I want to teach you a fun way to remember groups of words such as grocery lists or sets of vocabulary words. The underlying principle here is that the mind works in pictures, so a really good way to remember a group of words is to associate them with a picture in your mind. And just so you know the more outrageous the better. 🙂

Take this list of 10 words: package, gingerbread man, cupcake, fantasy, pilgrim, textbook, malice, cell phone, butter stick, gratitude. Now, as I give you an image to associate with each word I want you to close your eyes and picture it before moving onto the next one. It may help to have another person read it to you. Ready? Alright, here we go.

Picture a large orange package that is sitting in your front yard. I’m talking a package so big that you wonder if there’s not another house in it. Just as you’re puzzling over how it got there and what’s in it you see a giant gingerbread man step out from behind the box. He smiles at you and waves. Wow! Weird! “Well?” he says, “aren’t you going to open it? This is all too strange to ask questions, so you take the rope he is extending to you and give it hard tug. Instantly, the sides of the large package fall to the ground revealing on large cupcake. Your favorite! The, as if a movie real opened up in the sky you see your childhood fantasy unfold before you. It’s of you eating away at a giant cupcake until it resembles the face of a pilgrim. Sure it’s odd, but what fantasy doesn’t have a tinge of oddity in it?

You smile with excitement, but just then the fantasy rolls up like a wall map in the classroom as you hear your mother call you to come do your homework. Sadly, you wave goodbye to the gingerbread man & his wonderfully intuitive present. Shoulders slumped you head upstairs to your bedroom to do your math assignment. When you open your door, to your surprise, the roof that once kept you dry on rainy nights was no longer there. In the space that opened your bedroom to the outside world floated a glowing math textbook. From its opened pages stream banner of golden light & somersaulting numbers, graphs and shapes. Perhaps you brought the wrong textbook home, but either way, homework tonight definitely won’t be dull, that’s for sure!

Continued in Part 2 of How to Memorize Any List of Words.

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