Online Colleges, You Have Options

In this new generation of text messaging and video games students are finding increasing appeal in online colleges. Not only are they the most convenient form of education, but they fit the lifestyle of the rising youth. And now with options from biology to business students can find just about any course of study that they wish to pursue.

Because traditional programs take all students through the court’s material at the same speed everyone finishes at the same time. So, traditional bachelor degrees require just about four years of study to complete. But with accelerated programs and options students are earning their degrees in much shorter periods of time. Students are learning that they can conform their education to fit their schedule instead of the other way around.

There are some great options for students interested in exploring an online college degree. Here are but a few to choose from.

Capella University

Compels wide range of programs include human resources, psychology, business, education, IT. Their wide selection is not the only reason that Capella University is an appealing option for many students. They also are an accredited university which makes degrees from there much more appealing to many businesses seeking to hire graduates with degrees.

Walden University

Walden’s programs include master’s and doctoral degrees in addition to four year bachelor degrees. Transfer students can have most if not all of their credits earned other accredited universities applied to graduation credit at Walden. Walden’s colleges of health sciences and of social and behavioral sciences are just two of the directions students can go with Walden University.

University of the Rockies

University the Rockies is regionally accredited by the higher learning commission. They are an independent graduate school that offers Master of arts in psychology and Doctor of psychology degrees. Their psychology specialties are many. From business psychology to sports and performance psychology, if you are interested in this field University of the Rockies may be a good option for you.

American InterContinental University

Between their school of business, school of criminal justice, school design, school of education & school of information technology AIU offers 44 different online degree programs for you choose from. And if you ever wished to physically attend AIU you could do so at campus locations in Houston and Atlanta Florida and even London.

So as you can see, there are many options available for students looking to further their education. With these and other options students should feel confident in being able to tailor an educational experience to fit their needs. If you’re curious, take a few moments to fill out the form on this website letting us know your interests and we will help guide you in the right direction.

Upgrade Your Income with an Online College Degree

In today’s world where pay raise is often don’t keep up with the cost-of-living increase it’s important to consider ways to keep ahead of the curve. They say there are only two ways to increase the amount of money available for spending. Increase your income or lower your expenses. Lowering your expenses is a great idea to consider at any stage in life. You may have taken on many expenses that have very little to do with your overall life purpose. Marketing often is designed to convince us to consider our wants as needs. Because of this we often find ourselves with at least a handful of added monthly costs that we could do without.

The other side of that equation, earning more income, is also a valuable avenue to pursue. However, often times we get so involved with our daily living that we stop looking for ways to improve our situations. But if you look at the statistics you’ll see that in most professions an increase of education typically equals out to an increased pay. Even if you don’t want to leave your current place of employment, you can typically demand a higher wage by increasing your level of knowledge. This is because those with greater education often bring more value to the company and therefore they’re willing to pay them more.

But as is so often the case, by the end of the day when we come home from work and just want to relax. Relaxing for many people is not studying for a test, writing a paper or even reading a book. On top of that, when people consider going back to school they often feel burdened by the additional time commitment necessary to obtain that education, but if one was improve their life situation they have to be willing to devote some time in order to do so.

You may have piled up your own reasons why not to go back to school, but you’ll find that there are answers to your most common concerns about investing in continuing education. Perhaps you think an educational the expensive? Compared to traditional classes online classes are often much cheaper per credit. You also will not have to pay for transportation to and from school. Costs are reduced because online colleges don’t have to pay for buildings, utilities, etc. Consider also taking at your own speed a class or two at a time so that you could stretch out the cost for your education.

Another common reason for not going back to school may include fearing that an online education is like having your sister write you a diploma. However with increasing popularity of online colleges there are many which are now accredited and will fully represent you well to current or future employers.

You may also be concerned about the time it takes you to achieve a new degree. This may have been the case in traditional classrooms but many online college programs offer the ability to accelerate the time it takes to finish your education. Because some programs don’t require you to start a semester with the rest of the students you can keep your own pace and not that of the class.

Whatever your reason for not improving your situation through more education, it may be time to reconsider. And in doing so, you may just find a little bit better income waiting for you.

Online Vocational & Trade Degree

An online vocational and trade degree is an ideal option for anyone who wants to do more with their life.  This career option can be learned quickly, especially in an online environment, where students can tailor their classes to fit their time schedules.  There are many opportunities available with a degree in this field; for that matter, there are many  degrees available as well, not to mention numerous certification programs.  Here is all the information any interested student needs concerning schooling, potential careers, and possible salaries as well.

