There’s a good reason for you to wonder if accredited online schools are your best choice or not. Typically because they’ve gone through the trouble to be up to par on accreditation standards they have spent more money to put those standards in place. They therefore may cost more than a school that is not accredited. But why pay more?

Let me give you a little story about how accreditation can affect you. I was listening to the radio one night. It was a talk radio show. I don’t often listen to it because of the late hour in which it is aired, but every now and then I find myself up late and am curious to hear the topic at hand. The guest on the show that night was author and lecturer John Gray. He spoke about his regular Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus kind of stuff, but this time it was about how hormones contribute to the common difference between men & women. I was fascinated and stayed up till 2 in the morning listening to the show and then the rebroadcast until 4. I was captivated at how he detailed the patterns in behavior between men & women and he even mentioned how hormones can play a key role in moods and how a common mineral has shown to all but eliminate depression in many people.

So, that’s the background. I then shared with a friend who I’ve kept in contact with over the years a link to the audio of the show. I was excited because she’s struggled with depression for a long time and has felt much like a guinea pig getting one drug after another that doesn’t seem to be helping.

Now my point here isn’t to reveal the answer to clinical depression, but rather to demonstrate her reaction to what I sent her. It was after she listened for a while and looked him up that she completely discredited a potential cure to the pains she’s struggled with over the years. She told me that he went to an unaccredited university and that was the end of that. All it took was a little bit of slander and misinformation about the accreditation of John’s school for someone to pass by the knowledge that was presented.

Another situation involves my own biases along the same lines. I was sitting with a friend, struggling with my own stuff. I was telling her about it and she shared with me a book that offered some potential solutions to the struggles I was going though. I was quick to look at the back cover and read about the author. I read that she was self-taught, an author and lecturer. It was enough for me to discredit her book before even reading it.

So, if you are going to spend the time to get educated at an institution, it may be in your best interest to consider an accredited online school. There’s already enough skepticism out there for new ideas, may as well stand on as sound a footing as possible.

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