An online law degree can be the basis for a person going on to become any type of lawyer, a judge or even a person in criminal justice. Degree holders can be policemen or women, lawyers, judges, prosecuting attorney, legal reps for large corporations or even the government. A person who likes policy making, rule following and debating would be great candidates for any type of online law degree.

Law Associates Course Information

Earning an associate’s in law will take on average two years of schooling. The associate’s earner can then go on and get a bachelor’s degree or begin working with jobs related to law, such as court reporting, police work or internships. The online law degree will allow a person to get all of the basics and explore any specialty they might want to pursue later on with an advanced degree.

Law Bachelor Course Information

The bachelor’s course to earn an online law degree will take approximately four years. Depending on the course load and specialty, it might take and additional year to eighteen months longer. A bachelor’s student will be able to seek entry level lawyer positions. They may or may not be able to have a specialty, such as estate planning, divorce, child custody, etc. A special graduate project or declared major would enable them to practice in specific fields.

Law Masters Course Information

Students who earn a masters degree in the law field will be able to practice as a mid-level attorney in a firm at graduation. The master’s course will take approximately two years and will likely include specialty work or an internship. Specialties could include patent law, bankruptcy, divorce, estate law and many other types of specialties. Students with master’s degrees can go on to become county prosecutors, judges or other positions in local and regional government.

Law Doctorate Course Information

People who pursue an online law degree and want to reach the doctorate level usually have a specialty. These people become attorneys for specific corporations, such as a patent lawyer for a firm or a tax advisor for the IRS. A doctorate course will take approximately two years to complete. An internship or special project may be needed in addition to the regular coursework before the doctorate degree can be earned.

Online Law Degree Career Outlook

The future is bright for people who are seeking an online law degree. There are always more criminals in the world who need policing, prosecuting, defending and even probation. Corporations need legal advice, governments need to create policy and monitor the laws. Beginning salaries are around $54,000. Private practice lawyers can make between $150,000 to over $300,000, depending on specialty. Corporate attorneys can earn between $70,000 and $150,000.

Earning an online law degree is a smart choice for people who already work during the day or who have a family to take care of. Online degrees make it practical for anyone to further their education, no matter what their situation is. Getting a degree in law at any level will guarantee a solid future in the work industry with a steady and above average income.

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