Online Vocational & Trade Degree Duration

The certification programs available for an online vocational and trade degree typically do not take much time at all.  In fact, they can be completed in six months to one year.  An associate’s degree will usually take about two years, but depending on the particular field, it may take less time.  The same is true for a bachelor’s degree, which is generally a four-year program.  A master’s degree program, however, also takes an average of about two years, although that is also dependent on the specific field.

Vocational & Trade Associates Course Information

The courses offered in an associate’s degree program for an online vocational and trade degree will vary depending on what the student is focused on in terms of subject matter.  It may be that certain prerequisites are necessary before proceeding onward.  In general, this includes courses surrounding general mathematics, general sciences, and may even include general English courses.  After the core classes are met, it will depend on the student’s field of interest, i.e. culinary arts, mechanics, construction, and so on.

Vocational & Trade Bachelor Course Information

Again, the courses offered for students seeking their bachelor’s degree in a vocational and trade program will primarily depend on the student’s chosen field of study.  In some cases, a bachelor’s degree may not even be necessary.  However, a student who is interested in property management will have to take business classes in order to ensure his or her success.  These sorts of classes will generally benefit any student, no matter what their specific field of study, especially in terms of providing additional business and managerial skills.

Vocational & Trade Masters Course Information

Students who are seeking an online vocational and trade degree at the masters level will also require classes revolving around their particular choice of study.  This, too, may not be necessary but continuing education is always a good idea in any field.  Once more, business classes are a fantastic idea, and whether a student is interested in gunsmithing or cosmetology, he or she will do well to take courses that will provide the knowledge they will need in operating their own business.  The higher the degree, however, the more successful a student is likely to be in the end.

Online Vocational & Trade Degree Career Outlook

There are several different kinds of careers associated with a degree in the vocational and trade field.  Thus, the expected salaries vary quite a bit, always depending on the specialized field in which a student chooses to start a career.  Plumbing is a popular choice, and an individual who goes this route can earn anywhere between $17-$30 per hour; cosmetology is another oft-chosen field, and cosmetologists can make about $11 per hour on average.  Becoming a chef is also a popular vocation, and depending on the restaurant, a chef can earn between $29,000 and $51,000 a year.

There are many choices available for students seeking an online vocational and trade degree.  Students can choose a field based on their interests and passions, and will likely have no trouble finding an excellent program.  The option of online schooling is perfect for those who want to choose their own classes and time schedules, and who want a create job at which they can excel.

Online Science Degree

If you are interested in any field of science, considering an online science degree is an excellent idea.  There are many career opportunities available to individuals who have an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree in the many fields related to science.  The best part about getting a degree online is that it is possible to complete this extensive schooling quickly without leaving home.  People with full time jobs, and anyone else for that matter, can schedule their classes around their own schedules while still furthering their education.

Online Science Degree Duration

To get an associate’s degree in science, whether it is for biology, chemistry, applied sciences or otherwise, it will typically take about two years to complete this online science degree.  It will also only take an additional two years to achieve a master’s degree, providing the student is able to take classes on a full time schedule.  Before that, however, comes a bachelor’s degree, which is the longest degree to attain.  This degree takes about four years, again, depending on whether or not the student accepts a full time schedule.

Science Associates Course Information

This online science degree can be a stepping-stone to higher degrees, but it is also a great option in and of itself.  An associate’s degree is typically filled with classes revolving around general education, as well as classes that pertain to a student’s major.  Within the sciences, typical associates degrees pertain to engineering technology, nursing, emergency medical services, and information technology.  Furthermore, the credits earned with the completion of an associate’s degree can go toward achieving a bachelor’s degree.

Science Bachelor Course Information

When a science student is ready to continue on toward a bachelor’s degree, his or her major will really come into play.  A student who wants to major in biology, for example, will not only have to take biological classes, but will also have to take classes focusing on general chemistry.  Microbiology is typically a requirement as well, and certain math classes are sure to be required.  However, the majority of classes will pertain to a student’s chosen field of study, whether that is applied science or biochemistry.

Science Masters Course Information

A master’s degree is where everything culminates.  At this level, an online science degree will focus almost exclusively on the specialty in which a student is most interested; biology may narrow down to microbiology, while an interest in chemistry may come down to a specialty of organic chemistry.  However, a student may have a more varied interest.  This all depends on what you want to do after receiving a master’s degree; a student may want to be a biochemist or he or she might want to instead teach biology at a university level.

