An online public safety degree educates individuals to serve their community. Those interested in a public safety degree will specialize in a specific discipline, such as criminal justice, fire science, and paramedic care or homeland security. Public safe jobs are in demand and the need for professionals in this career continues to grow as new threats become evident. Today’s public safety professional may work to protect specific locations, work in the medical field, aid in Internet crime management or work as a police officer.

Public Safety Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in public safety allows individuals to work behind the scenes in various ways. An online public safety degree may take up to a year to complete, depending on the school. Once earned, the job seeker may be able to work in administrative tasks in community public safety forces. Other tasks may include management of activities, planning of public events or work in lower government positions. Many who obtain the online public safety degree will work in the field while working towards earning a bachelor’s degree.

Public Safety Bachelor Course Information

A public safety degree at the bachelor level often requires approximately 90 credit hours of study in an accredited university. This program lasts for about two to four years. This degree focuses on law enforcement, criminal justice, fire science training and security training.  Those who complete the bachelor course in public safety may diversify or narrow down their plan of study to just one of the aforementioned areas. Those completing this education will qualify for entry level positions in law enforcement, fire departments and other fields of criminal justice.

Public Safety Masters Course Information

The master’s degree program in public safety focuses on building upon the skills individuals working in the fields of law enforcement, disaster response, emergency medical services or other areas of security already have. These programs focus on building management skills. Those who graduate with a master’s degree, and have working experience in the field, may qualify for positions such as superintendents, chiefs of police or other authoritative positions. This course of study can take two years to complete, after completing a bachelor’s degree. Online

Public Safety Doctorate Course Information

Doctorate degrees enhance the education and leadership abilities of those in public service positions. The scope of type of safety increases here. The focus is often on handling emergency situations such as terrorism, natural disasters or other large-scale crisis situations. The length of study can depend, but may be as short as two years. Earning a PhD from online public safety degree programs is possible, since most programs are self-directed.

Online Public Safety Degree Career Outlook

As crime continues to be a factor in today’s society, the outlook for jobs in the public safety sector remains very high. Demand for qualified, educated professionals is growing. Those with a bachelor’s degree in public safety earn, on average, $38,000 a year at the entry level position. Individuals may find jobs in government positions, private security detail, and federal government programs or in other areas of public service.

Those interesting in obtaining an online public safety degree will find this program to be beneficial to career goals in any area of public safety and security. Obtaining an education online allows for flexibility, affordability and the ability to choose from numerous schools.

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