Think & Grow Rich is a manual for success in life. Of course there is a strong need for business students everywhere to feast on its powerful mindset building teachings, but there is also a need for all students to not only read, but to work to understand & put into practice that which Napoleon Hill,  the book’s author, learned about achieving one’s dreams. This understanding arose from the interviewing and detailed observation of thousands of successful people in all careers & fields of endeavor. How would your life be different if you woke up each morning n& felt a burning drive to service others with the best within you? How would it be different if you were able to think up a plan, stick with it & love every minute of the ride towards that destination?

While no single article can capture the power contained in that book, let me give you several beneficial truths I gained from reading it. My intention is to get you to think about how you think & to give more attention to choosing your thoughts instead of thinking whatever comes to your mind.

Our minds are like gardens, we can plant there what we will, but if we don’t tend to the weeding & watering, those wonderful watermelons and tasty tomatoes will struggle, suffer & die. And, on top of that, if we don’t plant good things there, the space will naturally grow up whatever seeds are blown on the wind, which tends to be weeds. I’ve yet to see a whole variety of vegetables and edible plants blow their way into my garden, plant themselves, in rows and plump up just for me to pick and eat. Such a bounteous feast takes intentional design, preparation & persistence.

In Think & Grow Rich you’ll learn about the power that comes with having a definite purpose in life. Why are you going to school? Often college students arrive in the classroom because of the expectations of their parents. Ask 100 college freshmen what they want to do with their lives and chances are a good portion of them will say “I don’t know. I’m just taking generals right now and have to still decide.” If this is your situation, make finding out your number one priority. This question should consume your thoughts and your spare time until you have an answer that burns within your chest. Without this definite purpose you, like the weeds that so often find themselves in the garden, will find yourself blown with the wind. And you may not like where you end up. Mapping out exactly where you want to go is essential if you are to ever to get there. As the Cheshire Cat in Wonderland said to Alice when she didn’t know where she wanted to end up, “Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.” Step one in success in life as well as the classroom is making the decision of where you want go.

The next principle that spoke powerfully to my soul is that principle of autosuggestion. This idea is probably something you’ve heard of before. Many speak of affirmations and these are part of autosuggestion, but there’s more. If you’ve read James Allen’s classic little thought provoking book As a Man Thinketh, you’ll get an idea of what autosuggestion is. At the core of it is this: the dominant thoughts you think & feelings you feel will eventually begin to create them in a physical form. We first create things spiritually – in the heart & mind – & then they seek expression physically.

Lastly, Hill talks about the power of persistence and faith. Thomas Edison was known for having tried thousands of different materials to light up a light bulb. Where would we be without the simple convenience of a light bulb? And all because of the vision of a man, his faith that it would come about if he simply worked at it until it happened – persistence.

If you are entering college and have yet to decide where you’re going, get Think & Grow Rich right now and eat it up! Trust me; it will be well worth your time.

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