I want to give you some of the speed reading techniques & reasons for using them that I learned from the Evelyn Wood 7 Day Speed Reading & Learning Program. This will immediately bring you a 50% increase in reading speed without even learning how to use them effectively. Shall we begin?

First of all you need to set your environment up so as to have optimal conditions for learning & reading. They will probably seem elemental & all too easy, but that’s the kicker, because they are such simple things they are so easy not to do and thus many never reach their potential with reading & learning. However, it’s through small and simple things that great things come about. You may find yourself rationalizing away the need for these things, but just try them out a week and make note of your progress.

Now with that little moral speech, here’s what you need to do to make your environment conducive to learning. Get yourself a firm, yet comfortable chair. You don’t want to read lying down or on a sofa. Next, have a solid desk on which you can take notes and place your book. You’ll also want to make sure you can focus in your area, so creating a quiet place is often best for people. Some find some background music helpful for concentration. Typically music without words is best, since you will be focusing on the words on the printed page, but try some different things out, find what works best for you.

It’s also good to have created a time in which your study won’t be interrupted. Interruptions have been found to significantly detract from one’s ability to reengage with material for most people. So, if you have obligations that need to be taken care of before reading, do so.  Put your phone on silent. Tell others you’d appreciate not to be disturbed. A sign on the door for this purpose can help remind them. Failure of students to create an atmosphere conducive to reading is often the single largest problem, but the easiest to remedy.

Now, as you read, move your fingers across the words you are reading, letting your eyes trail just behind your finger. Your speed at first should simply be comfortable. What you’re doing here is breaking a common habit called regression. This is where the eyes dart back to previous words to confirm that they understood. While awkward at first trust your mind to pick up on the overall concept of what you’re reading, even when your conscious mind doesn’t understand immediately. Breaking this one habit alone will give you much more ability to rise to great heights with your reading and comprehension. We often mentally check out while reading because we’re reading the same thing over and over again.

Thirdly, you’re used to reading each and every word on a page, after all, that’s how you learned to read, one word at a time. Great reading requires that you don’t. Not read every word!?! Well, hold your horses, that’s the end, but we’re just barely at the beginning. Start by trying to take in groups of words, say 2 or 3 at a time. Eventually when you reach the point of what’s called Mental Soaring, you’ll quite naturally drop the unnecessary baggage of filler words such as “of, and & like”. This allows you take off and fly to much greater reading heights.

So, prepare your reading space so you can concentrate, use your finger to pace your reading and prevent regression & finally take in more than one word at t a time and you’ll be on your way to better reading in no time.

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