It is important to understand that there is a difference between eCommerce and eBusiness. Any electronic transactions that involve money, such as buying something on eBay, are considered eCommerce. On the other hand, eBusiness involves everything that has to do with business online, such as marketing techniques, customer education, procurement, and knowledge about how to sell things online successfully. There are several courses designed to educate individuals in the field of eCommerce and eBusiness.

Online eBusiness and eCommerce Degree Duration

There are several options and levels of degrees in eBusiness and eCommerce available. One option is an associate of applied science in eCommerce or an associate of arts in business management-eCommerce, which typically take two years to complete. Another option is a bachelor of science in business/eBusiness, or a bachelor of business administration-eBusiness, which will take approximately four years to complete. Masters and doctorate programs are also available, which will take around two years to complete after the initial four years of a bachelors degree program.

eBusiness and eCommerce Associates Course Information

An associate degree in eCommerce may include courses such as principles of marketing, computer programming introduction, professional ethics, and operating systems. Through an associate’s degree program in eCommerce or eBusiness, students can expect to learn how to use databases, marketing, and web development within the world of business. There are several different schools that offer online eBusiness and eCommerce associate’s degrees, including Baker College Online, Kaplan University, Strayer University, Bryant & Stratton University, ITT Technical Institute and South University Online are some of the top choices.

eBusiness and eCommerce Bachelors Course Information

Anyone that is interested in working in the technology industry or for an internet business will benefit from having an eBusiness or eCommerce bachelor’s degree. Required courses for this type of degree will include business management, information technology, business security, online security, business law, supply chain management, distribution techniques, and shipping techniques. Some of the top online eBusiness and eCommerce degrees are offered from Breyer State University online, Strayer University online, Ashford University online, and Western Universal University.

eBusiness and eCommerce Masters Course Information

Typically, a student that wishes to obtain masters in eBusiness or eCommerce will enroll in a Master of Business or Master of Science program. These programs provide skills in computer networking, eCommerce, management, business enterprises, and other web technologies. Other courses may include programming, online entrepreneurial practices, and computer hardware. Some of the top online schools offering master’s in eCommerce and eBusiness include Full Sail University, Northcentral University, Kaplan University, Walden University, Strayer University, Baker College Online, and Cappella University.

Online eBusiness and eCommerce Degree Career Outlook

The career outlook for someone with a degree in eCommerce or eBusiness is very good. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this industry are expected to grow by 45% from 2008 to 2018. There is a variety of different roles for someone with an online eBusiness and eCommerce degree to choose from, including systems analyst, business manager, marketer, and web designer. These jobs come with an average starting salary of over $40,000 and can be upwards of $75,000.

Overall, business on the internet is an extremely fast growing field. Those individuals specializing in eCommerce and eBusiness will see a large number of jobs available upon graduation, with expectations of excellent earning potential and advancement

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