Online Liberal Arts Degree

An online liberal arts degree is offered as an associate’s, a bachelor’s, a master’s, or a PhD diploma. The associate’s degree generally takes 2 years to complete, the bachelor diploma takes 4-5 years, the master’s degree can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to earn, and a doctoral degree requires approximately 6 years. The duration required for the online liberal arts degree is affected, based on whether the student attends full or part time and does or does not opt for summer attendance.

Liberal Arts Associates Course Information

Many students entering college are unsure of the discipline they want to major in, and an associate’s degree in a liberal arts program allows them to begin their education while their career decision remains undecided. This offers the flexibility of securing an entry level position in the workforce immediately after graduation, or the ability to proceed on to earn a bachelor’s degree either in liberal arts or any other discipline.

Liberal Arts Bachelor Course Information

An online liberal arts degree at the bachelor level has a set core curriculum, yet can be customized to suit interests and future ambitions. A liberal arts bachelor’s diploma is a popular choice for ambitious, career minded individuals with goal jobs such as attorneys, politicians, or foreign services positions and who plan to pursue an MA. A liberal arts BA is also a common choice for building a basis for a health care or business career and as preparation for graduate school.

Liberal Arts Masters Course Information

The liberal arts master’s degree is available as a degree specifically at many colleges (MA in Liberal Arts), but is also offered in individual subjects related to the humanities discipline, such as an MA in Cultural Anthropology or Political Science. Job possibilities span across numerous professions and include positions in government, journalism, antiquities, writing, publishing, communication, advertising, banking, and social services.

Liberal Arts Doctors Course Information

A PhD in liberal arts is the highest degree that can be obtained in this discipline. A liberal arts doctoral graduate can pursue a career in many elite professions, including positions such as college professors, museum curators, editors, scholars, and political advisors just to name a few. Graduates must complete core and elective courses, perform research, successfully complete a comprehensive exam, and write a dissertation.

Liberal Arts Degree Career Outlook

Because of the versatility the liberal arts and humanities degree offers, the career availability is very promising. A degree holder is prepared for many positions offering excellent possibilities for achieving great success and personal fulfillment. Because the liberal arts degree is not as confined as some other disciplines, it allows the graduate to shift into a variety of job opportunities while other more specific discipline degree holders are limited in the positions they can pursue.

The liberal arts degree provides recipients with a well rounded education that can take them anywhere they want to go while pursuing their interests and having access to exceptional career opportunities. An online liberal arts degree meets the demands of those with work and/or family responsibilities, and there are more online programs available now than ever before.

Online Engineering Management Degree

Engineering managers will coordinate, research, plan and direct design and production activities. As an engineer manager, you may be in charge of managing a team of other engineers, scientists, technicians, and other support positions within each project. Typically, an engineer manager will start out working as an engineer and continue their education by getting a master’s degree in either engineering management or business administration.

Online Engineering Management Degree Duration

An individual who wishes to work as an engineer manager will first obtain a bachelor’s degree in engineering, which takes approximately four years. There are two different options for those wishing to work in engineer management. The first choice is to earn masters in engineer management or MSM. The second option offers more flexibility within the field and that is to earn a master’s of business administration or MBA. Both of these degrees can be completed online and will take anywhere from one to two years.

Engineering Bachelor Course Information

An online bachelor’s degree course in engineering prepares a student for working as a professional engineer or computer scientist. Coursework for this degree will include mathematics, physical science, life sciences, and general engineering. In addition, a student will take courses that are concentrated in the area of specialization that they choose. There are several online universities that offer a bachelor of science degree in engineering. Some of the top programs include Ashford University, Kaplan University, and DeVry University.

Engineering Management Masters Course Information

There are several schools that offer an online engineering management degree at the master’s level. Some of top choices for these programs include, Drexel University, Purdue University, Duke University, Walden University, and Strayer University. During the course, a student can expect to take classes such as management, technology, marketing, engineering law, R&D management, systems engineering, green engineering, project management, and ethical issues. The online courses offer interactive learning environments in order to engage the students with the program.

Engineering Management Doctorate Course Information

There are three types of credentials currently offered in an online doctoral program in engineering. They are the Doctor of Business Administration, Technology, and Management, Ph.D. in Business Administration, Management of Engineering Technology, and Ph.D. in Management, Engineer Management. In order to enroll in one of these programs a student must earn a master’s degree from an accredited program. The coursework for a doctorate in engineer management will be research oriented and technology based allowing students to move easily from the classroom to the workplace.

