An online health services degree will provide the basic requirements needed to obtain a job in the field of healthcare, one of the fastest growing industries.   Many jobs fall into the category of health services and there are a multitude of these jobs available, many with good salaries.

Online Health Services Degree Duration

An online health services degree has a fairly typical duration: an associate’s takes two years, a bachelor’s takes four and a master’s takes an additional two years.  However, these numbers are based on the assumption of fifteen credits a semester, two semesters a year.  A student who takes more classes, or works during the summer semester, can complete the degree requirements in significantly less time.  An online degree is ideal for this, since the student can take excess credits while still maintaining a work schedule and family life.

Health Services Associates Course Information

An associate’s degree in health services is an ideal way to enter the world of health services.  It can be used to obtain an entry level job and can also be the basis for furthering your higher education in the field.  An associate’s in any related field is helpful, since credits from an associate’s degree are often transferable to bachelor’s programs.  Courses at the associate’s level provide a basic introduction to health services.  Classes cover topics such as the natural and social sciences, administrative duties and management techniques.

Health Services Bachelors Course Information

Bachelor’s degrees in health services prepare students to assist medical professionals in careers involving administrative and managerial positions.  A health services bachelor’s can also lead to a career as a personal care attendant, emergency medical technician, medical assistant or home health aide.  Courses will typically cover various topics in biology, such as anatomy, physiology, or microbiology.  In addition, there are courses devoted to ethics, health insurance, laws concerning health care, and accounting, which are skills necessary for managerial positions.

Health Services Masters Course Information

A master’s in health services is intended for a health care professional who would like to upgrade his/her career.  It provides the skills necessary for higher managerial positions and can also lead to teaching positions.  In general, these degrees are geared towards a professional, rather than a student, and require some experience in the field.  There are very few doctorate programs available online and therefore a master’s is usually the highest degree required.  Classes at this level cover the same topics as the bachelor’s or associate’s, but with a more in depth focus.

Online Health Services Degree Career Outlook

A health services degree can be used for a science based job, such as a personal care attendant or an EMT.  It can also be used for an administrative position in an insurance company or a doctor’s office.  In general, there are many jobs available in any of the health services field.  This trend is expected to continue as baby boomers age and health care reform laws are enacted.  Jobs in the field have a large range in salary and can pay anywhere from $30k yearly to greater than $100k.

A health services degree provides the ultimate in career flexibility and can be used to create any future, either working or in education.  Online classes mean that schoolwork can be done at anytime and anywhere, however it fits into your unique schedule.

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