Think & Grow Rich in the Classroom

Think & Grow Rich is a manual for success in life. Of course there is a strong need for business students everywhere to feast on its powerful mindset building teachings, but there is also a need for all students to not only read, but to work to understand & put into practice that which Napoleon Hill,  the book’s author, learned about achieving one’s dreams. This understanding arose from the interviewing and detailed observation of thousands of successful people in all careers & fields of endeavor. How would your life be different if you woke up each morning n& felt a burning drive to service others with the best within you? How would it be different if you were able to think up a plan, stick with it & love every minute of the ride towards that destination?

While no single article can capture the power contained in that book, let me give you several beneficial truths I gained from reading it. My intention is to get you to think about how you think & to give more attention to choosing your thoughts instead of thinking whatever comes to your mind.

Our minds are like gardens, we can plant there what we will, but if we don’t tend to the weeding & watering, those wonderful watermelons and tasty tomatoes will struggle, suffer & die. And, on top of that, if we don’t plant good things there, the space will naturally grow up whatever seeds are blown on the wind, which tends to be weeds. I’ve yet to see a whole variety of vegetables and edible plants blow their way into my garden, plant themselves, in rows and plump up just for me to pick and eat. Such a bounteous feast takes intentional design, preparation & persistence.

In Think & Grow Rich you’ll learn about the power that comes with having a definite purpose in life. Why are you going to school? Often college students arrive in the classroom because of the expectations of their parents. Ask 100 college freshmen what they want to do with their lives and chances are a good portion of them will say “I don’t know. I’m just taking generals right now and have to still decide.” If this is your situation, make finding out your number one priority. This question should consume your thoughts and your spare time until you have an answer that burns within your chest. Without this definite purpose you, like the weeds that so often find themselves in the garden, will find yourself blown with the wind. And you may not like where you end up. Mapping out exactly where you want to go is essential if you are to ever to get there. As the Cheshire Cat in Wonderland said to Alice when she didn’t know where she wanted to end up, “Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.” Step one in success in life as well as the classroom is making the decision of where you want go.

The next principle that spoke powerfully to my soul is that principle of autosuggestion. This idea is probably something you’ve heard of before. Many speak of affirmations and these are part of autosuggestion, but there’s more. If you’ve read James Allen’s classic little thought provoking book As a Man Thinketh, you’ll get an idea of what autosuggestion is. At the core of it is this: the dominant thoughts you think & feelings you feel will eventually begin to create them in a physical form. We first create things spiritually – in the heart & mind – & then they seek expression physically.

Lastly, Hill talks about the power of persistence and faith. Thomas Edison was known for having tried thousands of different materials to light up a light bulb. Where would we be without the simple convenience of a light bulb? And all because of the vision of a man, his faith that it would come about if he simply worked at it until it happened – persistence.

If you are entering college and have yet to decide where you’re going, get Think & Grow Rich right now and eat it up! Trust me; it will be well worth your time.

5 Keys to 900 Word Per Minute Reading

Before I get into how to break the 100 word per minute reading barrier you’re gonna need to master some important skills. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call some of these skills. Nevertheless, you’ll need to be willing to do them each time you read if you wish to lay a solid foundation for 900 word per minute reading.

Key number 1: As a kid I had glasses & would often take them off and try to read with a book an inch from my face. Reading without any needed help can be frustrating. Even those who could benefit from a light prescription often try to muscle through reading something without them. If you have to strain to read the page, you’d be better off getting some glasses or other corrective help. There are times when I get frustrated with reading and realize after a while that it’s simply because I can’t see the page! So, that’s the first key. Simple, but essential.

Key number 2: is similar to number one. Make sure you’re comfortable whenyou read. There are several components to being comfortable and that begins with having good lighting. Without this your eyes will have to try harder to see and will become tired quicker. This can be frustrating and can also lead to headaches.  Anything you can do to ease the strain on your eyes smashes barriers to good reading.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, as all important things do. Prepare yourself a clean & comfortable environment so you can minimize or erase all possible distractions, including phone calls. A clean area keeps your mind from jumping from the book to things out of place. 

Next, a comfortable, upright chair & a firm desk can give you a great place to focus on reading. Note that by comfortable I don’t mean it’s time to slouch. Sit up straight with your feet on the floor. This prevents your body from getting tired quickly. It also promotes concentration. Maintaining an undisturbed environment is critical as each distraction adds up & the amount of time to return and reengage with your study. To further prepare a focus-friendly environment you may take note of what temperature works best for you. If it’s too hot you may get sleepy and if it’s too cold you will have a hard time focusing. Some light background music can help. So can pleasant smells from a candle or incense.