Online Engineering Management Degree Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected job growth for engineer management positions is expected to be around 8% from 2008 to 2018, which is considered an average rate of growth. The largest number of jobs will be available for engineers that have strong business management and communication skills. The average salary for engineering managers varies based on specialty and the level of responsibilities that they have. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median average salary was $115,270 in 2008.

With a master’s degree in engineering management, you can expect to find a number of jobs available to you. As an engineer, methods are changing constantly and it will be important to maintain your education throughout your career. Using an online program offers a more flexible option for those individuals that need to work while obtaining their degree.

Online Engineering Degree

An engineering degree earned online can come with a specialization, such as electrical, mechanical or even civil engineering. People who earn an online engineering degree can create electrical processes, building blueprints or even design engines, depending on which route they choose to study. The online engineering degree is becoming more popular each year, as the demand for engineers in every field has increased.

Engineering Associates Course Information

People who choose to earn an associates degree in engineering learn the basics of the field. During the approximate two year course duration, students will understand the basic components for the engineering field of their choice. Once the online engineering degree is complete, engineering students can choose to work in an entry-level job or go on to earn an advanced degree in their field. An associate’s degree holder can be earned for just about every type of engineering.

Engineering Bachelor Course Information

The bachelor course for any engineering field is approximately four to five years long, depending on the specialty taken and how many courses the student takes each term. A bachelor’s online engineering degree can get a more specialized job for a person, as well as a higher salary. The bachelor courses will go in depth and be more detailed than the associate’s degree. Engineering courses may or may not require internships before graduation can be completed.

Engineering Masters Course Information

Taking the engineering master’s course is very specialized in one area. A student will choose a specialty and have focused classes to study for. Depending on the exact specialty, a project or an internship might be required in order to fulfill the online engineering degree program. The typical duration of a master’s program is usually two years, but could be longer if the project or internship is extended or done in addition to classes. Master’s degree holders have an easier time of landing managerial roles.

Engineering Doctorate Course Information

An online engineering degree can also be earned at the doctorate level. The doctorate program will usually include a specialized project that is directly related to the field of specialty chosen. The project may be done with a professor or other professional already in the industry. The project or results might need to be presented to a committee in order to have the doctorate degree approved. A company may or may not offer a corporate sponsorship for the project costs if it can benefit their industry directly.

Online Engineering Degree Career Outlook

The future for online engineering degrees is very bright. Employers are looking for people who have specialized knowledge more and more for many different types of jobs in several industries. Beginning wages for engineers start at $55,000 annually. Senior engineers range from $68,000 to $105,000. Senior engineers who also serve as managers of departments can earn $75,000 to $125,000 or more, depending on their exact industry.

Engineers are needed to design buildings, layout electrical wires, create machines, design city streets and subdivisions and even design business processes. Engineers are needed for almost every industry and at every degree level. Getting an online engineering degree will help to ensure any person’s employability in the future, no matter what the current economy will be.

Online Education Leadership Degree

An online education leadership degree is perfect those who want to take teaching one step further.  A degree in education leadership gives teachers extra skills in the classroom, a necessity in today’s highly competitive academic world.  More importantly, it can provide him/her with the abilities needed to hold a superintendent or other administrative position.

Online Education Leadership Degree Duration

The typical online education leadership degree requires two years to complete.  However, the degree is usually a master’s degree, and admission requirements often include a four year undergraduate degree and/or years of experience working in a classroom.  Though this may seem intimidating at first, the years do not have to add up.  Experience in a classroom can be gained while taking classes and undergraduate degrees can be completed in less than four years, particularly if classes are taken online.  The exact amount of time the degree will take varies based on the student’s dedication and motivation.

Education Leadership Bachelor Course Information

A select few schools offers bachelor’s in education leadership.  These are usually advanced bachelor’s which require a previous undergraduate degree in education as well as experience in the field of education.  Before pursuing an advanced bachelor’s or a master’s a typical bachelor’s is required, usually in education.   In addition to a general degree in education, many schools offer specializations such as special education, early childhood education, or elementary education.  There may also be the opportunity to minor in a subject that will be relevant to either teaching or education leadership.

