So you clicked on a button and crashed the entire school’s online system huh? Well, chances are you did nothing of the sort, but there may be some definite times you’d like to touch bases with the technical staff who support your online college courses. There’s no use in trying to take care of everything yourself if the school has put together a team to help in just such instances.

In your online school’s orientation or initial documents you may have seen a list of recourses. That list will typically include the information on how to contact your school’s technical support team. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you experience any of the following things:

  • You are kept from logging in
  • Login’s fine, but clicking on navigation or document links don’t work
  • Your chat isn’t working
  • Uploading your class work doesn’t work
  • Any part of the site you need to access doesn’t work
  • You forget or lose your password
  • It appears that someone has accessed your account

Getting an acknowledgement that someone is working on the issue can reduce your temperature a couple degrees if any of these problems begin to frustrate you.

In addition to contacting technical support let your professor know about the problem. This can help them stay aware just in case other students have the same problem. They may also change a date of an assignment if the technical problem is occurring for a groups of students. Because a problem with the system could prevent you from emailing your professor through the online college’s interface, you’ll want to have made sure to written down your professor’s email at the beginning of the course.

One thing you that may sound pretty basic, but you’re going to want to make sure of is that the technology you’re seeking help for though the online school’s support team is actually an issue with the software that are responsible for. Your word document crashing or your internet browser stopping may have nothing to do with anything they can help you with. If you’re frustrated though, they may be able to suggest some tips to fix things or at least get you pointed in the right direction.

How urgent is your need? Do you have a paper that’s due in an hour and you aren’t able to upload the paper? If this is the case, don’t take the less pressing route of emailing technical support, unless they have explicitly said they respond to every email 24 hours a day. Emailing will usually get you a response, maybe not even a resolution mind you, but a response in a day’s time. If your need is burning, put out the fire with a phone call or live chat.

Most online schools have a good system that is regularly updated and checked for bugs, but if you do experience some trouble, don’t be impatient, just get a hold of the technical support and should be able to get back on track with your online college courses.

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