If your idea of taking online classes for college is just logging in at the end of the semester and turning in a paper, you are way off base! Online learning is much different than that, and it is not at all easier than taking a traditional class in person. You are not getting off easy by taking an online class, but there are certainly some big advantages.

1.    The most obvious advantage of online classes for college is that you don’t have to attend class at a particular time and place. You will, however, have to check in online on a regular basis, and this will be recorded by your instructor. Every time you log in, every comment you make, and every submission you send in will be documented.

2.    Although online learning seems like a lonely place, it is not. Many classes now require you to do collaborative learning projects. When you are dealing with people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world, this can be quite an interesting thing to deal with, but it is a way that many institutions use to ensure that everyone is engaged in the learning process.

3.    Some people are tempted to take too many classes when they are attending online classes for college, thinking that they are somehow easier or require less work than a regular class. Online classes can be difficult, and it is not at all unusual for online students to have to complete far more assignments than traditional students.

All in all, online classes are an incredible opportunity for people with restricted schedules, family commitments, or no access to a college program near them. Many students choose online classes not because they have to, but because they actually prefer them to going to class in person.

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