Doctors and nurses often get the credit for healing people, but they could not do their job properly without health administrators.  An online health administration degree offers the flexibility of an online degree and provides students with the opportunity to work in the healthcare industry as decision maker and organizers.

Online Health Administration Degree Duration

The typical health administration bachelor’s takes four years to complete, but there are programs that offer shorter options.  The master’s in health administration usually requires two years of schooling.  Some programs also offer a dual bachelor’s/master’s degree program, which usually take five years to complete.  Students can also choose to work during or between earning their degrees.  An experienced academic advisor or consultant can help each student determine his/her best option for the shortest and most successful school experience possible.

Health Administration Bachelor Course Information

Some colleges offer an associate’s degree for health administration.  However, most entry level jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  Depending on the college, the bachelor’s in health administration may be a part of the college of business and administration, or it may fall into the category of health related professions.  At the bachelor’s level, classes will cover topics like managing health care, the economics of health care, and the laws of the health care system.    Some schools will also require experience in the field before granting the degree.

Health Administration Master’s Course Information

Degrees in health administration at the master’s level vary greatly.  Some schools offer an M.S., while others offer an M.B.A., both in the exact same area.  There are many different specialties available, including informatics, healthcare, management or some combination thereof.  In addition, each college may define the specialties differently.  When considering a master’s in health administration, it may be helpful to double check exactly what each degree consists of as well as what jobs it leads to.

Health Administration Doctorates Course Information

Doctorate degrees in health administration are usually for professionals who already have a large amount of experience in the field.  A doctorate may be a way for such an individual to further their career and knowledge in the field.  More commonly, a doctorate allows the health administrator to go back to school, this time as a professor.  A doctorate also provides the opportunity to enter the field of research.  A doctorate is usually not required for even the top level positions, but it can provide the individual with a way to affect broad changes in the health care system.

Online Health Administration Degree Career Outlook

Individuals with an online health administration degree often earn upwards of $70k yearly.  Every doctor’s office requires some form of a health administrator and large hospitals have multitudes of them.  Health insurance companies also require a large amount of health care administrators, especially with the changes enacted under the new healthcare laws.  These jobs are becoming more and more necessary and the demand for qualified individuals keeps growing.  A degree in health administration is a lucrative and wise career choice.

An online health administration degree will give you the ability to help the health care system runs smoothly.  There are various levels of education and various jobs available, but they all have one thing in common; the professionals ensure that doctors, nurses and physician’s assistants can do their jobs properly.

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