Check Out Online College Degree Programs Before Enrolling

There are more and more people enrolling in online college degree programs. It is much more flexible and convenient compared to the traditional college route. It is much easier to get an education, especially if you have other responsibilities. College is expensive and the economy hasn’t been great for providing people extra money. However, to move ahead in life you need a degree.

Normally, an online program will be more affordable because there is no need to pay for lodging or classroom costs. It is much more convenient because you can take your classes according to your time schedule. Unless you want to study elsewhere, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

The problem is knowing which online college degree programs to consider. The first thing to find out is if the college or university is accredited. If they are not, many times the certificate isn’t considered valid by most employers. Legitimate colleges will provide the information, as it is something they are proud of. If they don’t, ask to see their credentials.

The other thing to look into is the school’s instructors and professors. The teaching staff should have a master’s degree or doctorate. If the online college has professors with bachelor’s degrees, it probably isn’t a credible program. These instructors should have at least two years of job experience or teaching experience. This way you know you will get a quality education.

In addition, the best online college degree programs will provide academic, guidance and financial counselors to assist you throughout the process. If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions at the beginning, it will be hard to do it later.

This is an investment, so make sure you are enrolling in a reputable program that is going to open your mind to the world.

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An Online College Degree Program Offers Flexibility and Convenience

Technology has transformed how people can gain a college education these days. There is a plethora of majors and classes available for prospective students, making it easier to get a degree without having to go the traditional route. An online college degree program is perfect for someone who has other obligations in their life. It allows them to get a degree while working or caring for a family.

There is a lot more flexibility and convenience for those who sign up for an online college degree program. You can study in the comfort of your home or wherever you like, as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection. It means you can study early in the morning or late at night. The only requirements are completing tests or turning in assignments on time.

The problem is knowing which program to start. The first thing you need to consider is if you already have a degree or any education. Obviously, if you have a bachelor’s degree already, you will look for a master’s degree program. You also need to think about what kind of degree you want to get. Consider potential job options and how a degree can help you with that goal. All of these factors should be considered before signing up for a program.

There are different places where you can get help with this process. It won’t matter where you are in life, even if you are already working and wanting to attend school at the same time. Some online places will have lists of college programs. You can find different universities and colleges at your fingertips, which makes it easier to take the courses you need. They will also fit into your schedule, which is one of the most important things at this stage in life.

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Four and a Half Benefits of Getting an Online College Degree

Online colleges have been around for a while now. They give people access to mountains of information that when studied build skills increase marketability and much more. Here are four and a half benefits of getting an online college degree.

Benefit one: Spending time online in an endeavor OTHER THAN Facebook or looking up stock quotes is actually quite refreshing. With billions and billions of web pages one could surf from cradle to grave (if, of course, babies had the capacity to surf the net). And it is not getting any smaller. One may reasonably spend several lifetimes if one were to spend just one minute looking at every page out there. And the amount of information is growing faster than you could keep up too. To cut through the clutter and come out having learned something is amazing, but it will take focus, determination and a plan. An online college degree can help you with that!

Benefit two: An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. This is very similar to the saying, curiosity killed the cat. I have noticed that when both kids and cats have something to occupy their time and attention they are less likely to look for things to do. When they direct their attention to something specific and productive they grow. When they do not, they sometimes think of the craziest things to get involved with. “I think I am going to tear up this toilet paper.” Or “Hey! Matches!” I think you get the point. So, when we too occupy ourselves with productive endeavors, we are less likely to let our minds wander and perhaps settle on all that we can be unhappy about. When we are productive we feel better and can consider much easier the things we have to be grateful for.

Benefit three: In a world of competition it is important to always be increasing your skills. An online degree can fit in just about anyone’s schedule. Because your online classes will most likely not be scheduled for when you work (because most are designed for this kind of flexibility) you can study around your other obligations. True, depending on how much you have going on, you may wish to scale back in other areas before attending, but many find that with just a little extra time they can keep doing what they have been doing and still get an education, increasing their skills and preparing for the future.

