Everyone wants to be successful in their online university classes. Here are 4 tips to help you develop stronger study habits. I hope they help you like they’ve helped me.

Begin Your Day with Peace. Before I jump into emails, assignments, etc. I like start my day with some personal study that helps bring a sense of overall purpose to my mind. This gives me motivation and excitement to get into my days tasks and stay committed to them. Some people start their days with scriptures or other short devotional. Some spend a bit in meditation or a jog. Whatever you do to clear your head and get focused can help. I wouldn’t suggest beginning your day with a coffee or cigarette, both restrict blood flow to the brain limiting the amount of oxygen your brain gets which can be horrible for focus, concentration and memory.

Work during Energy Peaks. Personally I have noticed that if I get to bed about 10:00 PM and wake at 5:30 I am able to work for several hours before my energy begins to dip. I am productive in those quiet morning hours if I have enough sleep. If I were to keep on working I notice that my energy starts to dip around 11 or noon. It’s then that I don’t try to for myself to continue studying, but take a break to run or otherwise exercise, eat and then get back to my day. Another quick trick is to take a 15-20 minute power nap when you feel your energy dip. It has helped me to regain the focus needed to effectively study. A 5-10 minute walk may do similar things for you.

Create a Set Study Time. When you plan out your week, create set times to study. This does a couple things. One, it helps you prepare and get in study mode when that time comes and it provides structure to your day. Structure is one of the most effective things you can do for good study. It removes a great degree of uncertainty and stress and can help you be calm when you get into study. Some say they work best under pressure, but it’s typically not true. When the mind is stressed it is more likely to skip over simple, but important elements in your work.

Create a Daily Routine. You will do well to go a step beyond planning which block of time you are going to be using for study to create what you will be doing during that time. I like to call this my dailies, the tasks that I will do daily to help propel me towards my destination. It’s small and simple things that bring about great things, like graduation and A’s. During the time you’ve set aside you can begin with reviewing notes from your online college class for 15 minutes. Then jump into reading for a couple hours. Break up your time into 30 or 45 minute blocks. You’ll be less likely to get the glazed over student zombie look then. Work on your papers and assignments for 45 minutes and lastly, check in with your class online. Review additional comments on an assignment, new messages from your professor, etc. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on these administrative tasks, 15 minute should usually do.

Use these tips to help you develop stronger learning habits in your online university courses.

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