Online aviation degree programs prepare students to work in a wide range of aviation careers. Though these programs need supplementation for hands on training, graduates may qualify for a wide range of careers. Many go on to work with various regional airlines in various capacities. Those interested in aviation science, engineering and flying in general should consider this program option. Careers include administration, pilots, research and development and many other areas.

Aviation Degree Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in aviation focuses on flight training and academic studies during a one year to 18 month program. Students learn critical thinking, communication and analytical skills in this program, as well as using resources effectively. Most students continue education into the bachelor degree, though some may enter into the field in administration positions. After completion of this degree, students may qualify to take the Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot or Instrument Pilot test, though flight school is necessary prior to taking these tests.

Aviation Degree Bachelor Course Information

A bachelor’s degree of study focuses on teaching students more enhanced aspects of the field, including the science behind the flying. It also teaches management skills in this area. Those who graduate this field are able to work in the professional aviation field, including as a pilot assuming the student received his FAA pilot’s license. The bachelor degree program can take approximately four years to complete. Online aviation degree programs may speed up this process or offer more flexible scheduling options.

Aviation Degree Masters Course Information

Many students graduating with a bachelor’s degree continue through the master’s degree program. Online aviation degrees will prepare the student to work in various aspects of airway transportation industry including as flight dispatchers, air traffic controllers, airline management, or maintenance technicians, depending on the focus of the program. Learn aerospace logistics, communications and aircraft simulation.

Aviation Degree Doctorate Course Information

Those graduating with a doctorate in aviation enter into the workforce as researchers and teachers within the field. The doctorate course program is often a self-directed program that focuses on personal, professional and educational goals of the student. This program may be completed in as little as three years. It is limited to those who have several years of experience working in the aviation field and who have achieved the master’s degree.

Aviation Degree Career Outlook

Online aviation degree programs prepare students for the ever-changing world of aerospace. This career path is growing as fast as other occupations without any slow down overall. While jobs with major airlines are more competitive, positions with regional airlines or low-cost carriers are available. The median wage for commercial pilots was $65,340 in 2008. Most earned up to $89,000 with experience. Careers in aerospace, including maintenance and engineering remain prominent choices.

The online aviation degree is an excellent opportunity for soon-to-be pilots to obtain their academic education from home. Students will need to enroll in FAA approved flight schools to get a pilot’s license, but completing most of the educational requirements online may speed up the process. It is also more convenient for students who need flexibility and affordability in their education.

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