Key number 3: is to break in the book that you are reading so that it can lay flat on the desk in front of you without force. This allows you to focus on turning pages rather than holding your book open while writing notes, scratching your nose or anything else. Spending time turning back to where you were is not only obnoxious, but it can waste both time and energy, a barrier to reaching your reading potential.

Key number 4: Learn to turn. Removing the delays that often come from slow page turning is essential in your ability to read quickly. Presently it may not seem like that big a deal. It most likely seems this way because of the rate at which you read, but when you get into the upper limits of your reading prowess you will find that it is essential to do this correctly. Just imagine a concert pianist stopping mid song to turn a page, halting the flow of his piece. By having the book flat before you as described in key #3 you’ll be able to easily turn pages with your non dominant hand as you follow key #5 with your other. Simply rest your left arm (if you are right handed) across the top of the book and lift the top right corner, ready to change just as your reading reaches the bottom of the right-hand page. Upon turning, reassume the position and get ready for the next page turn. The faster you read the quicker you’ll need to do so.

Key number 5: Use your hand to read. Pace yourself with movement of the finger over or just under the words as you read them. This does several important things. It keeps you from stopping or fixating on words. Regressing to read previous words and traveling ahead to words down the page (To learn more about regression see this article). Using your hand helps you to focus on the words in a structured way.

There are many who read at 900 words per minute and above. Practice these five keys to open the door to faster reading & join them!

Valuing Your Online College Classes

Alright, I’ve spoken on this topic before and I will most likely speak on it again. I’ll warn you right now that this article is slightly charged with passion & bias. That’s because I have recently come face to face with something I consider to be very important. It’s the importance of work and in obtaining for ourselves that which we have. There are times when we are given things and don’t think much about their source. As we grow we are provided for. Ideally our parents give us a home, share with us love and feed & clothe us as necessary. As we grow older we begin to be expected to participate in the run of the home. We may learn household chores that help our mothers or yard work to help our fathers (and please drop all the “that’s not politically correct” judgments, I’ve no need of them and neither should you. Look past the words to the principle). Some however never learn that what they have been given to sustain their lives has been gifted to them, if withheld they could have been much worse off at best and dead at worst.

Learning to value your online college classes doesn’t begin with the registration paperwork. It begins much sooner than that. While we live in a world (in the US & many other “developed” countries) of “free” education, “free” government services and more, it sometimes feels like we have forgotten that nothing is free. Freedom is sometimes won with the blood of soldiers who had families, homes and lives to look after. A child who receives the gift of a car from a parent for their 16th birthday received it (assuming honest parents) from the hard work and time put in by someone who loves them. Similarly, when we receive “free” school, there are people’s lives, people’s breath and sweat and blood that have gone into providing that.

What happens when we forget from whence our gifts and blessings come? We take them for granted and can even grow to insist on their presence in our lives. Do you see a problem here? What happens when I insist that my neighbor pays for my online college classes? Well, he may not do it. If we’re friends and he has money, he may, but most likely, especially if we insist on it, he will tell us to shove off (though he may use more polite words).

It is not the place of anyone to insist that another pays their way in life, but isn’t that what we do when we use public funds for individuals to go to school? But isn’t it wonderful to provide free education for everyone? It may be if it were possible, but it’s not free. But on the flip side, maybe it wouldn’t even be the best. How much does a child value a car that was given to him by his parents? How would he treat it compared to a car that he spent two years working and saving for? How does a soldier view their freedom compared to the average citizen?

You see what I’m getting at? While no one can put a blanket statement on those who receive their freedom at no personal cost or a car as a gift, we can say that those who have to work and sacrifice for what they have tend to have a much deeper understanding of what those things cost. They value it more readily and often treat it with much greater care. See if this holds true. Ask 10 people you know that worked themselves through school and 10 people that had it paid for them (minus the merit based scholarship crowd, they most likely have a strong work ethic already) how deeply value their education. Don’t mention this theory beforehand; it may bias your results. J

Work hard, appreciate what you are given and be generous in sharing and you’ll be fine. By doing this you may just value your online college education much more.

Online Health Science Degree

An online health science degree is perfect for someone who already has a medical related job.  The degree will help with career advancement and because the degree is available online, the student can take classes while working.  For someone who does not yet have a job in the field, a health science degree will make them stand out amongst the job applicants.

