Are you like me? Do you have a list of things on a piece of paper that you need to get done that day, a wall calendar for upcoming events and perhaps a couple reminders in your phone? Have you ever invited some friends over for dinner on a night that was just before a big paper was due? Well, maybe not. There’s a good chance that the stress of the event led you to think of nothing else but that paper, but it’s still happened to me that I double book important events. To make sure you avoid scheduling conflicts & maximize your online university class calendar here are some ideas that utilize a popular online service called Google Calendar.

If you don’t use Gmail you can still set up an account to use Google Calendar to help you put all your scheduling in one place. You can go to to get started. Once there Google Calendar lets you create multiple calendars. This is very useful when you have different categories you’d like to display separately at times. It also allows you to color code those calendars so it’s easy to tell the difference between your class schedule, test & assignment dates and your date on Friday night or your basketball game with friends on Thursday afternoon.

Another great feature that Google Calendar has is its alerts. If you have used Microsoft Outlook you probably already know that it can pop a task up to let you know that it’s due in 5 minutes. With Google Calendar you now have the ability to send an email to alert you or if you’d like, an SMS text message. This is valuable for important task I don’t want to miss because I wasn’t at my computer to check. However, if you have a smart phone that alerts you when you get emails the email reminders can be valuable.

Google Calendar also has a task list feature that will remind you when tasks are coming due. This is helpful if you’re like me and get so wrapped up in one project that you forget when other things are coming up & when you need to take a break to work on them.

Are you using a modern smart phone like the Android or iPhone? Many of these phones have capability to sync with Google Calendar. Some do it through an app you can download while others like Google’s Android have the calendar feature built right in.

Are you more of “see the calendar in your notebook” kind of person? Well, no problem. With Google Calendar you can print out a copy or one or all of your calendars. I do this every now and then so I can have some time away from the computer to evaluate what I need to spend time on that day. Sometimes hopping on the computer in the morning to see what’s up for the day fries my brain and is a bad way to start off, so if you have similar feelings printing off the calendar would be easy and productive.

These are the top features of Google Calendar that help me to put all my life schedules into one place. This is good because you reduce the double booking and thinking, “now where did I write that appointment information down?” Good luck on maximizing your time by using Google Calendar to sync your online university calendar with all your others!

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