We all have a hodgepodge of habits that we picked up somewhere along the line. They may have come from our parents, grade school teachers, fellow students or friends. Some of them serve us very well, while others are more of a hindrance to where we’d like to go. Here are some study tips that can help you be more successful in your online college classes.

Measure Progress. I once heard someone say that those behaviors that we measure we improve. Take for example my flute lessons as a child. It wasn’t much, but when I wrote down the time I started & stopped practicing, what I practiced during that time and a little bit about how I improved, I noticed that I was getting better quicker. It was just as simple as that. My teacher even noticed the difference. The power in this skill is what self observation can do. When we are not self-aware it’s easy to skip important actions that help us improve and it’s also extremely common to people to misestimate just how much they are really doing when they report on their progress via memory. Writing helps us keep from overestimating the amount of time we spent on a given task.

Reward Accomplishments. One reason that goal setting becomes such a drag to some is because their internal reward system isn’t quite what others’ is. Some get a great deal of satisfaction in completing tasks and accomplishing what they set out to do, while others of us benefit from a little more external push. When you set out to write a paper and you’ve got it scheduled over the course of three days, take time when you’ve completed it to smile, go for a walk, and breathe in the goal accomplished. Eat a candy bar or piece of pie. This last technique only usually helps if you haven’t been eating pie and candy bars the whole time while you were doing the paper. 🙂

Take Restful Breaks. I know because I’ve done it before that working without taking breaks can take its toll. There is something that can happen when you get focused in on a task. It’s almost as if time stops and you tune everything else out. If you are on a computer you may start to slouch and tighten up after looking at the screen for so long. You get tense and may even breathe more shallowly. It only takes 5 minutes to walk around, stretch, and get some sunshine to reconnect with the world at large. Coming up for breaths every once in a while keeps you from getting cabin fever as if you were on a submarine for a month. You may also just lay on your back, meditate and take some deep breaths. This is a good restful way to break up your study blogs. Take a break at least once an hour, more if you need it, like every thirty.

There are many more ideas to help you study more successfully for your online college classes, but I hope these few give you a good start. Good luck!

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