If you are still in high school and looking to get into a “good” college, then you know that it is difficult and often expensive. The application process alone can cost hundreds of dollars per school, and if you aren’t accepted, then that is a lot of wasted money. The good news about online colleges is that they are often more eager to take a chance on students with a less than stellar grade point average, and you can still get the same education as your friends who have to sit in a classroom all day.

That being said, colleges offering online degrees still require you to apply, pay an application fee, and have the grades to get in – but the standards are not usually as high. Part of the reason for this is that there is an almost limitless number of students that can go to school online, whereas at a school, there are issues such as parking and classroom space to worry about.

If you are looking at colleges offering online degrees, you should first look for the degree. Because you won’t actually be attending a classroom or going to campus, the actual prestige and experience of being on a big campus won’t matter so much to you. What is important, though, is getting the education that you are paying for. So, take the time to do your research and find a program that really excites you.

Not all colleges offering online degrees will accept transfer credits, so if you have already taken some classes at a university in person or online, you should first check to make sure they are transferrable before enrolling at any school. That being said, if your school is fully accredited, the transfer process is usually fairly easy with the assistance of a guidance counselor.

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