You’re probably not a programmer, but you most likely have spent a day or two in front of a computer screen. Am I right? Well, there’s something magical that happens when you do something like that. It doesn’t take all day. Sometimes it only takes an hour to see the magic. You are pretty sure that there is no welding or gluing going on, but for some reason you are STUCK in front of the computer and you can’t get away. You think to yourself, “I am hungry, I should go get something to eat,” or “I should go for a walk or something.” Sometimes you don’t even think about anything, but what’s on the screen in front of you. Well, that’s the magic, you’re in front of the computer and it’s as if you were brain washed and no exterior task or concern can enter in. You may like this comatose state, but here are a couple thoughts for online college students who want to take away a bit of the magic of which I spoke.

Do you like to talk? Well, one offline solution for online college students is to get some voice to text software and start talking out their papers and ideas while they walk around the room. You may feel a bit like Captain Kirk from Star Trek for a bit at first (I personally hope if you do this, that the feeling never wears off, it’s pretty cool) but you will get used to it and it will give you a break from looking at the screen for so long.

Close your eyes. I am writing most of this article with my eyes closed. Of course this is problem if you have yet learned to type well enough, but I have noticed that my ideas flow a little bit quicker when I type with my eyes closed. I believe that one reason this is so is because I tend to correct my spelling as I go along, but if my eyes are closed or I am looking at a book while I type then I can write faster and go back to edit when I am complete, making a much better use of my time.

Don’t ya just love reading ebooks? Yeah, if you’re like me you love it until you hit that glazed and magical state, then you’d fair well if you were down by the river with a book format instead. One idea for articles and shorter books is to print them off so you CAN go down by the river to read them. Another benefit to this is that you kill trees…uh, just kidding, just seeing if you’re still reading this. Another benefit to printing out your material to read away from the computer is that you can mark them up, pose questions, highlight, etc. I know some programs let you do this with your online text, but you can’t really lay out all the pages and compare sections like you can with paper. And if you’re still bothered by the environmental impact, plant a tree in your yard for each year you’re at school to feel better. It’ll be a great memory of all the hard work you did.

So there ya have it, some offline tips for online college students. Good luck in dodging the zombie magic of the internet and computer screens!

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