An online liberal arts degree is offered as an associate’s, a bachelor’s, a master’s, or a PhD diploma. The associate’s degree generally takes 2 years to complete, the bachelor diploma takes 4-5 years, the master’s degree can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to earn, and a doctoral degree requires approximately 6 years. The duration required for the online liberal arts degree is affected, based on whether the student attends full or part time and does or does not opt for summer attendance.

Liberal Arts Associates Course Information

Many students entering college are unsure of the discipline they want to major in, and an associate’s degree in a liberal arts program allows them to begin their education while their career decision remains undecided. This offers the flexibility of securing an entry level position in the workforce immediately after graduation, or the ability to proceed on to earn a bachelor’s degree either in liberal arts or any other discipline.

Liberal Arts Bachelor Course Information

An online liberal arts degree at the bachelor level has a set core curriculum, yet can be customized to suit interests and future ambitions. A liberal arts bachelor’s diploma is a popular choice for ambitious, career minded individuals with goal jobs such as attorneys, politicians, or foreign services positions and who plan to pursue an MA. A liberal arts BA is also a common choice for building a basis for a health care or business career and as preparation for graduate school.

Liberal Arts Masters Course Information

The liberal arts master’s degree is available as a degree specifically at many colleges (MA in Liberal Arts), but is also offered in individual subjects related to the humanities discipline, such as an MA in Cultural Anthropology or Political Science. Job possibilities span across numerous professions and include positions in government, journalism, antiquities, writing, publishing, communication, advertising, banking, and social services.

Liberal Arts Doctors Course Information

A PhD in liberal arts is the highest degree that can be obtained in this discipline. A liberal arts doctoral graduate can pursue a career in many elite professions, including positions such as college professors, museum curators, editors, scholars, and political advisors just to name a few. Graduates must complete core and elective courses, perform research, successfully complete a comprehensive exam, and write a dissertation.

Liberal Arts Degree Career Outlook

Because of the versatility the liberal arts and humanities degree offers, the career availability is very promising. A degree holder is prepared for many positions offering excellent possibilities for achieving great success and personal fulfillment. Because the liberal arts degree is not as confined as some other disciplines, it allows the graduate to shift into a variety of job opportunities while other more specific discipline degree holders are limited in the positions they can pursue.

The liberal arts degree provides recipients with a well rounded education that can take them anywhere they want to go while pursuing their interests and having access to exceptional career opportunities. An online liberal arts degree meets the demands of those with work and/or family responsibilities, and there are more online programs available now than ever before.

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