Online Science Degree Career Outlook

With an associate’s degree in science, possible occupations include dental hygienist, radiation therapist, or engineering technician; they make an average of $66,570, $72,910, and $53,240 respectively.  With bachelors or master’s degrees in science, students can have jobs related to marine biology, genetics, organic chemistry, neurology, and many more.  If they teach in those fields, they can make between $41,600 and $83,960.  Many students with a degree in science become nurses, wherein RNs make about $62,450 and LPNs make approximately $39,030.

Once you decide the best course of study, working toward an online science degree is relatively easy.  Anyone who needs to make his or her own time to take classes can benefit with this option.  Certainly, the chances to succeed are excellent and the potential career choices are exceptional.

Online Psychology Degree

Any individual who is interested in helping people with mediating, counseling, or otherwise can benefit from an online psychology degree.  With this in mind, anyone who enjoys the discipline of psychology, understands and is intrigued by the human mind and emotions, may make an ideal psychologist.  There are many ways to achieve this degree on the internet, and doing so is easy, time efficient, and affordable.  However, before beginning, there are several things to understand and consider, such as the types of degrees available, how long it takes to achieve, and so on.

Online Psychology Degree Duration

The time it takes to receive a psychology degree online primarily depends on the specific discipline chosen, the degree program, and how much time is devoted to schooling.  In general, however, an associates degree in psychology takes an average of two years if the student is taking classes full time.  Likewise, on a full time schedule, a bachelor’s degree in psychology can take up to four years, although it may take less time online.  Finally, getting an online masters degree in psychology typically takes about two years.

Psychology Associates Course Information

The associate’s degree in psychology provides the foundation you need in order to become a psychologist.  It takes only two years or less to get an associate’s degree in this discipline, and it is at this point that the student will choose a specialty.  For example, he or she may want to focus on family or marriage counseling, developmental psychology, social psychology, or something else.  Getting this degree online allows for flexibility, so students can learn at their own pace, take their time with exams and finals, and really concentrate on their classes.

Psychology Bachelor Course Information

Once a student has earned an online bachelor degree in psychology, he or she is ready to move on to higher degrees.  However, this online psychology degree also allows students to start in entry level positions in fields pertaining to social work.  They can continue their schooling, but they can also seek out occupations in medicine, advertising, and teaching.  However, to begin practicing therapy, to become a fully licensed psychology, or to seek a position in psychological analysis, it is necessary to go on to graduate training, such as with a masters degree.

Psychology Masters Course Information

Attaining a master’s degree in psychology is typically the minimum degree required for a degree in a psychological field.  This online psychology degree, as mentioned, typically takes two years, and it opens many doors.  At this point, students can seek many different positions in therapy and other psychological disciplines, such as clinical positions, or they can become therapists, social workers, or counselors.  Many students also continue on to strive for a PhD, so that they can operate as full fledged psychologists.

Online Psychology Degree Career Outlook

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can work as assistants to psychologists as they continue their training, as vocational rehabilitation officers, and they can seek positions as administrative assistants.  Those who have an online psychology degree at the masters level can become industrial and organizational psychologists, as well as researchers and assistants to psychologists.  Those with degrees in psychology who work in outpatient care centers make an average of $59,130, while those working in individual and family services make an average salary of $57,440.  Working with state government earns $63,710, while positions in secondary and elementary schools earn $65,710, and working in a health practitioner’s office earns $68,400.

Getting an online psychology degree has many benefits, not the least of which is enjoying more flexibility, which allows for more time to focus on schoolwork.  Online degrees are typically more affordable as well.  In addition, an online degree program makes it easy to better your life and station on your own time.

Online Paralegal Degree

People make the mistake of thinking that lawyer positions are the only ones that need to be filled within the legal field, but paralegals are extremely important as well.  An online paralegal degree is perfect for anyone who is interested in the law, but wants to serve a different purpose than a lawyer.  As more and more people realize the values and rewards associated with becoming a paralegal, online degree programs are expanding.  Taking courses online offers many benefits and makes it possible to save money and time while learning a lot.

Online Paralegal Degree Duration

It is possible to become a paralegal quite quickly, especially for those individuals who are able to take classes on a full time basis.  Certain certificates take no time at all, for example, although an online paralegal degree does require time and determination.  An associate’s degree in the field, for instance, will typically take two years.  A bachelor’s degree takes considerably longer at four years, but if you have an associates degree first, those credits can be applied.  Finally, those seeking a master’s degree in paralegal and law studies need only two years of schooling on average.

