risk. Associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees are available in this line of study

Online Risk Management Degree Duration

An online risk management degree will typically take less time than a degree acquired through traditional schooling. Ideally, it only takes about two years to receive a degree in risk management, but the problem is that many institutions don’t provide a course directly tailored to risk management, but instead tack it on as supplemental learning for business management courses. Online degrees specialize in risk management and allow students to receive their degrees in roughly half the time.

Risk Management Associate’s Course Information

The associate’s degree for risk management covers all the basic pertinent information needed to properly asses risk and develop strategies to minimize it. Risk management courses often include classes in economics and computer science as well as the basic business essentials that many schools teach as extensions to the risk management core. An associate’s degree may require up to two years of study, or less if going for an online risk management degree.

Risk Management Bachelor’s Course Information

A bachelor’s degree in risk management will expound upon the techniques learned in the associate’s course as well as branch into new areas of interest. Some of the courses covered in the bachelor’s curriculum include financial forecasting, business leadership, business communications, and marketing. An online risk management degree offers these supplemental courses as options but typically will not require them.

Risk Management Master’s Course Information

In order to be accepted into the master’s program for risk management, the applicant needs to have a bachelor’s degree already. This is a Master’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Risk Management. Most institutions will not offer a solitary risk management master’s course.

Online Risk Management Degree Career Outlook

Starting a career with an online risk management degree is becoming more and more lucrative as the years pass. As of 2009, the average salary in basic risk management at a mid level company was approximately $94,000. Other careers that involve risk management may include fund manager, insurance purchaser, insurance salesperson, or fraud examiner. Essentially, any business with an assessable amount of risk could benefit from a risk management specialist.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

Whether you are thinking of studying for an online risk management degree or a degree in a different field, studying online can save a lot of money and time. Tuition costs for online programs tend to be about one forth of the costs of comparable courses in physical universities, allowing people the option to take control over their education. Another obvious advantage is the time and money saved by not commuting to and from school.

Online Real Estate Degree

One thing that can be said about the human race is that we will always need houses. Real estate degrees open up a lot of possibilities, only one of which is being an actual real estate sales agent. Real estate is a sector that anyone can excel in as long as they have the right training. There are associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees open to enterprising students, all of which teach a different level of the education required to be successful in the real estate sector.

Online Real Estate Degree Duration

The duration of a real estate course depends on a lot of independent factors. First of all, there are courses that allow a student to receive a real estate license after only a couple months of schooling, while other courses can take years. The salary earned isn’t directly related to the amount of time spent in school either, which makes it important to understand what each level can offer.

Real Estate Associate’s Course Information

An associate’s degree in real estate will typically take up to two years, although it’s possible to pass the state exam much sooner than that. Two year colleges usually have a strict course schedule, but an online real estate degree can be attained with very little hassle in much less time than it would take to get one on campus. The coursework of an online course is almost identical, but students have the option to go as fast or as slow as they want.

Real Estate Bachelor’s Course Information

There are currently two different types of bachelor’s degrees for the field of real estate. One puts the primary focus on the business side, and includes financial and economics coursework along with the regular real estate coursework. The second type of bachelor’s degree focuses on the sales and management aspect of the business. Each different course offering provides the student with different options upon graduation.

Real Estate Master’s Course Information

For an advanced education in real estate, many students opt to continue past the bachelor level to attain a master’s degree. These courses are available on campus or as an online real estate degree. For on campus studies, most courses require between one and three years of education, and some even require that the student spends at least five years working in the field before even applying for a master’s program.

Online Real Estate Degree Career Outlook

Careers in real estate are widely available. For graduates more interested in the hands on side of things there is direct sales or management, but there are also options for real estate lawyers, financial brokers, assessors, and appraisers. All of these jobs are attainable through an online real estate degree.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

Getting an online real estate degree saves both time and money for anybody who needs a quality education but doesn’t have the money to cover the tuition fees of a college or university. In addition to the savings on tuition, another advantage of an online real estate degree is that often the courses can be completed in a much shorter time period than in traditional institutions

Online Occupational Therapy Degree

It is easy to become an occupational therapist or assistant with one of several online occupational therapy degree options.  This is an ideal choice for those who want to help others, especially individuals with chronic pain.  Therapists help those who are geriatric or mentally challenged, or people with long term illnesses who want to live their lives fully.  It takes a lot of work to obtain degrees in this field, however, so students must carefully decide which degree they want.

Online Occupational Therapy Degree Duration

In order to receive an associate’s degree in occupational therapy, a student must attend school for about two years.  Typically this online occupational therapy degree will allow graduates to work as assistants to occupational therapists.  Obtaining a bachelor’s degree will take four years on the average, while a master’s degree requires two years of work.  Students may spend more or less time attaining their degrees, depending on how many classes they take a semester.

Occupational Therapy Associate’s Course Information

As briefly mentioned, students who receive an online occupational therapy degree at the associate’s level can work as assistants to occupational therapists.  They will need to take certain lab courses, especially in sciences, ethics, sociology, and so on, in order to obtain the degree.  Health related courses are naturally required as well, and biology is heavily studied.  Students must also take care to improve their personal communication skills within their coursework.

Occupational Therapy Bachelor’s Course Information

Achieving a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy requires students to focus on basic subjects within the realm of medical science.  The coursework will revolve around psychology and sociology, in addition to medical and professional ethics.  Bachelor’s candidates will learn how to make patient evaluations and assessments, as well as tests and measurements.  The idea is to help them acquire the proper skills for this type of therapy, so counseling courses are also common.