Benefit four: Person growth really should have been placed first. I find that when I do things because I want to and that both challenge me and give me structure I am much more likely to desire to do that thing. This is not to be understated. When you feel a consistent growth in your personal like it is much easier to give more to all other areas of your life.

Benefit four and a half: This only gets a half because it is a superficial benefit, but for some people it seems to be important. When you get an online college degree you get a paper that you can hang on your wall and have people look at it and think you are smart. But only you will know what that paper really means. If you had given your all, that paper may remind you of the clutter you cut through, the time spent in a worthwhile pursuit, the skills you built and the personal growth that you obtained.

I am sure that you will find these and many more benefits as you spend some time reaching for that online college degree.

Humanitarian Work with an Online Health Care Degree

There have been many world disasters in the last decade. In each instance there is a need for people who work in the health care industry to travel to these places and offer emergency medical help. These are opportunities to be involved in humanitarian work, to put your skills to good use and help people who cannot help themselves.

Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in the United States’ Louisiana. When many local services were instantly shut down or destroyed because of the great storm many rushed to their aid in the form of helping to rescue, providing first aid and take care of immediate food needs.

Likewise, the earthquake just off the coast of Haiti’s Port au Prince caused that city considerable damage. With an already weak infrastructure there was a need dire need for outside help. Many remain there even now providing the help that Haitians will likely need for a long time to come.

In Chili recently there was a collapse in a mine where over 20 workers were trapped for over a month. Health Care consultants were brought in to help determine the needs of those workers while they were waiting to be rescued. One of the determinations was that when they were reached and brought out that they needed to slowly take in food again. With the lack of food going so long this measure was necessary to prevent serious health consequences.

In areas across the U. S. and world there have been many fires, floods and earthquakes causing considerable suffering and need. Those who have spent time obtaining their online health care degree could be some of the first to go the aid of those who need most urgent help.

Have you ever had dreams of going to the rescue of your brothers and sisters who experience dramatic displacement or who have no means of having what you and I have access to? This spirit is definitely one of love and compassion for your fellow man and is in much need today as many suffer needlessly at home as well as the world over.

I have had friends, even with minimal experience in health care travel to Guatemala, Honduras and other countries to help villages build better facilities, to pip clean water into their towns and to help with other needs. So, even if you do not have a health care degree, there are still opportunities for you to help out in meaningful ways.

However, with all the disasters that put people instantly into places of need and with the shortage of skilled medical workers, it would be a very noble and valiant calling indeed to dive into an online health care degree and move yourself closer to filling this void and helping those in need.

There are also doctors, dentists, surgeons, etc. helping to fix cleft palates and do much needed dental work to give kids a life that is free from some of these. So you see, it’s not just all about bandaging wounds, but there are many areas in the health care field in which you can put your services to good use. So, if you have ever considered humanitarian work, there is a need for what those with degrees and the education that brings to the table to help out and serve those who cannot help themselves.

Take Your Career to New Levels with an Online Accounting Degree

Have you been working for years as a bookkeeper? Has your pay pretty much plateaued, or does its growth trail inflation? Do you feel comfortable just getting by? Is there a better way?

You may have spent much of your working life doing some bookkeeping or bill paying for a business, but there are greater opportunities out there for you if you just spend a little time to look.

If you have been doing one of the aforementioned jobs you are in the right position to take the next step and get a higher accounting degree. The good thing about classes these days is that you will not even have to get time off work or quit your job. There are all kinds of options that can provide the flexibility you will need to make this change work for you.

Take for example online accounting degrees. With you in mind a degree program has been created to fit your lifestyle. So you can visit the web and look into programs and schools. You can also have share with you some of the best programs available so you don’t have to do the sifting, we’ve already done that for you.

Whatever method you chose you should keep your eyes open for things that would keep you from diving in and getting the most out of your experience. Here are some common things that keep people from taking their careers to the next level.

Fear: It may have been years since you were in school. You may have had a hard time or forgotten how to study. Perhaps you never finished and you are afraid of the same thing happening, that you pay money, bail out and don’t get that degree you sought after. Whatever your fears about college may be, you don’t have to be worried, just note it as an obstacle and start seeking ways to overcome those fears. More often than not, believing in yourself and facing fears does much more good than cowering or running from them. This only serves to perpetuate the fears.

