Have you ever found the coolest website, told all your friends how wonderful it was only to remember where you found the site? It’s like forgetting the punch line of a joke. It turns into one of those “I guess you had to be there” moments. Well, this may be fine if it was just a funny video, but when you have more at stake it’s not good to have lost your list of best sites. Let me share with you a web tool that can help you while you attend your online university.

You probably use or have used your browser’s built in bookmarking ability. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera…whatever browser you use, you’ll find this feature. What happens though if you are using a school computer or your browser crashes and whips out all that you’ve saved? Well then, there’s a great internet based bookmarking website that has just the answer. It even adds some features that are a step up from what you may be used to. This web-based bookmark tool is called Delicious.

Found at Delicious.com you can set up an account in as little as 5 minutes. Once you do, if you have been using your own browser to bookmark sites, Delicious will let you import those to be accessed from any computer that has internet access.

One of the cool things about Delicious is that it lets you set a bookmark’s privacy to public or private. Making a certain group of bookmarks public allows you to easily send your classmates a link where they can see your list. You may even talk to some students or your professor and set up a class account where everyone can add bookmarks that they find helpful. You may also use an account for a group project. When anyone finds website that needs to be researched they can add it to a research list.

One way that Delicious lets you organize your bookmarks is through the use of tags. When you bookmark a website you can add any number of tags to help you locate it later. It’s good to sit down and brainstorm a list of possible tags and how you’re going to use them. This can act as a guide for finding sites later. This doesn’t matter if your list remains small, but if you become an avid bookmarker or have to collaborate in a group, it helps to agree on a tagging convention.

If you are using your own computer you can download a plugin to your browser that makes bookmarking site you find easy. You simply click on a tag logo, a window pops up, you fill in some information, and viola.

Delicious isn’t the only social bookmarking site out there. You can also find similar features at reddit.com or diigo.com. If you already have an account at one of these sites, you may wish to just use it. You may however wish to create a separate account to not mix personal and school bookmarks, though most sites have a way for you to keep them separate, usually via tags or folders. Privacy settings are also typically available on a folder or individual bookmark level.

Try out Delicious and enhance your online university experience. Good luck!

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