An online education leadership degree is perfect those who want to take teaching one step further.  A degree in education leadership gives teachers extra skills in the classroom, a necessity in today’s highly competitive academic world.  More importantly, it can provide him/her with the abilities needed to hold a superintendent or other administrative position.

Online Education Leadership Degree Duration

The typical online education leadership degree requires two years to complete.  However, the degree is usually a master’s degree, and admission requirements often include a four year undergraduate degree and/or years of experience working in a classroom.  Though this may seem intimidating at first, the years do not have to add up.  Experience in a classroom can be gained while taking classes and undergraduate degrees can be completed in less than four years, particularly if classes are taken online.  The exact amount of time the degree will take varies based on the student’s dedication and motivation.

Education Leadership Bachelor Course Information

A select few schools offers bachelor’s in education leadership.  These are usually advanced bachelor’s which require a previous undergraduate degree in education as well as experience in the field of education.  Before pursuing an advanced bachelor’s or a master’s a typical bachelor’s is required, usually in education.   In addition to a general degree in education, many schools offer specializations such as special education, early childhood education, or elementary education.  There may also be the opportunity to minor in a subject that will be relevant to either teaching or education leadership.

Education Leadership Master’s Course Information

It is at the master’s level that a degree in education leadership becomes useful, since a master’s is the basic minimum for most jobs in the field.  A master’s in education leadership is not usually a regular M.S.Ed.; it is a specialization in the field.  As such, the master’s for education leadership may not meet the requirements for a teaching license, as it is intended for those who wish to take administrative positions.  Classes are likely to cover topics such as educational and school laws, educational planning, school financing, leadership, or supervising teachers.

Education Leadership Doctorates Course Information

At the post-graduate level, those who are interested in education leadership have two basic options.  Some schools offer doctorates in the field, typically a Ph.D. of Ed.D. in Education Leadership.  However, in many states a degree alone is not enough to qualify for an administrative position and additional licensing is required.  The courses for these post-graduate certifications are often available online and can usually be taken while the student is working in his/her chosen field.  The exact details of the program vary by school and state requirement.

Online Education Leadership Degree Career Outlook

Each state has its own requirements for different positions in the field, which may include a master’s, a doctorate, or various levels of licensure and certification.  Those who obtain an online education leadership degree can look forward to a wide variety of careers.  Options include superintendent, principal, and other administrative positions, as well as various positions at the college level.  The amount earned will vary by job and state, but as more and more funding is being poured into schools nationwide, the future looks bright and individuals may have the opportunity to earn upwards of $50k.

Earning a degree in education leadership is great for anyone who wants to further their career in education or school administration.  Earning the degree online is even better, since it provides as much flexibility as necessary, so that the teacher can also be the student.

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