Using a tutor, you may think, is for stupid people. Well, let me pose a contrary view that may just change how you think about this topic. I am sure you have heard the phrase, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” right? Well, this idea applies to those who need help in school as well. You see, some wheels are broken down, but they do not cause a commotion and therefore are less likely to be looked at and repaired. Admitting that you need help is the first step in actually getting it. Those who get help to succeed are actually the smart ones.

Alright, assuming that you have no other hang-ups about getting a tutor, where do you find one? And can you find one for the exact subject that you are looking for? Tutors come in many shapes and sizes. They are available in any area you can imagine. Those that have experience to help you are mostly available for a fee, but you may be able to talk with your online school to see if they have labs that can help you in your desired area of help. If the help you need is not that extensive you may also find someone you know who has experience in the given are.

Take some time to ask your online class instructor if he or she knows of any who can help you. They may have just the resource that you need because they most likely have had other students in the past who needed similar help.

A teacher may not have any ideas, but an online university will most likely be able to help you out. Many times colleges have student help centers or labs that can help students who are struggling in their math classes, English classes and science classes. Many times they just cover the basics, but your university may have some more advanced tutors, check to see. If they don’t have such resources they will most likely know where you can go for help.

An online school advisor may refer you to a sister service that helps students who need more help than available in their online classes. It is important for a class to keep its flow. If a teacher has to stop and help a student in great need then the rest of the class slows and can only go as fast as the slowest pupil. Classes are like freeways, when one driver is slow it slows all the traffic down. If you’re in over your head try a tutor, if it’s still too much, consider dropping the class (do this early on in the semester) and taking a class to better help you prepare and understand what’s going on.

One last word on getting a tutor for your online school classes; if you neither your teacher, nor your online university knows of anyone to help you, just do a Google search for “math tutor” or “chemistry tutor” or for whatever subject you are needing help in. Don’t give up if you are frustrated. There ARE solutions to get you help. Good luck in getting a tutor to help you in your online school success.

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