Online Computer Forensics Degree – Be a Modern Colombo

Did you ever used to watch cool mystery shows like Matlock, Murder She Wrote or Colombo? I used to love them. I would follow along with great intent and put together the pieces in my mind. The music would often help me make correct assumptions about who had committed the crime. I carried that interest in to board games like Clue or Who Done It. It was wonderfully satisfying to see the mistakes the criminal had left behind to help me solve the puzzle and return balance to the force so to speak.

Now days, crimes can be much more sophisticated with the help of technology. Computer hackers and crimes are so hidden to most people. A fraudulent bank transaction is nothing like coming home to find a body on the floor. It’s often undetectable. Does it intrigue you to solve crimes like this? If you like Colombo, Sneakers or MacGyver an online computer forensics degree may just be right up your ally.

I don’t know why detective shows keep popping into my head, but here’s another one. I remember an episode of 24 where Martin O’Brien, Chloe’s ex-husband was working at CTU (the L.A. branch of the government’s Counter Terrorism Unit). A bit of corrupted data was found on a computer or chip recovered by a field team. It looked fried to most of the team, but Martin took everyone to task. He had known a hacker that reconstructed data from small fragments. He got the program from him and began running it. Slowly it started to piece itself together and soon the image and contact information of an individual showed up giving CTU direction and one step closer to preventing the present threat of a terrorist attack.

I thought that was my last story, but another one just came to mind. If you have seen the TV show NCIS you know that there’s a quirky little lab girl that is a whiz with computers. I don’t recall her name because I’ve only caught bits and pieces of the show here and there. But anyway, every time I’ve seen it, she is always able to help solve a crime because of her computer whizability. It’s truly fascinating to see someone use technology to put together the pieces of a puzzle.

It’s not my intent to steer you towards an online degree in computer forensics if you are moving towards a different direction, but rather to give you some excitement for the degree if you haven’t formally considered it yet as a possibility. Give it a shot if it sounds like something you’d like to do. If you would like more information about this degree take a few moments to fill out the form on this site. We’ll connect you with some of the best online schools that can help you make your selection about what’s best for you. Good luck.

Online Computer Forensics Degree

An online computer forensics degree is in very high demand as the field is relatively new and is growing at a very fast rate.  A forensic specialist uses this investigative technique to gather data and analyze it for use as evidence in a court case or to help law enforcement professionals complete an investigation.  The field itself is very exciting and many opportunities for a rewarding and satisfying career are available.  Earning a degree online is the best way to break into this promising field without having to change your schedule around.

Online Computer Forensics Degree Duration

Degrees in computer forensics are very similar to many other degree programs in that they can be done on at the associates, bachelor’s, and master’s level.  Completing an associate’s degree online can take anywhere from 18 months to 2 years.  A bachelor’s typically takes between 3 and 4 years, and a master’s will take up to 6 years to complete.  Students with a very aggressive class schedule can take an accelerated plan and graduate a bit earlier in order to break into the job market quicker.

Computer Forensics Associates Course Information

Colleges will require a set of basic courses in addition to a few computer forensics classes in order to complete an associate’s degree.  Computer forensics classes usually include network security, introduction to computer forensics, data modeling, light programming, network management, and operating systems security.  Many entry-level careers can be obtained with an associate’s degree.  Those include computer systems technicians who work with law enforcement and security system monitors.

Computer Forensics Bachelor Course Information

Courses in the bachelor program of an online computer forensics degree usually include case studies, crime scene investigation techniques, network surveillance software use, detection of an intrusion and response techniques, securing a network, collection, documentation, and preservation of evidence, encryption techniques, hard drive imaging, and many more.  These courses are designed to give the graduate a better understanding of crime investigations as well as network security.

Computer Forensics Masters Course Information

Those seeking a master’s degree in computer forensics will find classes available in programming, computer networking, operating systems including LINUX, in addition to advanced classes for forensic analysis of evidence.  This type of degree will make it easy to secure positions with the Department of Homeland Security, consulting agencies, and government agencies.  Specific certifications may also be required for certain careers, and the master’s degree program will prepare the student for those examinations.

Online Computer Forensics Degree Career Outlook

The field of computer forensics is expected to grow substantially in the next ten years, but graduates should be prepared for competition.  Because this field is a bit new, there are many students planning to secure positions within it.  Getting an online computer forensics degree now will help to keep you ahead of the competition.  Students should also be sure to focus on keeping a high grade point average to separate themselves from everyone else.

If a career fighting cyber-crime sounds exciting to you, computer forensics is the field to be in.  Graduates will also be prepared to aid in criminal investigations by tracking, locating, and extracting digital information that will lead to the conviction of known criminals.  Do not wait any longer to pursue an exciting career.  It will be easy to succeed with an online computer forensics degree that will work around your schedule.