An online degree in small business management can lead to management opportunities in areas like human resources, marketing and business administration. Many students who major in small business management become entrepreneurs and small business owners. Small businesses account for nearly half of all jobs in the United States, so a degree in small business management offers many career opportunities.

Online Small Business Management Degree Duration

For full time students, an online associate’s degree usually takes about 18 months to 2 years, depending on program requirements and the students scheduling preferences. Most students complete a bachelor’s degree in four years, but part time students may need six to eight years to complete coursework. A master’s degree in small business management usually takes 2 years of full time study, and a doctorate usually is completed in one to two years.

Small Business Management Associates Course Information

The curriculum for an online degree in small business management at the associate’s level includes eCommerce, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and business law and planning. Suggested electives are international business, franchising, problem solving, statistics and probabilities, business ethics, and leadership. The number of required credit hours for core courses may vary slightly between schools, and other electives may be available.

Small Business Management Bachelors Course Information

The core coursework for the online degree in small business management at the bachelor’s level is similar to the associate’s degree, but additional courses may be required. A bachelor’s degree usually requires more electives which may include accounting, finance, business technology, resource management and corporate social responsibility. Elective courses may be used to tailor the student’s program to meet the specific needs of the career path he has chosen.


Small Business Management Masters Course Information

Online master’s degrees in small business management are offered by a number of excellent online schools. Masters degree programs allow students to train in specific areas of small business management. Some of the areas of study include risk management, human resources, and technology applications in business and marketing. A master’s degree in small business management can lead to leadership position and higher salaries for graduates.

Small Business Management Doctorate Course Information

The doctorate degree curriculum usually includes education courses to prepare graduates to teach at the college or university level. Individuals with a doctorate may also choose to specialize in consulting for other small businesses. Most doctorate programs require that students complete a thesis as part of the program and many students seeking a doctorate may wish to publish books, studies and research in their field.

Online Small Business Management Degree Career Outlook

The fastest growing segment of small business management is expected to be in management, scientific and technical consulting with positions for business analysts growing at twice the national average for all jobs. No growth is expected for top executive positions and openings will likely be due to attrition. Due to the high compensation offered in this field, competition for jobs will be keen in spite of job growth.

Online degrees in small business management offer graduates good opportunities for advancement and excellent salaries. The salaries vary depending on geographical location and the specialty of the individual. An associate’s degree is the minimum requirement for most employers, but a bachelors or masters degree will offer the best opportunities for advancement. An online doctorate degree may provide graduates with opportunities in teaching or consulting which are rewarding careers.

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