What if you could remember everything you studied? What if your memory were impervious to flaw and stronger than steel? Well, as a student you’d like that wouldn’t you? If behooves the prospective student to pay mind to how well their memory works. Filling that bucket in your head is only helpful if you make sure there are no holes through which the water of knowledge can flow out. Thankfully there are some time tested ways to plug any holes in that memory of yours & help you retain all that you soak up through study.

How, I’ve presented you with an analogy: The brain is like a bucket & the holes in the bucket are those things that keep up from remembering. So to begin with, let’s talk about some things that inhibit necessary components in the brain from helping us to remember. In a broad sense, anything that restricts blood flow to the brain can poke a hole in that bucket of your memory. This is because the brain uses the oxygen it gets from the blood throughout the day to perform thousands of functions. Some other things that inhibit brain functionality, according to Laureli Blyth psychotherapist & author of BrainPower, include smoking, drugs, stress, depression, strokes, unchallenging environments & traumatic physical accidents. Each of these events can block brain chemicals from being created, from properly taking in information from the world, from filling up the memory bucket & then retrieving those precious drops of information when they are needed.

Next, anything that we do to build new brain connections gives us a greater store of experience with which to attach those things we are learning in the classroom. Therefore, learning a new skill, participating in physical activity or even reading an engaging book can help you lay down new connections & prepare you for maximizing your studies. As a student, remember that your ability to remember inside the classroom is connected to your activities outside.

Another hole that many of us need to plug up is the hole of too little sleep. Dr Daniel Amen, author of the bestselling book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life & the new audio lectures on addiction called Unchain Your Brain, says that we sleep less on average than those of our recent past. We have dropped from about 8 hours of sleep on average to about 6 hours a night. Sleep is important. While we don’t understand everything that goes on during while we slumber, we do know that memory ability decreases as sleep does. This is partially due to the lower amount of oxygen the brain receives when it has less rest & partially due to the believed function of the sleeping brain to arrange & code the events of the day into deeper memory.

Let’s not forget food! The body has an amazing ability to take nutrients from the food we eat & make up to a degree when it doesn’t find it therein. However, when we don’t supply our brain with the necessary nutrients it runs deficient in the chemicals needed for memory to function properly. Your brain works better when you feed it a daily intake of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. A diet rich in veggies, fruits, nuts, fish & seeds along with a good whole food-based vitamin & mineral supplement can do great things for your brain (consult your doctor before beginning any supplementation program). You can have a hair mineral analysis to determine what vitamins & minerals your body is lacking.

Lastly, exercise, like nothing else produces positive effects in the brain. It does so by increasing blood flow & thus oxygen to the brain. It also increases our sense of well being because of the natural feel-good chemicals it releases in the brain called endorphins.

To summarize: exercise, eat well, sleep close to 8 hours & don’t do drugs. Sounds an awfully like the same old health advice, right? Well, as it turns out, there’s a reason for that. Our bodies & minds are connected. What we do to one affects the other. These basic & broad strategies keep our bucket “holeless” so our studies can stick in our memory without leaking out. Do these things & enjoy learning outside of school work & your memory will thank you. For specific memory tricks see _________ or _________.

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