Occupational Therapy Master’s Course Information

At the baster’s level, the required coursework for this online occupational therapy degree becomes much more focused and intensive.  Students at this stage must focus on case studies, the theories of OT, and therapy as it relates to pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients.  They learn proper research techniques, topics related to human resources, and gerontology.  Some of them may also learn about administration, and typically a research product is required.

Online Occupational Therapy Degree Career Outlook

Depending on the area in which they work, OT assistants can make as little as $25,790 in a nursing home or as much as $53,090 in home health care.  Respiratory therapist technicians make an annual average of around $44,000, and occupational health and safety technicians make around $49,000 per year.  On the average, occupational health and safety specialists make as much as $65,000.  Occupational therapists themselves are capable of earning as much as $70,000.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

It takes a lot of diligence to obtain an online occupational therapy degree at any level, but it is well worth the effort.  More and more people decide to go after an online degree to further their education.  It generally costs less than other options, which is currently very important.  However, it is also a good choice because students can set their own hours, take classes when it is convenient, and really focus on what they are trying to do.

Online Economics Degree

An economics education will give students what they need to acquire high paying jobs in both government and business sectors. Economics has become one of the fastest growing courses as far as popularity. Students receive training in analytical and critical thinking, which play a role in a huge number of occupations. Getting an online economics degree is one of the easiest and most effective methods.

Online Economics Degree Duration

Depending on the type of economics degree that a student want to get, course duration can vary considerably. Available degrees in economics include associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, and each course requires that all general education requirements be met as well as any foundation entrance requirements. Generally, an online economics degree will require between 50 and 60 semester hours.

Economics Associate’s Course Information

An Associate in Arts degree in economics provides a student with the knowledge he or she needs to go into a financial career. Typically, subject matter covers all the principles of economics as well as the policies. Most associate’s online economics degrees require as much as 90 credit hours between course work and general studies. A lot of students choose to go from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree, and many colleges and universities all the credits from the associate’s course to be rolled over to the bachelor’s course.

Economics Bachelor’s Course Information

Students who receive an online associate’s degree in economics often opt for continuing their education with a Bachelor of Science degree. This course teaches much more specific principles, and it is here that a student will begin to focus on particular career paths. On campus, economics bachelor’s degrees require four years for completion. An online economics degree can take less than half that time though. There are a lot of different courses available online that aren’t even offered in traditional university campuses.

Economics Master’s Course Information

In order to obtain a master’s degree in economics, a student must first receive his or her associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. This is the highest degree offered to economics students and is a graduate program, unlike the bachelor’s degree which is an undergrad course. It typically takes students two years to complete the course requirements for their master’s degree, but once again it takes a much smaller time frame to acquire an online economics degree through a web based education institution.

Online Economics Degree Career Outlook

The reason economics degrees have become so popular is that there are literally hundreds of possible careers open to anyone with an economics degree, even if it is only an associate’s degree. The retailing, manufacturing, insurance, and banking sectors, to name a few, all require economists. Many economic students venture into criminal justice and crime investigation as well.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

Getting an online economics degree saves both time and money for an identical education. Many people are under the impression that it becomes less personalized, but it’s actually the opposite that is true; each course usually has a smaller class roster, meaning the teacher can spend more time with each individual student. It’s easier than ever to get an online degree.

Online Medical and Dental Degree

Obtaining an online medical and dental degree presents a world of fantastic opportunities.  The people who are interested in this type of degree are first and foremost interested in helping people, and they recognize that there are many positions available in health care.  Whether they are interested in medical training or dentistry, this degree can get them on their way.  First, however, they have to decide which type of degree they want.

Online Medical and Dental Degree Duration

The duration of an online medical and dental degree primarily depends on what type of degree you choose to obtain, as well as how much time you have to devote to these studies.  In general, students must take classes for two years in order to receive an associate’s degree.  That can later be applied to a bachelor’s degree, which otherwise takes four years to complete.  A master’s degree in this field takes two years on the average, and it is a graduate degree.

Medical and Dental Associate’s Course Information

An associate’s degree in these fields can lead to many great jobs in either medicine or dentistry, depending on what the student wants to pursue.  Either way, students will have to take certain courses, beginning with prerequisites focusing heavily on sciences and maths.  They will also take courses pertaining to medical and dental coding, as well as medical and dental terminology.  From there, they must learn about law and ethics in both fields, as well as clinical information.

Medical and Dental Bachelor’s Course Information

To receive bachelor’s online medical and dental degree, students have to build on their basic knowledge of the fields in question.  Certain prerequisites will again be required, especially courses pertaining to biology and chemistry.  Students will also have to focus on professional ethics courses, and may take sociology and psychology courses as well.  From there, they will take classes pertaining to their specialties, such as respiratory care, medical imagery, or administration.

Medical and Dental Master’s Course Information

The classes taken for a master’s degree in medical and dental studies actually depend on what the student wants to do.  If he or she wants to specialize in dentistry, then the coursework will be geared toward that kind of medicine.  A student more interested in the medical aspect will have coursework focused on that side of the medical field.  However, it is also possible to be an administrator with this degree, so some business courses will be necessary.

Online Medical and Dental Degree Career Outlook

Some people who complete an online medical and dental degree will become respiratory therapy technicians, and can make approximately $42,430 each year.  Others with a medical bent may choose to become cardiovascular technicians, whereupon they can earn between $32,800 and $61,580 per year.  Dental assistants can earn between $26,980-$38,960 annually.  At the higher end of the spectrum, however, they can make as much as $46,150.

Advantage of Getting a Degree Online

Students who are looking to save time and money while furthering their education will benefit from getting an online medical and dental degree.  Online degrees are becoming more popular in general, and as a result are more widely recognized.  As stated, students can save time and expand their educations when it is convenient for them.  This ultimately leads to better grades, which makes it even easier to succeed and lead a better, more rewarding life.