When I was in grade school I thought that I was dumb, well at least part of the time. I had a mathteacher that held me back. I would take much longer than other students on the timed standardized tests. As it turns out, I simply was getting bored quickly as I read the story problems. My mind would wander. I’t’s no wonder, I was reading at the very slow rate of 100 words per minute or less. The mind can’t help but say, “get on with it!” at that speed, especially if you are a student with ADD, as I was.

The mind is truly an amazingly capable structure. Those who relearn reading skills are amazed that they can reach reading speeds in excess of 1000 words per minute. To give you an idea of what that means in practical terms. If I were to read Animal Farm, a 128 page book with about total 39,000 words it would take me 6.5 hours at my childhood reading rate (I increased that rate slightly over time), but only 39 minutes at 1000 words per minute. Could you imagine reading 10 books in the time it could have taken you to read just one? But that’s just the beginning of the fun affects of learning to speed read.

Not only does speed increase with proper speed reading techniques, but comprehension also increases. Some people have even reported “seeing” the story unfold in their head like a movie on the screen. Amazing, isn’t it!

Reading at a quicker pace, if done properly, can improve concentration & attention span. Memory also has been seen to increase along with overall learning capacity. Those who take the uncomfortable journey of learning to read in a way different than they were taught at home or in grade school will also see a general excitement for learning.

Learning to speed read can give you many more rewards than simply completing a book in 40 minutes. It can give you a passion for learning & life that you never thought you had.

For those of you doubters out there I want to recall some of my own hesitations when I first heard some of the things that I’ve been telling you. My initial thought when I heard this was that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy reading because I’d be missing too much reading that fast. And that would be true if I were to try to read how I always had been, but not true with some simple techniques that speed readers employ with great skill. In fact, many find reading more enjoyable because they take in more.

Well, if I haven’t yet convinced you to give speed reading a try perhaps it’s not for you, but really, what have you got to lose? If you spend a couple weeks learning some basic skills you may just find that speed reading is everything I’ve said it is and more. If you’re interested, start with a simple Speed Reading Test to get an idea of your average reading rate.

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