Money: While attending Harvard or Yale may be out of your price range, there are many options with online degrees that don’t include tagging on a notoriety of name fee. The online options are much more affordable in general than a degree that requires you attend a physical location where electricity bills, classroom size limits and other overhead require higher prices.

Time: While just about everyone thinks they don’t have enough time, it’s rarely true. The truth of the matter is that we always have time to things that are important to us. If you have fallen prey to the habit of piling on more and more until the pile is ready to collapse and crush you, it’s time to simplify and determine what is most important to you. Assuming that you feel like you don’t have time during the day because of your work schedule, this is another good reason why online classes in accounting may topple your time excuse. With an online class you can schedule as little or as much as you need and because you don’t need to attend a physical location you will be in a good position to select a schedule that fits the time you have.

So, if you are ready to move on to the next level of your career, spend a little time evaluating your options to obtain an online accounting degree.

Online Design Degree: Bringing to Life Your Creativity

In the world of design, maximizing creativity has always been a goal of the artists. Even when design bridges into the number-centric field of advertising and marketing there is still a push for designers to get from the exchange a satisfaction that comes from utilizing their creativity and being able to share that with the world in some unique way.

The talent that lies inside a masterful piano player is harnesses and sharpened when they spend time in learning and practicing. Even with those who have sheet talent when it comes to creating and designing there is still benefit from honing those skills though practice and education.

If you’ve yet to consider sharpening your design skills by seeking a design degree, I would like to encourage you to do so. Sometimes we don’t even know what we don’t know. In the classroom you will be able to examine new ideas and let those mix and blend with your own to create new masterpieces never before conceived.

If you are hip to the idea, also consider going one step further and completing your design degree online. This is one way that you can breathe life into your creativity. Just picture this: You wake up in the morning to feed your cat, do a little workout and then head to school…in the park! Nope, this is not your typical classroom, but guess what, it really is YOURS. It is here that you spend time with the trees, the grasses and meadows, the bird songs and laughter of the children. This is your classroom because you’ve chosen to do your design degree online.

Can you imagine how this would give you greater ability to design creatively? It’s in nature that many of the best designs for cars, for architecture and for other things have come. There’s just something about this environment that gives added meaning to the work that you do. By bringing an already creative career path into connection with this inherently creative place you can bring to life all that you design in your coursework.

There is also another aspect to online coursework that lends well to the designer in each one of us and that’s the familiarity you will develop with computers. Computers are the future of design and the more you work with one the more you will be able to succeed with one. You will get to learn all the little tricks and shortcuts that can be done to shave time off your design work.

All in all, design is fun and creative work, so why not magnify the possibilities by increasing your skills and by harnessing your creativity by doing coursework online and in a place that’s conducive to bringing out the best in you? There is a practical reason for choosing to get a design degree, but there is also a creative element to choosing to pursue and online degree. Use your head and your heart in conjunction to magnify the possibilities you have to succeed.

Got Holes In Your Pocket? Try Some Online Finance Courses

When I was young I received an allowance. It wasn’t large, but without doubt it always managed to burn a hole in my pocket despite the little piggy bank my parents got for me, meant to me learn how to save for a rainy day.

There was a study done that tied a child’s ability to postpone immediate gratification to a future ability to be happy. Why is this? Perhaps it’s because the problem with always wanting more and wanting it now is that we never run out of those desires. We continually seek for more and more interesting ways to fulfill the same old desires. Those that learn to be content with what they have find that anything above and beyond that is just icing on the cake of self contentment.

Well, if you were and are like me, where money has a tendency to burn holes in your pocket, you may want to take a few online finance courses to learn how to either cool off the money before you put it in or how to line your pocket with fireproof lining.

Seriously though, one of the best ways to learn something for yourself is to go into a field where you must then apply the learning. Finance is a field in which you can daily use new money skills. While not true in every situation, the skills you learn often bleed over into personal habits. And last I checked, one of the core classes in any quality finance degree one that teaches how to line your pockets with led, so believe me when I say that it’s a good place for a spendthrift to spend their time.

