Passionate about just about everything, I find it hard to settle down on any one thing. However, over the years I’ve seen what happens when my attention is on all things, nothing gets accomplished and I feel like I am running in circles. But there is some value to following my passions, so, when it came time to decide about educational opportunities for me it just made sense to find something as flexible as I was. An online university jumped out as modern marvel to someone like me who felt extremely connected to moving around, being outdoors and often spending late nights with my friends or family.

It perhaps could be done in the traditional school setting: taking a computer up & doing some work on a hike and spending some time in the wonderful world that God’s created. However, seeing how the urge to be outdoors would often coincide with school schedules I think the online university model would greatly let my flexible spirit find expression in learning, which it loves, but also in the beauty of the outside world.

Another reason that online universities are modern marvels is because of their ability to reach into locations where higher education has often not been possible. One possible place this may be possible is in places are where potential students have such a strong connection to home life that leaving to pursue work in a regular university would be difficult on many levels. An online university creates an opportunity for them to stay home and remain with their family.

A point of marvel that seems quite relevant to me is that the online university offers a chance for physically disabled students to more easily pursue greater education. There is no need for checking to see if there are accommodations at the desired school for such needs. Online there are tools to help those with all sorts of disabilities to utilize the same learning opportunities as those without physical impairments. There are online readers to help blind people navigate the web, the ability to make text larger so that those who can’t see well have an easier time reading (ctrl+”+” on your keyboard will make most text on a web browser larger) and other technologies that can help out.

I am still fascinated by the idea of requesting to see a document that resides on a computer in China and viewing that document seconds later. The internet and its ever increasing abilities transmit data rapidly around the world is truly one of the great modern marvels. For me to see the video of a kid in Malaysia who is showing me how he builds a chicken coup is quite thrilling. Cultures are breached and the richness of each can be cross pollinated into our own. This amazes me! Online universities can bring worlds together and help bridge culture barriers and seemingly impossible difference.

With the advent of the online university there have been many fantastic things happening. People who weren’t able to (or weren’t easily able to) pursue education can now have the chance to expand their minds and increase their skills, this making more available feelings of self-care and reliance, a desperate need in today’s world.

While I’m sure there are well over a 16.5 reasons that the online university is a modern marvel, these are some of the few that speak to me.

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