Online Health Science Degree Duration

An online health science degree can be obtained in a total of four years, and sometimes even less.  The associate’s, where available, takes two years.   An associate’s degree with any sort of concentration in the sciences may be used to transfer into a bachelor’s program.  A bachelor’s degree in health science requires either four years of college or an associate’s degree plus two additional years of coursework.  Master’s degrees generally take two to three years to complete.  Doctorates in the field are available and the time it takes to complete them depends varies.

Health Science Bachelor Course Information

Many of the online health science degree programs are designed for those who have already have an associates degree and/or experience in the field.  The health science bachelor’s can be used to obtain a wide variety of jobs, such as those in health administration, insurance, or public health.  It can also be used as a basis for a higher degree in any health related profession, whether administrative or practicing.  In addition to general education classes such as writing and math, a bachelor’s degree will include courses in the natural sciences and those related to administrative duties.

Health Science Master’s Course Information

A master’s is usually not required to obtain an entry level job in health science.  As such, the program is not intended for someone who is a still a full-time student, without any experience in the field.  It is, however, ideal for anyone who wishes to further an existing career.  Obtaining the degree online is particularly beneficial since it provides the flexibility necessary to hold down a job.  Master’s level coursework may include advanced levels of many biology classes and further classes in administration.

Health Science Doctorates Course Information

Post-professional degrees in health science are important to upgrade a career and move into a managerial position.  A doctorate may also be needed in order to supervise other professionals.  Doctorates are offered in health science, but there are many other degrees with similar disciplines.  An academic advisor can help determine which degree and which college is best for each individual’s career.  Classes at this level vary greatly, but tend to focus on the administrative aspect of health care such as billing and insurance, information technology, and the legalities of health care.

Online Health Science Degree Career Outlook

At entry level positions, the yearly salary is about $30k on average.  However, work experience can bring the number up to fifty thousand and higher degrees may also increase the salary.  Health science is one of the most versatile of degrees and can be used to obtain any number of positions.  Job opportunities include managerial and administrative positions in hospitals or doctors offices, as well as public health positions.  A degree in health science can also be used to branch out educationally into many other fields.

A health science degree has a great amount of flexibility.  It can be used to further a career or as the basis for higher education.  Obtaining the degree online extends this flexibility to scheduling, allowing the student to decide exactly when and how s/he would like to get the degree.

Personal Essay Tips for Online College Application

The writing process for essays in online college application helps institutions evaluate two crucial components in their prospective student, your creative ability or the way you are able to put thoughts into words and your ability to write clearly & with proper punctuation and sentence structure. The second of those is probably less of a worry if you have paid attention in your previous English classes, and beyond the scope of this article (though now I’m considering writing one about grammar). So, here are few tips to help you come off more creative in your personal essay for your online college application.

Switch it up: You may be used to using a formal writing template for persuasive writing. You know the kind. They have an opening paragraph in which you list the three or four points that you are going to address, go into each with a paragraph that helps to prove your point and then recap your points in a little different language. Chances are that the readers of the essays get tired of seeing the same old. So, why not switch it up a bit? Tell a story, start with climax and then flash back. Or paint a picture for them of a vision of you at the end of your education. Get creative and that will stand out.

Start with Fire, End with Ice: When an opening statement is hot, people get captivated and are excited to read the rest. Keep them engaged with some sort of conflict and close your essay with something just as eventful. Cool them off a bit at the end, give them a resolution to the conundrum you presented in the essay. Leave them with a feeling that you are the solution. To what? To whatever, just let them see that by accepting you they are going to be associated with solutions you will end up creating in the world once you graduate.

Fill in the Details: It’s good to have an opinion, but it’s also good to give people a reason for it. Let them see that you didn’t just make up a thought on the spot, but that it’s well thought out, directed by real world information. Cite a study that supports your opinion, but make sure that it says what you are meaning it to. There are people that cite studies just to look smart, only to have the exact opposite point presented in the article. It’s worth it to ground your opinions in facts. They may just check.

Share Your Industry Interest & Knowledge: Referencing the degree you plan on obtaining and the research interests you have can be very helpful. Share how your work experience can help contribute to your degree. You may have learned and perfected a specific process that could be valuable to the research that is going on at the institution. Mention it. Let them know why you want to get this degree and give them no reason to doubt your sincerity.

