There are essentially two different types of colleges online – accredited ones and those that aren’t. Knowing what you are getting yourself into is vital if you are ever going to use your diploma for anything more than posting on your office wall.

Online degrees from accredited colleges carry exactly the same weight that a traditional degree would, and there is no differentiating the means by which you took your classes when you get your degree. Your diploma and your transcript don’t say anything about whether you took your classes online or not, so you don’t have to worry about that hurting your reputation.

What will hurt your reputation is if your employer finds out that your degree is from an unaccredited college. These colleges, often known as “diploma mills” sometimes don’t exist at all and are just one person, sitting in a bedroom, churning out diplomas on their personal printer. When you pay for a diploma from an unaccredited college, that is all you are getting.

Although it is easy and quick to get a degree from an unaccredited college, it is worth putting in the time and money get pursue online degrees from accredited colleges. When you walk away with a diploma from a legitimate institution of higher learning, you also walk away with an education and not just a piece of paper saying you graduated.

Finally, online degrees from accredited colleges are fully transferrable to any other institution and will never stand in your way should you want to use your degree to get a teaching credential or any other kind of specialized credential. This is a fully legitimate method of education and one that you should be proud of. Once you take your first online course, you will see that you are putting in as much work, if not more, than you would in a normal classroom.

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