Saving for a rainy day is so important. We never know when something may happen to us or someone we love. Natural disasters, accidents, and household breakdowns are never expected, but they should definitely be prepared for. If they never happen then we were safe. If they do and we haevn’t planned ahead then we’ll be sorry instead.

This is the kind of behavior that doesn’t just change, especially if a habit is tied to a deeper insecurity that needs addressing. So with that in mind, taking some courses in finance can help you learn and practice the new skills you need to take you out of the pit of despair and lift you up to big rock candy mountain where things are happy. 🙂

Lastly, if you can at very least, see your need for change then you’re on the right path. Perhaps now there lies a valley of excuses in the way of getting you from here to there. One of the biggest hurdles may be that you just don’t have the time to register for school and go each day to classes that take away from work. If so, try some online classes. With this approach you can get the “lectures” on your time. You don’t need to miss work or anything.

Whether you are looking for a new career or just to learn some new things or sharpen up on what you used to know, an online finance course may be right for you. AND if you’re like me as a child, you are gonna need to do something about that money slipping right though your fingers. You can do it!

Are You a Scrooge? Try an Online Hospitality Degree

I once had a professor who had done just that. She wanted to live without regrets so she asked herself the question, “what do I fear?” The answer that came back was kids. So it was decided, her next position would be with the department that dealt with children and families. It was about half way through her time there that she came to love the kids she worked with and now had one less to regret come her life’s end.

In the course of pursuing a career change, which now happens around four to five times during the average lifetime, one method of evaluating the list of opportunities is to consider what drives fear into your heart. Are you bad with money? Try a finance degree. Are you a dummy when it comes to math? Dive headlong into becoming the next Fermat. And are you a miser or a scrooge? Then an online hospitality degree may just be the right solution for you. Why’s that you ask? Well, let me explain.

First off in the hospitality industry you don’t succeed if you’re grumpy or care little about the people you serve. This is the first reason, but the reason for taking the degree online is so you don’t completely turn your professors and classmates into misers like yourself! You’re gonna need some time where you can just be grumpy all by yourself until you learn the skills that will help you succeed. J

While I make this suggestion tongue & check there are some real reasons why a hospitality degree would be a great new direction to travel. Here are a few:

The hospitality world is an exciting one where you meet new people all the time. You are also able to meet them often outside their regular work settings, where the vacation has had at least some calming effect on an otherwise stressed out individual. So, in this relaxed atmosphere you meet people perhaps at their best.

Another potential bonus in getting an online hospitality degree is that you can set your schedule in pursuing it. In traditional coursework your schedule is often set for you. Because you’re taking your class online you can find a degree that allows you to finish at your own pace, thus allowing you to set your own schedule.

After completing your degree you may also have many opportunities to travel. If that’s your thing, this is a good industry to be in. Hotels all across the world will be among your potential employers. Dive in and see what the world has to offer you. While traveling is not for everyone, it may be for you and securing your place at the travel table will be a good opportunity for you to look into.

No matter if you’re a scrooge, a totally happy person or somewhere in between, in evaluating your options for your next career change, it would be grand to include in your thinking what a degree in hospitality may have to offer you. For maximum flexibility it may also be good for you to examine your online options. Combine the two for a truly great new direction to your life.

How to Pick up Babes with Your Online University Degree

So, you have heard that shinny red convertibles attract the babes? Perhaps a slick hairdo and leather jacket will be a nice touch? What about a boatload of money in the bank or a big house? These are popular myths. Even if you choose to woo the babes in one of the above ways, you’re bound to have a gal that loves you for your stuff. How cool is that? Not very! What happens when you loose it all? Will she stick around?

But follow my lead and I will show you an iron clad way to find the best woman who appreciates you for your brains. Sure you may get amnesia or some form of early onset dementia, and loose your smarts, but you are much more likely to find the babe of your dreams by earning yourself an online university degree. Sometimes all it takes is being enrolled in a program.

Now that we’re straight on what girls want, here’s a handful of ways to woo them with your wicked new knowledge.

