Pursuing a degree in religion usually means the student has a vocation or calling to work in the clergy, as a missionary or in other charitable work. The demand for those with a degree in religion often depends on their particular belief system since some churches are experiencing a decrease in their following while others are experiencing an increase. Most students do not enter religion with the intention of finding a high paying career.

Online Religion Degree Duration

For students who are able to attend online school full time an associate’s degree in religion takes about two years and a bachelors degree takes about four years. Part time students may take longer to complete these degrees. A masters degree generally takes between 18 to 24 months and a doctorate may take longer than a masters since a thesis is usually required for a doctorate in religion. Online degrees in religion often allow students to progress at their own pace.

Religion Associates Course Information

The curriculum at different online schools may vary but they usually include philosophy, bible studies, history, communications, sociology and theology. Other courses may include psychology, leadership, physical fitness and mathematics. An associate’s degree educates students in the fundamentals of religion and prepares them for further education or an internship in the ministry, missionary work or teaching at religious based schools.

Religion Bachelors Course Information

As with most educational areas, the online bachelor’s degree in religion covers similar coursework for the associate’s degree in the first two years of study. It also includes research and methods, church music and arts, worship, administration, preaching and practical theology. A bachelor’s degree in religion can lead to a career as a pastor or minister, a teacher or a missionary. Work in nonprofit agencies is another career option. Salaries for most positions are under $40,000 per year.

Religion Masters Course Information

An online master’s degree in religion usually requires student to select a specific area of study such as comparative religion and philosophy, theology, or history of religion. A master’s degree in religion usually requires a thesis as part of the curriculum. A masters degree can lead to teaching in colleges or universities, curating in museums and work in the ministry. It is difficult to determine salary levels since a masters in religion can lead different careers in very different settings.


Religion Doctorate Course Information


A doctorate in religion requires a doctoral thesis in a specific area of religion like comparative religion, religious philosophy, bible studies, history, or religious art or music. Most students who attain a doctorate degree in religion pursue teaching at the college or university level, enter the ministry or work in the administration of religious institutions or charities. Since the career paths that doctorate degrees lead to are diverse, there is no specific information on salary levels.

Online Religion Degree Career Outlook

Degrees in religion lead to many different career options and salaries vary, but top salaries for associate’s degrees are usually around $40,000.  Those with master’s and doctorate degrees may earn in excess of $100,000 per year. The salaries of clergymen often depend on the church to which they are assigned. Job growth in most of the careers available to those with online degrees in religion is predicted to be average.

Most students who seek degrees in religion are more interested in spiritual rewards than monetary compensation. There are limited opportunities for advancement in the academic and religious arenas and the best opportunities are for individuals with a masters or a doctorate degree. Many students of religion are working when they decide to advance their education and online degrees in religion are easier to adapt to their work and missionary schedule.


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