An engineering degree earned online can come with a specialization, such as electrical, mechanical or even civil engineering. People who earn an online engineering degree can create electrical processes, building blueprints or even design engines, depending on which route they choose to study. The online engineering degree is becoming more popular each year, as the demand for engineers in every field has increased.

Engineering Associates Course Information

People who choose to earn an associates degree in engineering learn the basics of the field. During the approximate two year course duration, students will understand the basic components for the engineering field of their choice. Once the online engineering degree is complete, engineering students can choose to work in an entry-level job or go on to earn an advanced degree in their field. An associate’s degree holder can be earned for just about every type of engineering.

Engineering Bachelor Course Information

The bachelor course for any engineering field is approximately four to five years long, depending on the specialty taken and how many courses the student takes each term. A bachelor’s online engineering degree can get a more specialized job for a person, as well as a higher salary. The bachelor courses will go in depth and be more detailed than the associate’s degree. Engineering courses may or may not require internships before graduation can be completed.

Engineering Masters Course Information

Taking the engineering master’s course is very specialized in one area. A student will choose a specialty and have focused classes to study for. Depending on the exact specialty, a project or an internship might be required in order to fulfill the online engineering degree program. The typical duration of a master’s program is usually two years, but could be longer if the project or internship is extended or done in addition to classes. Master’s degree holders have an easier time of landing managerial roles.

Engineering Doctorate Course Information

An online engineering degree can also be earned at the doctorate level. The doctorate program will usually include a specialized project that is directly related to the field of specialty chosen. The project may be done with a professor or other professional already in the industry. The project or results might need to be presented to a committee in order to have the doctorate degree approved. A company may or may not offer a corporate sponsorship for the project costs if it can benefit their industry directly.

Online Engineering Degree Career Outlook

The future for online engineering degrees is very bright. Employers are looking for people who have specialized knowledge more and more for many different types of jobs in several industries. Beginning wages for engineers start at $55,000 annually. Senior engineers range from $68,000 to $105,000. Senior engineers who also serve as managers of departments can earn $75,000 to $125,000 or more, depending on their exact industry.

Engineers are needed to design buildings, layout electrical wires, create machines, design city streets and subdivisions and even design business processes. Engineers are needed for almost every industry and at every degree level. Getting an online engineering degree will help to ensure any person’s employability in the future, no matter what the current economy will be.

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