Engineering managers will coordinate, research, plan and direct design and production activities. As an engineer manager, you may be in charge of managing a team of other engineers, scientists, technicians, and other support positions within each project. Typically, an engineer manager will start out working as an engineer and continue their education by getting a master’s degree in either engineering management or business administration.

Online Engineering Management Degree Duration

An individual who wishes to work as an engineer manager will first obtain a bachelor’s degree in engineering, which takes approximately four years. There are two different options for those wishing to work in engineer management. The first choice is to earn masters in engineer management or MSM. The second option offers more flexibility within the field and that is to earn a master’s of business administration or MBA. Both of these degrees can be completed online and will take anywhere from one to two years.

Engineering Bachelor Course Information

An online bachelor’s degree course in engineering prepares a student for working as a professional engineer or computer scientist. Coursework for this degree will include mathematics, physical science, life sciences, and general engineering. In addition, a student will take courses that are concentrated in the area of specialization that they choose. There are several online universities that offer a bachelor of science degree in engineering. Some of the top programs include Ashford University, Kaplan University, and DeVry University.

Engineering Management Masters Course Information

There are several schools that offer an online engineering management degree at the master’s level. Some of top choices for these programs include, Drexel University, Purdue University, Duke University, Walden University, and Strayer University. During the course, a student can expect to take classes such as management, technology, marketing, engineering law, R&D management, systems engineering, green engineering, project management, and ethical issues. The online courses offer interactive learning environments in order to engage the students with the program.

Engineering Management Doctorate Course Information

There are three types of credentials currently offered in an online doctoral program in engineering. They are the Doctor of Business Administration, Technology, and Management, Ph.D. in Business Administration, Management of Engineering Technology, and Ph.D. in Management, Engineer Management. In order to enroll in one of these programs a student must earn a master’s degree from an accredited program. The coursework for a doctorate in engineer management will be research oriented and technology based allowing students to move easily from the classroom to the workplace.

Online Engineering Management Degree Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected job growth for engineer management positions is expected to be around 8% from 2008 to 2018, which is considered an average rate of growth. The largest number of jobs will be available for engineers that have strong business management and communication skills. The average salary for engineering managers varies based on specialty and the level of responsibilities that they have. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median average salary was $115,270 in 2008.

With a master’s degree in engineering management, you can expect to find a number of jobs available to you. As an engineer, methods are changing constantly and it will be important to maintain your education throughout your career. Using an online program offers a more flexible option for those individuals that need to work while obtaining their degree.

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