Education Leadership Master’s Course Information

It is at the master’s level that a degree in education leadership becomes useful, since a master’s is the basic minimum for most jobs in the field.  A master’s in education leadership is not usually a regular M.S.Ed.; it is a specialization in the field.  As such, the master’s for education leadership may not meet the requirements for a teaching license, as it is intended for those who wish to take administrative positions.  Classes are likely to cover topics such as educational and school laws, educational planning, school financing, leadership, or supervising teachers.

Education Leadership Doctorates Course Information

At the post-graduate level, those who are interested in education leadership have two basic options.  Some schools offer doctorates in the field, typically a Ph.D. of Ed.D. in Education Leadership.  However, in many states a degree alone is not enough to qualify for an administrative position and additional licensing is required.  The courses for these post-graduate certifications are often available online and can usually be taken while the student is working in his/her chosen field.  The exact details of the program vary by school and state requirement.

Online Education Leadership Degree Career Outlook

Each state has its own requirements for different positions in the field, which may include a master’s, a doctorate, or various levels of licensure and certification.  Those who obtain an online education leadership degree can look forward to a wide variety of careers.  Options include superintendent, principal, and other administrative positions, as well as various positions at the college level.  The amount earned will vary by job and state, but as more and more funding is being poured into schools nationwide, the future looks bright and individuals may have the opportunity to earn upwards of $50k.

Earning a degree in education leadership is great for anyone who wants to further their career in education or school administration.  Earning the degree online is even better, since it provides as much flexibility as necessary, so that the teacher can also be the student.

Online Aviation Degree

Online aviation degree programs prepare students to work in a wide range of aviation careers. Though these programs need supplementation for hands on training, graduates may qualify for a wide range of careers. Many go on to work with various regional airlines in various capacities. Those interested in aviation science, engineering and flying in general should consider this program option. Careers include administration, pilots, research and development and many other areas.

Aviation Degree Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in aviation focuses on flight training and academic studies during a one year to 18 month program. Students learn critical thinking, communication and analytical skills in this program, as well as using resources effectively. Most students continue education into the bachelor degree, though some may enter into the field in administration positions. After completion of this degree, students may qualify to take the Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot or Instrument Pilot test, though flight school is necessary prior to taking these tests.

Aviation Degree Bachelor Course Information

A bachelor’s degree of study focuses on teaching students more enhanced aspects of the field, including the science behind the flying. It also teaches management skills in this area. Those who graduate this field are able to work in the professional aviation field, including as a pilot assuming the student received his FAA pilot’s license. The bachelor degree program can take approximately four years to complete. Online aviation degree programs may speed up this process or offer more flexible scheduling options.

Aviation Degree Masters Course Information

Many students graduating with a bachelor’s degree continue through the master’s degree program. Online aviation degrees will prepare the student to work in various aspects of airway transportation industry including as flight dispatchers, air traffic controllers, airline management, or maintenance technicians, depending on the focus of the program. Learn aerospace logistics, communications and aircraft simulation.

Aviation Degree Doctorate Course Information

Those graduating with a doctorate in aviation enter into the workforce as researchers and teachers within the field. The doctorate course program is often a self-directed program that focuses on personal, professional and educational goals of the student. This program may be completed in as little as three years. It is limited to those who have several years of experience working in the aviation field and who have achieved the master’s degree.

Aviation Degree Career Outlook

Online aviation degree programs prepare students for the ever-changing world of aerospace. This career path is growing as fast as other occupations without any slow down overall. While jobs with major airlines are more competitive, positions with regional airlines or low-cost carriers are available. The median wage for commercial pilots was $65,340 in 2008. Most earned up to $89,000 with experience. Careers in aerospace, including maintenance and engineering remain prominent choices.

The online aviation degree is an excellent opportunity for soon-to-be pilots to obtain their academic education from home. Students will need to enroll in FAA approved flight schools to get a pilot’s license, but completing most of the educational requirements online may speed up the process. It is also more convenient for students who need flexibility and affordability in their education.

Online eBusiness and eCommerce Degree

It is important to understand that there is a difference between eCommerce and eBusiness. Any electronic transactions that involve money, such as buying something on eBay, are considered eCommerce. On the other hand, eBusiness involves everything that has to do with business online, such as marketing techniques, customer education, procurement, and knowledge about how to sell things online successfully. There are several courses designed to educate individuals in the field of eCommerce and eBusiness.