Be a Straight Shooter: No one likes to be lied to. On your application for online college is no place to start. Be yourself. Holding up a mask and changing like a chameleon to fit expectations may pay off in the short term, but once the mask is abruptly removed, you’ll be in a much worse place than you would have been dawning your true colors from the get go.

I hope these ideas have been helpful in sparking your own imagination and that it helps you find your own ways to stand out from the crowd in your own personal essay for your online college application. There’s a story in each one of us that is completely unique, tell it creatively and let the cards fall where they may. Good luck!

Online Public Safety Degree

An online public safety degree educates individuals to serve their community. Those interested in a public safety degree will specialize in a specific discipline, such as criminal justice, fire science, and paramedic care or homeland security. Public safe jobs are in demand and the need for professionals in this career continues to grow as new threats become evident. Today’s public safety professional may work to protect specific locations, work in the medical field, aid in Internet crime management or work as a police officer.

Public Safety Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in public safety allows individuals to work behind the scenes in various ways. An online public safety degree may take up to a year to complete, depending on the school. Once earned, the job seeker may be able to work in administrative tasks in community public safety forces. Other tasks may include management of activities, planning of public events or work in lower government positions. Many who obtain the online public safety degree will work in the field while working towards earning a bachelor’s degree.

Public Safety Bachelor Course Information

A public safety degree at the bachelor level often requires approximately 90 credit hours of study in an accredited university. This program lasts for about two to four years. This degree focuses on law enforcement, criminal justice, fire science training and security training.  Those who complete the bachelor course in public safety may diversify or narrow down their plan of study to just one of the aforementioned areas. Those completing this education will qualify for entry level positions in law enforcement, fire departments and other fields of criminal justice.

Public Safety Masters Course Information

The master’s degree program in public safety focuses on building upon the skills individuals working in the fields of law enforcement, disaster response, emergency medical services or other areas of security already have. These programs focus on building management skills. Those who graduate with a master’s degree, and have working experience in the field, may qualify for positions such as superintendents, chiefs of police or other authoritative positions. This course of study can take two years to complete, after completing a bachelor’s degree. Online

Public Safety Doctorate Course Information

Doctorate degrees enhance the education and leadership abilities of those in public service positions. The scope of type of safety increases here. The focus is often on handling emergency situations such as terrorism, natural disasters or other large-scale crisis situations. The length of study can depend, but may be as short as two years. Earning a PhD from online public safety degree programs is possible, since most programs are self-directed.

Online Public Safety Degree Career Outlook

As crime continues to be a factor in today’s society, the outlook for jobs in the public safety sector remains very high. Demand for qualified, educated professionals is growing. Those with a bachelor’s degree in public safety earn, on average, $38,000 a year at the entry level position. Individuals may find jobs in government positions, private security detail, and federal government programs or in other areas of public service.

Those interesting in obtaining an online public safety degree will find this program to be beneficial to career goals in any area of public safety and security. Obtaining an education online allows for flexibility, affordability and the ability to choose from numerous schools.

Online Health Services Degree

An online health services degree will provide the basic requirements needed to obtain a job in the field of healthcare, one of the fastest growing industries.   Many jobs fall into the category of health services and there are a multitude of these jobs available, many with good salaries.

Online Health Services Degree Duration

An online health services degree has a fairly typical duration: an associate’s takes two years, a bachelor’s takes four and a master’s takes an additional two years.  However, these numbers are based on the assumption of fifteen credits a semester, two semesters a year.  A student who takes more classes, or works during the summer semester, can complete the degree requirements in significantly less time.  An online degree is ideal for this, since the student can take excess credits while still maintaining a work schedule and family life.

Health Services Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in health services is an ideal way to enter the world of health services.  It can be used to obtain an entry level job and can also be the basis for furthering your higher education in the field.  An associate’s in any related field is helpful, since credits from an associate’s degree are often transferable to bachelor’s programs.  Courses at the associate’s level provide a basic introduction to health services.  Classes cover topics such as the natural and social sciences, administrative duties and management techniques.

Health Services Bachelors Course Information

Bachelor’s degrees in health services prepare students to assist medical professionals in careers involving administrative and managerial positions.  A health services bachelor’s can also lead to a career as a personal care attendant, emergency medical technician, medical assistant or home health aide.  Courses will typically cover various topics in biology, such as anatomy, physiology, or microbiology.  In addition, there are courses devoted to ethics, health insurance, laws concerning health care, and accounting, which are skills necessary for managerial positions.

