Have you ever wondered why your Aunt Fanny goes to Jenny Craig meetings? Well, you know she is trying to lose weight, but it doesn’t seem that hard to you. Why can’t she just eat less, that’s all it takes, right? Wrong. While there are simple answers to many problems like this in life, there is also something that many don’t account for and that’s a person’s individual beliefs, thoughts & behaviors. While the answer really is to eat less of fattening things and more of healthy things, Aunt Fanny goes to meetings for the psychological support it provides and to develop a new mindset to accompany her new changes. The same goes for any new endeavor we attempt.

They say you become like the 5 people you surround yourself with. Well, not everyone that begins college finishes college. So think about creating a support team for you that can lift your thoughts to higher grounds, encourage you when you are feeling like quitting and help you develop a positive mindset around schooling.

Chances are, when you put your desire to attend an online school that not everyone that surrounds you at this point is going to respond favorably. Some people are natural downers and like to create lists of reasons why things can’t be done. If you are susceptible to the thoughts of others you may need to surround yourself with positive people who can give you the encouragement you need to jump the hurdles that you have to jump to take action on your desire. Before you share your hopes and dreams with people, make sure that you won’t be casting your pearls before swine.

You may feel alone when starting your online college journey, but be reassured that you are not alone. There are so many people who can and will support you in your efforts to obtain an education. One of the best ways you can create your support team is to communicate clearly about your needs and how things will be changing as you start to go to school. This lets people know what to expect and can create a healthy atmosphere for learning to occur.

When communicating expectations, you should know them yourself. If you don’t know how much you need to study, when you will be doing your study, etc. then how are you going to let those in your life know? At the beginning of the semester, before your classes actually begin, take some time to write down a schedule and let others know that you won’t be available during study hours. As you start to respect this boundary they too will learn to do so. It can be very beneficial to have a mutual understanding of how your time is going to be used.

Another thing you can do at the beginning of the semester is to let others know what classes you will be taking and creating a list of people that have experience and that are willing to help you in that area if you need it. This way, when the time comes, you don’t have the added stress of wondering how in the world you are ever going to get through this or that class.

One other way to have support as you travel down your online college path is to make friends with fellow students. When you are experiencing a tough time who better to share that with than those who are also going through the same thing? Find classmates that are positive about class. The last thing you want is someone to reinforce any temporary negativity you may be feeling about an online class. Find someone who is willing to listen and give you hope that it is indeed possible to pass the class.

Creating a support team to help you through your online college classes may actually be the thing that keeps you from dropping out before you finish what you start. Good luck in doing so. I know it will help!

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