Online eBusiness and eCommerce Degree Duration

There are several options and levels of degrees in eBusiness and eCommerce available. One option is an associate of applied science in eCommerce or an associate of arts in business management-eCommerce, which typically take two years to complete. Another option is a bachelor of science in business/eBusiness, or a bachelor of business administration-eBusiness, which will take approximately four years to complete. Masters and doctorate programs are also available, which will take around two years to complete after the initial four years of a bachelors degree program.

eBusiness and eCommerce Associates Course Information

An associate degree in eCommerce may include courses such as principles of marketing, computer programming introduction, professional ethics, and operating systems. Through an associate’s degree program in eCommerce or eBusiness, students can expect to learn how to use databases, marketing, and web development within the world of business. There are several different schools that offer online eBusiness and eCommerce associate’s degrees, including Baker College Online, Kaplan University, Strayer University, Bryant & Stratton University, ITT Technical Institute and South University Online are some of the top choices.

eBusiness and eCommerce Bachelors Course Information

Anyone that is interested in working in the technology industry or for an internet business will benefit from having an eBusiness or eCommerce bachelor’s degree. Required courses for this type of degree will include business management, information technology, business security, online security, business law, supply chain management, distribution techniques, and shipping techniques. Some of the top online eBusiness and eCommerce degrees are offered from Breyer State University online, Strayer University online, Ashford University online, and Western Universal University.

eBusiness and eCommerce Masters Course Information

Typically, a student that wishes to obtain masters in eBusiness or eCommerce will enroll in a Master of Business or Master of Science program. These programs provide skills in computer networking, eCommerce, management, business enterprises, and other web technologies. Other courses may include programming, online entrepreneurial practices, and computer hardware. Some of the top online schools offering master’s in eCommerce and eBusiness include Full Sail University, Northcentral University, Kaplan University, Walden University, Strayer University, Baker College Online, and Cappella University.

Online eBusiness and eCommerce Degree Career Outlook

The career outlook for someone with a degree in eCommerce or eBusiness is very good. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this industry are expected to grow by 45% from 2008 to 2018. There is a variety of different roles for someone with an online eBusiness and eCommerce degree to choose from, including systems analyst, business manager, marketer, and web designer. These jobs come with an average starting salary of over $40,000 and can be upwards of $75,000.

Overall, business on the internet is an extremely fast growing field. Those individuals specializing in eCommerce and eBusiness will see a large number of jobs available upon graduation, with expectations of excellent earning potential and advancement

Online Community Health Degree

An online community health degree is not your basic healthcare degree.   In addition to focusing on typical health related topics, community health focuses on the wellbeing of an entire community, whether that community consists of a town, state, nation or the entire world.

Online Community Health Degree Duration

Obtaining an associate’s degree in community health takes approximately two years.  A bachelor’s degree, the minimum for most jobs, takes four years and the same is true for any bachelor’s degree that may be related to the field, such as a degree in nursing or community management.  The master’s program requires two years of study, and the duration of the doctorate programs vary.  For degrees that are available online, the duration of study will vary based on the intensity of the student’s workload.

Community Health Associate Course Information

There are a number of programs, including many community colleges, which offer associate degrees in community health or related areas.  Classes at the associate’s level are intended to provide students with basic introductory information to the world of public health, health management, and health statistics.  However, an associate’s degree may only be useful as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s.  If the student chooses to pursue an associate’s degree, it is important to determine which classes the bachelor’s program will accept as transfer credits.

Community Health Bachelor Course Information

A bachelor’s in community health provides students with the basic skills and information they need to succeed in the field.  Areas of study include those typical to the health care fields, such as the natural and social sciences.  In addition, classes may cover topics such as biostatics or health management, topics uniquely applicable to the field of community health.  Some courses  require fieldwork to qualify for graduation.  Students who complete the bachelor’s program are expected to be able to create, implement and monitor programs intended to increase community wellbeing.

Community Health Master’s Course Information

Many colleges offer an online community health degree at the master’s level.  The courses in such a program will expand upon previous knowledge.  Skills to be taught include teaching the public about health, organization involved in public health, how to obtain funding, as well as assessment of the public’s health.  Like all levels of community health education, a master’s degree often requires fieldwork for completion.  If the student already has a job in the field, it is possible that the hours of work may qualify for fieldwork hours.