Health Services Masters Course Information

A master’s in health services is intended for a health care professional who would like to upgrade his/her career.  It provides the skills necessary for higher managerial positions and can also lead to teaching positions.  In general, these degrees are geared towards a professional, rather than a student, and require some experience in the field.  There are very few doctorate programs available online and therefore a master’s is usually the highest degree required.  Classes at this level cover the same topics as the bachelor’s or associate’s, but with a more in depth focus.

Online Health Services Degree Career Outlook

A health services degree can be used for a science based job, such as a personal care attendant or an EMT.  It can also be used for an administrative position in an insurance company or a doctor’s office.  In general, there are many jobs available in any of the health services field.  This trend is expected to continue as baby boomers age and health care reform laws are enacted.  Jobs in the field have a large range in salary and can pay anywhere from $30k yearly to greater than $100k.

A health services degree provides the ultimate in career flexibility and can be used to create any future, either working or in education.  Online classes mean that schoolwork can be done at anytime and anywhere, however it fits into your unique schedule.

Online International Business Degree

The world now consists of a global market, which means that most companies will seek to expand their business overseas after establishing a business domestically. With these ongoing expansions comes a need for people within the business that understand the laws of different markets in different countries. This is why international business degrees are becoming more common and more necessary.

Online International Business Degree Duration

Online universities that have international business degrees give students flexible scheduling. In addition, online courses offer the unique option for students to learn from home at their own pace. Typically, a bachelor’s degree online will take a student four years to complete, but some online programs allow for completion within three years. Post-graduate programs are offered as well. A master’s or doctorate program can be completed in as little as one to two years, depending on the program that is chosen.

International Business Bachelor Course Information

When taking an online international business degree program, students can expect to take regular business discipline courses such as finance, accounting, sales, marketing, strategy, economics, and organizational behavior. In addition, courses of international law, strategic alliances, international trade, international customs, and joint ventures with foreign businesses. Some programs will offer foreign language study, and others allow individuals to choose a specific country to specialize in. There are online international business degrees from universities such as Strayer, University of Phoenix, and AIU online.

International Business Masters Course Information

The courses of online international business degree master’s degrees are designed to teach students the fundamentals of a professional environment in another country. Students entering a master’s program will need a bachelor’s degree in a wide variety of subjects. Courses will include diversity and complexity of culture and its effects on business, familiarization of theories and intercultural communications, and principles of international business management. Additionally, there are commonly classes that study the structure of the specific country chosen to specialize in.

International Business Doctorate Course Information

Doctorate courses in for international business degrees are designed for those individuals who already have experience in the field. In addition, an applicant for a doctorate program will need to have already completed a master’s degree program. Typical online international business degree doctorate programs include classes that will involve advanced leadership skills, applied research, and in-depth knowledge of theory. Doctorate programs are offered online through Walden University, Argosy University, and North Central University.

Online International Business Career Outlook

With the ever-growing international market, the job outlook for people that have an understanding of international business will be good. The expected growth rate for jobs such as management analysis is 24%, which is a much faster than average rate. The number growing of changes in the business industry is the main reason for the growth in this field. The competition for these jobs will be keen because of the challenging and independent nature of the work, as well as the high salary. The average earnings for business managers with an international specialty is around $82,000.

Business has forever changed with the ease of communication with people around the world. For this reason, knowledge of foreign markets is extremely important. Obtaining an international business degree online allows individuals the opportunity to take classes on their own time, from the comfort of their own home.

Online K12 Education Degree

Many people may not realize that there are online K12 education degrees available, but there are actually several options to choose from. Online degrees offer the flexibility of being able to work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Teaching requires a specific skill set, including patience and desire to lead and help the future generations.

Online K12 Education Degree Duration

There are associate degree programs for K12 education, which typically take about two years to complete. However, these programs are normally used as preparation to enter a bachelor’s degree program. Bachelor’s degree programs will take four years to complete and will usually include time spent in classrooms. After completing a bachelor’s degree program, an individual will need to become licensed in order to teach. Many teachers opt to continue their education by obtaining a masters or doctorate, which normally take one or two years for completion.

K12 Education Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in K12 education will include classes that address major topics in the industry that impact instruction. These include courses in diversity, historical contexts of contemporary education, philosophy of education, basic English, and math skills. These courses are designed to prepare students for entry into a bachelor’s degree program. The completion of an associate’s degree in education will allow individuals to work in entry-level teaching positions, such as at preschools and daycare centers.