Babes love it when you can ask them good questions. So try something like this on your first date: “Man! I just love interdimentional time travel! You ever notice how you loose like 20 pounds when you slide through a wormhole portal?” If you sense she’s not much into sci-fi, you could try the food approach; most babes eat food, so this is a good backup plan. It could go something like this, “Did you realize that for each pound of food an elephant eats he poops out five? That’s tons! I mean seriously, I bet you only have a 1:2 ratio.”

So, after wowing her with your random knowledge you could play some math games with her. Start with this one, “If you weigh ‘x’ pounds and I way ‘y’ and y=190 and y+n=x, what does n equal?” This is a wonderful brainy game because girls don’t like to come out and say how much they weigh, but trust me, if you couch the question a lovely little game like this, they’ll be dying to tell you!

By this time she’ll probably be hanging all over you, giving you that mushy eye batting that girls do. And that’s when you know that your degree isn’t just in urinal construction, it’s in babe magnetism. But don’t stop there. You’re in a fragile stage that requires continual impressing if those classes are going to pay off.

I would suggest next going to the latest action flick with a notepad and pen. Meticulously count the number of seconds between scene changes and record them in your notebook. You can have her time and you can write or visa versa. If she’s really worth it, she’ll jump all over this geeky data gathering project.

To round off the evening take her out for some ice cream. There you can share with her how many calories she’s ingesting and point out in a matter of fact sort of way just how sugar and calories turn into fat cells and toss out estimates of just how much weight she’ll probably gain from eating that cone.

Taking her home after a education packed evening like this is sure place you in her top spot for a second date. In fact, try this last little experiment. Tell her you appreciate that she didn’t get the large ice cream and that you respect her more now that you know how much she weighs. Then, close your eyes, pucker your lips and count how many seconds it takes for her to go inside and slam the door. Don’t worry, this is an indicator that she was so overwhelmed with such an amazing braniac that she had to take a little break. Rest assured that you’re sure to see her again!

What’s So Cool about Online Degrees?

There was once a time when schooling entailed packing your belongings into a gunny sack and walking many tens of miles to the nearest city. You were lucky if you had a horse. In the city you would have no contact with your family for perhaps years. You would spend late nights by candle light and tirelessly spend time copying Latin phrases with ink quills.

It wasn’t until a couple years later that a little advancement called the internet allowed people to stay home and pursue an education in the comfort of their pajamas. Sure it just seems like yesterday when the pony was replaced by the car and quill assignments on tree bark or parchment by lightning fast computer calculations, but truly the possibilities now are astounding with regards to kind of education you can obtain.

Some of the possibilities are great. They sure beat the “good old days” and all the laborious sacrifices that went into getting an education. Often times people just went uneducated because of the hardships tied to it. Some of the coolest things about getting an online degree are that it can be done anywhere, worked into your schedule and you can work at your own pace

Do it anywhere. This is one of the coolest things about online degrees. I remember as a child being pulled out of school for family vacations and missing an entire week of class. Upon returning it was a dreadful thing to catch up to where the rest of the students were. If only I had the ability to go where I wanted and not have to worry about missing things in my education. Well, you can! That’s what’s so cool about online degrees is that you complete them wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and BINGO! You are all ready to get crackin. Well, you are also gonna need some money too. Forgot to mention that. J

Work it into your schedule, around the things that are important to you. Let’s say I love to play tennis and that I have practices daily from 8 until 1. I have high hopes of competing and it is a pretty positive influence in my life. With online classes I don’t need to feel bad about not having time in the mornings to attend classes nor do I miss out by not being able to be in class sometimes because of a tournament or two. With online degrees I have the flexibility of working around my schedule so that I can do what’s most important to me while still receiving an education.

Work at your own pace. One of the things that have always been frustrating to me is when I have to do busy work when I already understand a principle. It’s almost like a blanket is placed over the students and all the teacher sees is bumps where they are sitting. Not being able to identify the students, their strengths or weaknesses, it’s like they all get treated the same. Everyone does not work the same, understand the same or progress at the same speed. If I understand something, why not let me go ahead and learn more as fast as I can? With many online degrees this is exactly the case.

Truly there are many benefits to choosing an online degree. The choice may not be right for you, but consider the above ideas to determine if it is.