Community Health Doctorates Course Information

Doctorates in community health are offered in many colleges, but only a few of those programs are available online.  A doctorate degree is not necessary for most positions in the field and so a student may choose not to pursue it.  However, obtaining a doctorate degree does provide greater job opportunities so it may be worth the investment.  In addition, an experienced consultant or academic advisor may be able to find an online community healthy degree that includes a doctorate program.

Online Community Health Degree Career Outlook

Jobs in the community health degree are exactly what the degree would imply.  Professionals work with the public on many areas affecting community health with the hope of improving the public’s overall wellbeing.  Places of work can include public health departments, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, or family planning clinics.  Skills such as health management and health statistics are vital for jobs in insurance companies or corporate offices.  Paychecks will vary based on position, but the need for healthcare professionals is on the rise, so job opportunities are relatively plentiful.

Obtaining an online community health degree can help procure a number of jobs.  For an individual who wants to help others and pursue a health related profession without focusing heavily on the sciences, a community health degree is perfect.

Online Health Administration Degree

Doctors and nurses often get the credit for healing people, but they could not do their job properly without health administrators.  An online health administration degree offers the flexibility of an online degree and provides students with the opportunity to work in the healthcare industry as decision maker and organizers.

Online Health Administration Degree Duration

The typical health administration bachelor’s takes four years to complete, but there are programs that offer shorter options.  The master’s in health administration usually requires two years of schooling.  Some programs also offer a dual bachelor’s/master’s degree program, which usually take five years to complete.  Students can also choose to work during or between earning their degrees.  An experienced academic advisor or consultant can help each student determine his/her best option for the shortest and most successful school experience possible.

Health Administration Bachelor Course Information

Some colleges offer an associate’s degree for health administration.  However, most entry level jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  Depending on the college, the bachelor’s in health administration may be a part of the college of business and administration, or it may fall into the category of health related professions.  At the bachelor’s level, classes will cover topics like managing health care, the economics of health care, and the laws of the health care system.    Some schools will also require experience in the field before granting the degree.

Health Administration Master’s Course Information

Degrees in health administration at the master’s level vary greatly.  Some schools offer an M.S., while others offer an M.B.A., both in the exact same area.  There are many different specialties available, including informatics, healthcare, management or some combination thereof.  In addition, each college may define the specialties differently.  When considering a master’s in health administration, it may be helpful to double check exactly what each degree consists of as well as what jobs it leads to.

Health Administration Doctorates Course Information

Doctorate degrees in health administration are usually for professionals who already have a large amount of experience in the field.  A doctorate may be a way for such an individual to further their career and knowledge in the field.  More commonly, a doctorate allows the health administrator to go back to school, this time as a professor.  A doctorate also provides the opportunity to enter the field of research.  A doctorate is usually not required for even the top level positions, but it can provide the individual with a way to affect broad changes in the health care system.

Online Health Administration Degree Career Outlook

Individuals with an online health administration degree often earn upwards of $70k yearly.  Every doctor’s office requires some form of a health administrator and large hospitals have multitudes of them.  Health insurance companies also require a large amount of health care administrators, especially with the changes enacted under the new healthcare laws.  These jobs are becoming more and more necessary and the demand for qualified individuals keeps growing.  A degree in health administration is a lucrative and wise career choice.

An online health administration degree will give you the ability to help the health care system runs smoothly.  There are various levels of education and various jobs available, but they all have one thing in common; the professionals ensure that doctors, nurses and physician’s assistants can do their jobs properly.

Online Gerontology Degree

Gerontology is a specialized branch of medicine that studies aging. It is a relatively new field and one of the most rapidly growing, offering excellent starting salaries and job availability. Graduates of a gerontology degree program can find job positions in hospitals, retirement homes, and many other health and social service facilities. Anyone with an interest in health care and treating the elderly is a good candidate for an online gerontology degree.

Online Gerontology Degree Duration

The length of study in the pursuit of an online gerontology degree depends on the level of the degree as well as the number of course hours taken each term. The time required for an associates degree is two years, a bachelors degree generally takes 4 to 5 years, and a masters degree is typically completed in 2 to 4 years. Once both bachelors and masters degrees are obtained, there is an option to work toward a PhD, which takes about 6 years to earn.