Paralegal Associates Course Information

Students seeking an associate’s degree in paralegal studies will be able to take a wealth of interesting courses.  Core courses include classes pertaining to an explanation of what a paralegal does, as well as legal research, legal analysis and writing, and administrative law.  Several core courses also pertain to litigation, as well as different types of law.  There are also specialty courses, so students can think about whether or not they would like to specialize in a certain type of law, such as bankruptcy or immigration law.

Paralegal Bachelor Course Information

At the bachelor’s level, students also get to enjoy an array of interesting courses.  These include courses pertaining to law specialties, such as business law, family law, copyright law, diversity in the law, gender in the law, and things of that nature.  Bachelor’s candidates also learn about legal writing and research, the legal system in the United States, and subjects surrounding real estate, dispute resolutions, and similar such subjects.  An online paralegal degree of this nature readies students for degrees not only as paralegals but also as legal secretaries.

Paralegal Masters Course Information

It is when they go for their master’s degree in paralegal and law studies that students are encouraged to choose a specialized discipline.  They typically will choose which facet of the law interests them the most.  For example, a masters candidate may choose to focus on criminal law, tax law, or real estate law.  As they reach this online paralegal degree, they may also decide that they want to go on to a higher level paralegal position, such as by becoming a federal level paralegal, which can be extremely rewarding.

Online Paralegal Degree Career Outlook

There are many positions available to paralegals; positions and salaries both depend on their degree, their experience, and their specialty.  On the average, however, paralegals make approximately $46,120 per year.  Federal paralegals can make as much as $58,540, while paralegals who work for companies or businesses may make about $55,910.  Paralegals who work for or with insurance carriers earn an average salary of $52,200 per year, paralegals who work in employment services make around $50,050 per year, and paralegals in legal services earn an average of $44,480.

It takes hard work and determination to earn an online paralegal degree.  However, it is easier to do so on the internet because students can make sure their schedules are convenient to their lifestyles.  This type of degree is particularly ideal for adults who are continuing their education.

Online Nursing Degree

Anyone hoping to switch to a career that will always be in high demand should consider getting an online nursing degree.  The program is excellent for people who need a change and have always been interested in nursing, but may feel they don’t have the time to invest in school.  Furthering education online makes it easy to fit school into an already busy schedule and allows people to fulfill their dreams.

Online Nursing Degree Duration

The length of time needed to complete a nursing degree will depend on several factors.  One will be the rate at which the student takes the classes.  Others include the type of degree the student is working toward.  If the student already has a bachelor’s degree and just wants to get a nursing certificate, it could take as little as 1 to 2 years.  Associates degrees typically take around 2 years.  For those seeking a bachelor degree or beyond, the program can take up to 6 years to complete.

Nursing Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in nursing is an entry-level program and is usually a stepping-stone to the BSN.  This program allows a student to become a registered nurse and begin making money sooner than those following a bachelor’s program.  This degree is typically completed in 2 years.  This type of degree could lead to a career as a staff nurse, manager, insurance health coordinator, or a home health nurse.  Courses typically include anatomy and physiology, microbiology, composition, essentials of nutrition, nursing concepts, and psychology.

Nursing Bachelor Course Information

Earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing typically takes around 4 years.  The program focuses on primary healthcare, indigenous health and culture, health challenges, health optimization, discipline of nursing, clinical nursing practice, social justice, and psychosocial sciences and biosciences.  Institutions offering online nursing degrees will typically have students complete all coursework online and then fulfill their clinical requirements in a facility near their homes.  A bachelor’s degree in nursing can lead to advanced practice nursing specialties such as nurse practitioners, certified nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, and certified nurse midwives.

Nursing Masters Course Information

Those seeking a master’s degree in nursing will usually need to spend about 2 years in advanced studies.  This type of program opens up doors for a career as a Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Educator, or Nurse Practitioner.  Those seeking this type of degree will need to hold a strong first degree.  Many institutions prefer to see a GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Courses will included advanced nursing practice, applied biological sciences, evaluating interventions, services and policy in health care, principles and process of comprehensive systematic review, professional development for clinical leadership, and a dissertation.