K12 Education Bachelor Course Information

In order to become a licensed teacher, it is required that an individual obtain a bachelor’s degree in education. Online K12 bachelor’s degrees will offer a wide variety of courses that will prepare students in the field of teaching. The option of specializing in a specific subject area is available through most programs. In addition, field experience and student teaching will be required in order to complete an online K12 education degree. Most online programs will help place students in a school that is in their area to complete these requirements.

K12 Education Masters Course Information

There are many different online K12 education degrees available for those choosing a master’s degree program. Typically, enrollment in a master’s degree program will be by teachers already working in the field. Continuing education is a normal requirement for all teachers, which is why many of them obtain master’s degrees. Courses for master’s degree programs will vary, based on the subject pursued. Some of the options are MED in Secondary Education, M.S. in Education-Science or Mathematics, and MED in Curriculum and Instruction Reading.

Online K12 Education Degree Career Outlook

The expected growth for teachers is expected to be about 13% from 2008 to 2018, which is about as fast as average for all jobs. However, with states cutting budgets and the current economic conditions, the job outlook for teachers entering the field is not promising. The best chances of getting a job as a teacher is to choose a specialty subject such as math, science, or foreign languages. In addition, jobs in urban and undesirable locations will be available. The average salary for teachers is between $47,100 and $51,180.

Online K12 education degrees offer a way to obtain the education needed to become a teacher in a more flexible way. Online programs are available for all degree types. However, most online programs will require fieldwork and student teaching, which the program may or may not help find placement for.

Online Religion Degree

Pursuing a degree in religion usually means the student has a vocation or calling to work in the clergy, as a missionary or in other charitable work. The demand for those with a degree in religion often depends on their particular belief system since some churches are experiencing a decrease in their following while others are experiencing an increase. Most students do not enter religion with the intention of finding a high paying career.

Online Religion Degree Duration

For students who are able to attend online school full time an associate’s degree in religion takes about two years and a bachelors degree takes about four years. Part time students may take longer to complete these degrees. A masters degree generally takes between 18 to 24 months and a doctorate may take longer than a masters since a thesis is usually required for a doctorate in religion. Online degrees in religion often allow students to progress at their own pace.

Religion Associates Course Information

The curriculum at different online schools may vary but they usually include philosophy, bible studies, history, communications, sociology and theology. Other courses may include psychology, leadership, physical fitness and mathematics. An associate’s degree educates students in the fundamentals of religion and prepares them for further education or an internship in the ministry, missionary work or teaching at religious based schools.

Religion Bachelors Course Information

As with most educational areas, the online bachelor’s degree in religion covers similar coursework for the associate’s degree in the first two years of study. It also includes research and methods, church music and arts, worship, administration, preaching and practical theology. A bachelor’s degree in religion can lead to a career as a pastor or minister, a teacher or a missionary. Work in nonprofit agencies is another career option. Salaries for most positions are under $40,000 per year.

Religion Masters Course Information

An online master’s degree in religion usually requires student to select a specific area of study such as comparative religion and philosophy, theology, or history of religion. A master’s degree in religion usually requires a thesis as part of the curriculum. A masters degree can lead to teaching in colleges or universities, curating in museums and work in the ministry. It is difficult to determine salary levels since a masters in religion can lead different careers in very different settings.


Religion Doctorate Course Information


A doctorate in religion requires a doctoral thesis in a specific area of religion like comparative religion, religious philosophy, bible studies, history, or religious art or music. Most students who attain a doctorate degree in religion pursue teaching at the college or university level, enter the ministry or work in the administration of religious institutions or charities. Since the career paths that doctorate degrees lead to are diverse, there is no specific information on salary levels.

Online Religion Degree Career Outlook

Degrees in religion lead to many different career options and salaries vary, but top salaries for associate’s degrees are usually around $40,000.  Those with master’s and doctorate degrees may earn in excess of $100,000 per year. The salaries of clergymen often depend on the church to which they are assigned. Job growth in most of the careers available to those with online degrees in religion is predicted to be average.

Most students who seek degrees in religion are more interested in spiritual rewards than monetary compensation. There are limited opportunities for advancement in the academic and religious arenas and the best opportunities are for individuals with a masters or a doctorate degree. Many students of religion are working when they decide to advance their education and online degrees in religion are easier to adapt to their work and missionary schedule.