(Continued from Part 1 of How to Memorize Any List of Words)

As you begin your homework you notice a sledge hammer above your head. It’s the kind that one finds at an amusement park. Whack a target and watch your toughness thermometer rise. It occurs to you that this hammer represents the malice you felt when called away from your lovely gigantic cupcake. Just as quickly as you recognize what it is you see it poof into a cloud of dust and blow away. You no longer needed to hold any malice if your homework was going to be this exciting.

The wonders of math stream from the textbook’s golden rays directly into your brain. You can almost taste the glorious concepts it’s so tangible. You never knew math could be so amazingly fun. Just you feel something vibrate against your leg. Your cell phone! Someone’s calling you, so you reach into your pocket to pull the phone out of your pocket and something doesn’t seem right. The phone seems to be slippery, hard to grab. With a ruffled brow you look down at your phone, but it was a stick of butter vibrating. It still is. So you hold the greasy receiver up to your ear and answer with, “Thanks for calling my cell…er stick of butter rather…how can I help you?” You are pleased to hear the gingerbread man’s high pitched candy man voice. He proceeds to tell you that he spoke with your mother and worked his gingerbread magic. “She says you better get started on this cupcake if it’s ever to look like a pilgrim.”

“Awesome!” you exclaim, “I’m on my way down.”

“No need,” he replies and you see his head pop up from above the edge of your deroofed room. He smiles that big gingerbread smile as he reaches in to your room, closing the math textbook and lays down his hand for you to climb upon.

The day passes and you find yourself reflecting on the singularity of it all. Lying there in bed all the images of the day pass through your head, the large orange package, the gingerbread deliveryman & the cupcake. You smile as you recall your fantasy unfolding like a classroom map. Eating a pilgrim out of that huge thing? Too fun! You gloat at the thought of how fun math was from the special textbook. You’re happy that your mallet of malice dissolved and you can’t help but chuckle that your cell phone turned out to be a stick of butter. All of today’s events blend together in a symbol of your gratitude – the setting sun – that warms you as you fall asleep.

Brilliant! I’m sure you will remember that list of words without much effort. The same thing can be done with lists of 20 or more. World record holder Dave Farrow says the key to memorization is to pick images that will trigger memory. Each brain has at least one of five natural triggers: action, exaggeration, oddity, personal and fantastical. Using what works best for you will give your memory the ability to take leaps and bounds. The odd associations and vivid pictures you create will speak to the right side of your brain, tap into your emotions and help you remember words and concepts better.

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