Online Nursing Degree Career Outlook

The outlook for any type of nursing degree is very promising.  Positions for Registered Nurses are expected to increase dramatically and the growth in employment is anticipated to be around 22% by 2018.  The median annual wage has been around $62,000.  This type of career is very exciting and can be paced at any level the nurse is comfortable with.  Nurses who love a fast-paced environment will enjoy working in emergency rooms and intensive care units, while those looking for a slower paced, more family oriented environment might prefer a family practice setting.

Earning a degree online could be the best way to complete a nursing degree.  It is extremely convenient because courses can be taken at the student’s own pace.  This allows students to continue earning money in their current fields while they explore the many exciting opportunities nursing has to offer. Studying online is also a great way for students to spend less money on college programs, while still reaping all the benefits of earning a degree.  If nursing is something you’ve been considering, but the idea of attending a large university doesn’t fit your circumstances, consider applying to earn an online nursing degree.

Online MBA Degree

Earning an online MBA degree is an easy way to improve career choices and income.  It’s never been easier to earn a degree than it is today with opportunities to do so online.  This helps people with busy schedules to further their education in order to secure promotions and raises.  It also means you won’t have to leave your current profession while you’re trying to go back to school to earn a master’s degree.  As soon as the degree is completed, you’ll be in the perfect position for that promotion.

What is an MBA Degree?

An MBA is a Master of Business Administration degree.  It is a degree that is completed on a graduate level.  The coursework usually includes subjects like international business, business law, statistics, customer service, and business ethics.  It is the degree of choice for entrepreneurs, financial planners, and marketing executives.  Students who graduate with this type of degree will have all the necessary leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills to become managers in their desired field.

Online MBA Degree Duration

Obtaining an MBA degree online usually takes an additional two years of post-graduate study.  Therefore, if the student already has a bachelor’s degree, the program can be completed within two years.  Students who do not already have a bachelor’s degree will need to put in a few more years of study before they will be able to graduate with an MBA.  A benefit to online study is that the program can be accelerated or decelerated as needed.

Career Opportunities with an Online MBA Degree

The career opportunities available with an MBA are endless.  Students should enter the field the interests them most by studying those types of classes while they are in school.  Graduates can enter fields such as accounting, financial planning, human resources, international business, marketing, management, and many more.  Students can even pursue careers in the nonprofit sector if they find that to be of interest.  The average salary of graduates with this type of degree is around $65,000 per year.

Top Schools for an Online MBA Degree

When selecting an online institution to secure a graduate degree, students should make sure they choose a reputable school that is accredited.  One of the most preferred schools among students is the Colorado Technical University.  They offer programs on an accelerated or decelerated level in order to be as flexible as students need.  Liberty University Online offers more than 40 degrees to online students.  It is well loved for its Christian perspective and affordability.  Regis University Online is another institution that is very flexible.

Online MBA Degree Career Outlook

Because of the wide variety of careers available with an MBA degree, graduates need not worry overmuch about the job outlook.  They are usually able to find many different careers in their industry upon graduation.  Additionally, for students earning an MBA in finance, healthcare, human resources, and marketing, the prospects are greatly increased as those markets continue to explode with new positions.  When earning an online MBA degree, students are encouraged to check into the outlook of their chosen field.

An online MBA degree can help students change their stars.  It is the best way to position yourself to earn a raise or a promotion.  It is also perfect for people who want to enter a new career altogether.  Studying online makes completing a graduate degree easier to fit into any type of schedule, so there is no longer a reason to put off going back to school.  Signing up now is the first step to moving forward on completing the dream you’ve always had.

Online Math Degree

Many people do not think they can parlay an interest in math into a career choice, but that is not at all true.  With an online math degree at the associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s level, many opportunities are available.  Furthermore, getting one or more of these degrees online is completely advantageous to all different types of people.  You can set a pace with which you are comfortable, which is a huge draw for many; online degree programs also provide the opportunity to take classes only when individuals are sure they have the time to devote to studying.

Online Math Degree Duration

To receive an associate’s degree in mathematics, it will take about two years, give or take.  Likewise, a bachelor’s degree in this field will ordinarily take four years, but may take more or less time depending on how much time a student can devote to credit hours each semester.  Similarly, a master’s degree typically takes two years but may sometimes take another semester or two.  In any case, receiving an online math degree allows students to set up a course schedule that works best for them.

