An online health science degree is perfect for someone who already has a medical related job.  The degree will help with career advancement and because the degree is available online, the student can take classes while working.  For someone who does not yet have a job in the field, a health science degree will make them stand out amongst the job applicants.

Online Health Science Degree Duration

An online health science degree can be obtained in a total of four years, and sometimes even less.  The associate’s, where available, takes two years.   An associate’s degree with any sort of concentration in the sciences may be used to transfer into a bachelor’s program.  A bachelor’s degree in health science requires either four years of college or an associate’s degree plus two additional years of coursework.  Master’s degrees generally take two to three years to complete.  Doctorates in the field are available and the time it takes to complete them depends varies.

Health Science Bachelor Course Information

Many of the online health science degree programs are designed for those who have already have an associates degree and/or experience in the field.  The health science bachelor’s can be used to obtain a wide variety of jobs, such as those in health administration, insurance, or public health.  It can also be used as a basis for a higher degree in any health related profession, whether administrative or practicing.  In addition to general education classes such as writing and math, a bachelor’s degree will include courses in the natural sciences and those related to administrative duties.

Health Science Master’s Course Information

A master’s is usually not required to obtain an entry level job in health science.  As such, the program is not intended for someone who is a still a full-time student, without any experience in the field.  It is, however, ideal for anyone who wishes to further an existing career.  Obtaining the degree online is particularly beneficial since it provides the flexibility necessary to hold down a job.  Master’s level coursework may include advanced levels of many biology classes and further classes in administration.

Health Science Doctorates Course Information

Post-professional degrees in health science are important to upgrade a career and move into a managerial position.  A doctorate may also be needed in order to supervise other professionals.  Doctorates are offered in health science, but there are many other degrees with similar disciplines.  An academic advisor can help determine which degree and which college is best for each individual’s career.  Classes at this level vary greatly, but tend to focus on the administrative aspect of health care such as billing and insurance, information technology, and the legalities of health care.

Online Health Science Degree Career Outlook

At entry level positions, the yearly salary is about $30k on average.  However, work experience can bring the number up to fifty thousand and higher degrees may also increase the salary.  Health science is one of the most versatile of degrees and can be used to obtain any number of positions.  Job opportunities include managerial and administrative positions in hospitals or doctors offices, as well as public health positions.  A degree in health science can also be used to branch out educationally into many other fields.

A health science degree has a great amount of flexibility.  It can be used to further a career or as the basis for higher education.  Obtaining the degree online extends this flexibility to scheduling, allowing the student to decide exactly when and how s/he would like to get the degree.

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