An online nutrition degree provides academic education in various areas of nutrition studies. These programs prepare students for administrative, entry level programs, but with proper licensing, an individual can enter dietician and counseling jobs. Those who are passionate about science, interested in working hand-in-hand with people and have a passion for educating others will do well in this career. Nutrition degree programs may require hands on training locally.

Nutrition Degree Associates Course Information

The associate’s degree of student in nutrition prepares students for the bachelor’s program. In some cases, job seekers enter the career field with entry-level positions in nutritionist offices. This program requires about 60 academic credits in the areas of food chemistry, metabolism, weight management and food science.  Although you will not have the education to work as a nutritionist, this course can prepare you to begin to follow that path. The associates program can take up to two years to complete.

Nutrition Degree Bachelor’s Course Information

To enter into the field of clinical nutrition, students will need to complete the bachelor’s course requirements. This online nutrition degree will prepare students to work as dieticians or nutritionists in many settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes or in private practice. Students will need to sit for a state licensing exam prior to working in this field. Registration and ongoing educational requirements may apply. The bachelor’s program takes approximately four years to complete.

Nutrition Degree Masters Course Information

The master’s course in nutrition focuses on expanding skills, including becoming a registered dietician. Students explore nutrition students including counseling, exercise and food students. The program focuses on metabolic disease, vitamins, exercise, and nutritional status.  The masters program can take two or more years to complete. Those entering this job field will be able to suggest specific plans for individuals to work toward to achieve overall health. Other RD jobs include community dietician, philanthropic project officers and nutritional educators.

Nutrition Degree Doctorate Course Information

The doctorate degree is available as an online nutrition degree. This often self-directed program allows the student to choose the specific focus or study area. The program can take up to two years to complete, or longer if the student needs it to. The core curriculum focuses on advanced nutrition, research and development, nutrition assessment methods and fieldwork seminars. Those graduating will be able to work in research and teaching careers within the nutrition field.

Online Nutrition Degree Career Outlook

The nutrition field continues to grow making the online nutrition degree in demand. With the Baby Boomer generation aging and a rise in nutritional deficiencies in many people, jobs in this field are likely to grow in number at an above average rate. The median annual wage for dieticians or nutrition was $50,600 in May of 2008. Many earned as high as $61,800. Careers in hospitals, private practice and institutions continue to be the dominate career fields for those with a bachelor’s or higher degree.

An online nutrition degree positions job seekers in a growing career field. By obtaining an education online, students benefit from the flexible scheduling options and the lower costs associated with attending in this manner. Online nutrition degree programs offer a variety of curriculum offers for students to consider.

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