Gerontology Associates Course Information


An associates degree in gerontology is designed to prepare entry level job seekers for positions working with the elderly, possibly in senior centers and nursing homes. In addition, it is a beneficial starting point for those wishing to pursue a bachelors degree at a later date. Nurses, RNs, LPNs, and others in the health profession can expand on their skills by adding the associates in gerontology to their educational accomplishments, and it can aid them in career advancement.

Gerontology Bachelor Course Information

An online gerontology degree generally requires around 42 credit hours of coursework. Graduates can seek careers helping aging adults or in advocacy programs for the elderly. Many nurses and other health care professionals are seeing the advantage of pursuing a BA in gerontology in addition to their previous training. Students pursuing an online gerontology degree are usually required to fulfill some hands-on and lab training requirements as well as an internship.

Gerontology Masters Course Information

The masters degree in gerontology narrows the focus to one aspect of the profession and is geared at landing positions at the management level. This may be in administration for health care facilities, nursing homes, elderly care facilities, or family services organizations. A pre-requisite for an online gerontology degree at the masters level is a bachelors degree in the same major. Some schools limit the masters degree program in gerontology only to those planning to purse the PhD.

Gerontology Doctors Course Information

Both a bachelors and a masters degree in gerontology are required to enter the PhD program in this field. Most schools have a time limit on the completion of the PhD after acceptance into the program and/or based on the date of completion of the masters in gerontology. Holders of the PhD can pursue careers in health care administration, as biogerontologists, in education, and in research.  Many biogerontologists also hold an MD degree.

Gerontology Degree Career Outlook

The gerontology major is a relatively new one and was necessitated by a steady increase in the percentage of people aged 65 or older. This is a result of the baby boomer era and the fact that those born during that time are now reaching retirement age, combined with the fact that due to advances in the health care industry, people live longer now than they used to. There is now and will continue to be a growing need for degree holders in the major of gerontology.

For individuals wanting to pursue a degree, the ability to do so online makes an education possible for those faced with work and family responsibilities as well as geographical limitations. The health care industry offers a stable career future, and the field of gerontology offers great income potential and personal reward.

Online Law Degree

An online law degree can be the basis for a person going on to become any type of lawyer, a judge or even a person in criminal justice. Degree holders can be policemen or women, lawyers, judges, prosecuting attorney, legal reps for large corporations or even the government. A person who likes policy making, rule following and debating would be great candidates for any type of online law degree.

Law Associates Course Information

Earning an associate’s in law will take on average two years of schooling. The associate’s earner can then go on and get a bachelor’s degree or begin working with jobs related to law, such as court reporting, police work or internships. The online law degree will allow a person to get all of the basics and explore any specialty they might want to pursue later on with an advanced degree.

Law Bachelor Course Information

The bachelor’s course to earn an online law degree will take approximately four years. Depending on the course load and specialty, it might take and additional year to eighteen months longer. A bachelor’s student will be able to seek entry level lawyer positions. They may or may not be able to have a specialty, such as estate planning, divorce, child custody, etc. A special graduate project or declared major would enable them to practice in specific fields.

Law Masters Course Information

Students who earn a masters degree in the law field will be able to practice as a mid-level attorney in a firm at graduation. The master’s course will take approximately two years and will likely include specialty work or an internship. Specialties could include patent law, bankruptcy, divorce, estate law and many other types of specialties. Students with master’s degrees can go on to become county prosecutors, judges or other positions in local and regional government.

Law Doctorate Course Information

People who pursue an online law degree and want to reach the doctorate level usually have a specialty. These people become attorneys for specific corporations, such as a patent lawyer for a firm or a tax advisor for the IRS. A doctorate course will take approximately two years to complete. An internship or special project may be needed in addition to the regular coursework before the doctorate degree can be earned.

Online Law Degree Career Outlook

The future is bright for people who are seeking an online law degree. There are always more criminals in the world who need policing, prosecuting, defending and even probation. Corporations need legal advice, governments need to create policy and monitor the laws. Beginning salaries are around $54,000. Private practice lawyers can make between $150,000 to over $300,000, depending on specialty. Corporate attorneys can earn between $70,000 and $150,000.

Earning an online law degree is a smart choice for people who already work during the day or who have a family to take care of. Online degrees make it practical for anyone to further their education, no matter what their situation is. Getting a degree in law at any level will guarantee a solid future in the work industry with a steady and above average income.