Math Associates Course Information

The idea behind this online math degree is to provide students with solid foundations in their chosen field.  An associate’s degree in mathematics offers strong skills and a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge designed to help students in future job markets.  Typical courses required for an associate’s degree include analytic geometry, calculus, and classes revolving around algebra.  Students may also take courses surrounding the study of statistics, as well as differential equations and finite mathematics, among any number of others.

Math Bachelor Course Information

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics is designed to prove that a student is able to analyze any data given to him or her; it also sharpens abstract and analytical thinking and the ability to reason, deduce, and provide solutions to problems.  As such, a number of core classes are required, such as general physics, abstract algebra, and generally a history of math as well.  Other core classes include elementary linear algebra, intermediate analysis, and even the fundamentals of programming, as well as classes related to a student’s specific interests.

Math Masters Course Information

With a master’s degree in math, students are able to learn more advanced theories, techniques, and so on.  At this stage, many students also learn subjects related to computer programming.  Regardless, even for an online degree in mathematics that is this advanced, certain courses are typically required, beginning with an introduction to combinatorics, algorithms, and linear programming.  Methods of applied statistics, complex variables, and symbolic algebra may be required as well, and students are always encouraged to take electives based on their interests.

Online Math Degree Career Outlook

There are a number of possible careers associated with an online math degree.  An individual might choose to be an actuary, and can then earn between $62,020-$119,110 each year; a budget analyst, with an average earning potential of $65,320; or a financial manager, which averages approximately $99,330 per year.  Other popular professions include computer programmers, cost estimators, and market research analysts.  On the average, these positions have the potential to earn $69,620, $56,510, and $62,580 per year, respectively.

It takes hard work, dedication, and a love of numbers to go after an online math degree, but the results are more than worth the efforts.  Online schooling provides such excellent opportunities, not in the least because students can work at the pace they set.  This unquestionably allows them to spend more time and effort on their ultimate success.

Online Marketing Degree

An online marketing degree is an excellent broad ranged degree that will benefit students interested in a variety of fields.  From marketing consultants to high-powered advertising executives, the degree can take a student almost anywhere.  In addition to breaking into a fun and exciting field of employment, the pay is very nice as well.  Earning the degree is much easier by attending online courses.

Online Marketing Degree Duration

Earning a marketing degree online typically takes one to two years.  If the student is working towards a bachelor’s degree, they will need to spend around three or four years of study.  A master’s degree means an additional year or two of postgraduate study.  Earning the degree online makes it possible to work at the student’s own pace, which often means the courses can be accelerated and the student can graduate much earlier.  However, it also means students can take a bit longer if necessary.

Marketing Associates Course Information

The fundamental courses required for a marketing degree are science, statistics, economics, psychology, consumer behavior, and brand management.  The core focus of the online marketing degree program will be advertising, accounting, market trends, trend analysis, and creativity.  This level of degree is excellent for students who want to join the marketing field at entry levels.  Students will be able to work in wholesale distribution or retail and purchase departments, and in careers such as marketing assistants, advertising coordinators, sales agents, and market surveyors.

Marketing Bachelor Course Information

When students earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing, they are able to enter the field on the managerial level.  The courses are designed to polish the student’s creative, analytical, and leadership skills.  Classes will focus on teaching students to present products and services in the market, making them proficient at running marketing and advertising campaigns, and teaching them to decide prices and adapt to market trends and fluctuations.  Typical classes include personal selling and customer focus, consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing strategies, marketing management, and strategic planning.

Marketing Masters Course Information

Students working on obtaining a master’s online marketing degree will be poised for earning higher salaries and receiving promotions.  Courses include strategic implementation and planning, leadership and ethics for managers, financial management, economics, and customer relationship.  When the degree is complete, students will be able to apply top management skills and advanced marketing techniques to real world situations.  They will also be prepared with the knowledge necessary to launch any product or service with a successful marketing campaign.

Online Marketing Degree Career Outlook

Career opportunities for marketing professionals will continue to increase throughout the next ten years.  This is because as new businesses continue to open, marketing professionals will be essential in their success.  Annual salaries for entry level marketing professionals average around $40,000 with the top end being around $65,000. Average salaries for higher-level professionals are around $100,000 per year, with the top ten percent earning around $200,000.  This range depends largely on the level of degree received, with the highest salaries being offered to those graduates with master’s degrees.

Earning a degree online is easy and convenient.  With the proper self-discipline to continue taking classes at the best pace for the student, a degree can be earned without having to quit working to go to school.  Any student will benefit from the variety of careers opened up by obtaining an online marketing degree.