You know the scene of a girl sitting by a phone, waiting for the boy to call? What ends up usually happening? That’s right, she waits and waits and waits and finally in frustration, heartbroken and sorrow filled either throws the phone out the window and goes renegade and joins the boy hater club or falls asleep crying. Either way, she’s one disappointed girl…until he calls the next day.

This may be a pretty standard response if he actually said he would call that night. However, and unfortunately, it often happens that she anticipated him calling. She expected it even though he never explicitly stated that he would call then.

Waiting for a yes or no from the online college you just applied to may feel like this if you don’t take the time to establish clear expectations by asking when they plan on letting you know and by what method (It also helps to not be in a hurry to get started). Find out what their standard method is and then call when it reaches towards the end of any window they give you. Don’t leave things to chance. Be proactive and polite.

While some online colleges will accept and alert you pretty promptly of their decision, you may be waiting for up to a couple months if they are following their traditional methods. If you were accepted to multiples schools, great! Now you just need to eliminate everyone but one. At least at this stage of the game you options. Picking a school before you’re accepted is a little like inviting everyone over for a party before asking your mom for permission. But now that you have “permission” take a look narrowing your decision.

What happens though if you were NOT accepted? Yeah, I know, unthinkable huh? Especially if it’s open enrollment. J However, don’t fret just yet. If they didn’t let you know why you weren’t accepted, ask. Good clear communication is always preferable than sulking and ascribing this rejection to your value and worth as a human being. There may have just been a clerical mistake. Rule this out first. It could have been due to you not meeting prerequisites or deadline requirements (not too helpful now, but a good reason to start early just in case you miss something and need more time).

If you were rejected for that semester and you can’t talk the academic advisor into making an exception for you, don’t give up. Remember the bigger picture and move forward. If the reason for the rejection was your prior GPA you may be temporarily accepted, but placed under watch to determine if you can make some changes. Be grateful if you’re given this opportunity and use it as such. Now is your time to shine.

If you weren’t accepted because you missed deadlines, take a step back, prepare again and make sure you examine all the deadlines & requirements well in advance for next time enrollment is made available. This may not even be an issue for some online colleges as they are able to accept people at any time so they can go at their own pace.

Whatever your circumstances, press forward with excitement and even if you have to wait longer, you will be in a much better place when you are finally accepted into an online college.

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