Have you ever been to a group meeting of some kind, perhaps one that your friend invited you to? Here’s how it may have looked. You enter a room in a nearby hotel or house, there’s music playing and chips and water at a table in the back. They have a projector set up or maybe a whiteboard or large easel with big paper. People are talking and someone stands up in the front and asks everyone to take their seat. This person is very excited, as if Bill Clinton or Donny Osmond were just in the other room. There’s a buzz in the room and people feel unconcerned that their playful bantering with the host is causing mild distraction. There are lots of smiling and when the speaker finally runs down the aisle half the room stands to applaud. You recognize them as the half that invited those who remain seated.

So, you may have experienced this kind of thing before and chances are, if you were in the group that stood up, you felt quite a bit of support and confidence. That’s what we want to have for you in your online college application process. Going back to school or taking it to the next level can be pretty difficult emotionally at times and you would do well getting as much support as you can. It’s a wonderful thing to feel like people are behind you to help you when you don’t know the way to go, but it’s quite another thing to feel like you’re going at something alone. Well, because it’s just not true that you have to do this alone, here are a couple people you can reach out to, to help get all your questions answered.

If you filled out the form on this site you will have received a call or contact from an online college recruiter. Their job is to sell you on the school they represent. If you know this from the get go and make sure to be prepared with some questions you don’t need to worry about being taken for a ride. You know what you are looking for and you let them know that you are considering multiple options. Sometimes this can even bring their special bag of offers to the table, like a discount on admission or free books. Don’t be afraid to ask for some sort of “tipping offer” if your selections are all looking pretty good. Ask them, perhaps after looking at other schools,, “So and so school provides this and is offering me that, what can you do for me?” Remember, it’s not you who are on trial here, it’s them. This is YOUR education, take charge.

Next, if you get past a recruiter you will most likely end up with a career counselor or academic advisor. Take your same questions to them and confirm them, just to make sure the sales process was squeaky clean. If you are this interested in a school, your advisor can help  you get all the documentation you need and will most likely give you their phone number and email and be available for any additional questions that will come up along the registration process.

Treat your advisor like a friend. Thank him or her for their help and follow up on the questions you ask. They may be acting as a liaison for other departments so, remember that slow response time doesn’t necessarily mean they are lazy. It could be a hold up in another department. Always give them the benefit of the doubt and be grateful for their help.

There is a lot of help available as you want and seek it out. Good luck in completing your online college application!

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