What happens to your body after you haven’t exercised in a month? Well, if you were used to some sort of exercise routine and got off it for whatever reason you may have noticed that you no longer have the same energy, tone or excitement that you once had. This feeling may similar for those who return to school after some time when they think of writing papers. Writing is a core of the educational process and many online college classes are going to require you to do it well. A teacher and other students are going to able to clearly understand your ideas if the writing you do is done well. So, what’s an online college student to do if their writing skills aren’t up to par? Well, don’t worry, there’s help.

Rule number one, when in doubt, ask. Mentioning to your professor that you would like help in writing better can yield great fruits. You may be tempted to think, if my writing were really that bad, he or she would have already directed me to a place to get help. This is may not be so. Despite how wonderful some teachers are, others are either too busy, or just don’t want to force upon students something they have no interest in. A teacher is usually happy to have a paper submitted a bit early so they can give you feedback on it. They may not be the best writer themselves, so just keep this in mind.

Rule number two, pay attention during your orientation. Most online colleges have some sort of online orientation that introduces the resources they have available. If they don’t specifically mention a writing center, inquire about it. Many have just such places where they offer help with writing style, grammar and punctuation, tone of voice and more. This is a good place to help sharpen your skills.

Rule number three, examine your own resources. As it turns out, I have family members that teach English classes and you may too. Ask around to family and friends to see who has the experience, time & desire to help you step up your skills. While some may be busy, if you have a bit of dough or something enticing enough, you may just be able to pull them away from their busy schedule to help you become a more proficient writer.

Rule number four, don’t give up. If you ask your professor and you ask your online institution and neither have what you need, take your search to Google. You’re bound to find some help if you just ask. Try something like “writing lab”. You may just find another online college that offers assistance to anyone.

Rule number five, look into local services. If the above helps yield no help at all, then you may be able to find a tutor that specializes in writing. You can check Craig’s list, your local classifieds, or even do a search for “writing tutor”. There may be someone nearby that you could meet up with or even a local service provider that helps students who need additional help.

Whether local or far away, it’s a good idea to get help if you need it. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to hone your writing skills while taking online college classes. It’s a great time to learn because you will likely have many papers and assignments you can practice on. Good luck!

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