Training in conflict management allows graduates to pursue careers in many settings including education, medicine, business, entertainment, law and diplomacy. Every business and government agency needs someone to help resolve the inevitable conflicts that can arise: between labor and management, between companies, between government agencies and even between governments. Conflict management graduates are avidly recruited by employers.

Online Conflict Management Degree Duration

Conflict management involves very complex issues and there is no associate’s degree program. A full time student usually finishes an online bachelor’s degree in conflict management in three and a half to four and a half years. Part time students may take six to eight years to complete the bachelor’s degree. The master’s degree usually requires about two years of full time study and doctorate degrees usually take a minimum of eighteen months.

Conflict Management Bachelors Course Information

An online degree in conflict management usually has a curriculum which requires core courses like English, mathematics, history and communications. Other courses include, conflict theory, cross-cultural conflict management, corporate contract law, alternative dispute resolution and negotiation. The number of credit hours required for graduation varies between schools and suggested electives may include psychology and sociology.

Conflict Management Masters Course Information

Students in the online master’s degree in conflict management program may choose to specialize in specific areas of conflict management such as negotiation, international business conflict resolution, labor and management arbitration or international diplomacy. A master’s degree in can lead to the most desirable positions in business and government. Online classes often offer the best opportunity for students already employed in the field to further their education.

Conflict Management Doctorate Course Information

An online degree in conflict management at the doctorate level can lead to careers in academia, international diplomacy and resolution of international business disputes. Many doctorate programs require a thesis to complete the program, in addition to coursework in the particular field in which the student specializes. A doctorate can enhance the employability and salary prospects for graduates in the field of conflict management especially if the graduate has practical experience.

Online Conflict Management Degree Career Outlook

The minimum requirement for a position in conflict management is a bachelor’s degree, and many employers prefer a master’s degree. In 2009 the median salary for a mediator with a master’s degree was $66,800. Figures for self employed consultants were not available and the salary of diplomats may vary depending on their experience and their embassy posting. Job growth in this field is expected to be slightly above the national average for all jobs.

Conflict management is a growing field which is likely to become even more important as the global economy expands and cultures collide. Online degrees in conflict management allow students more flexibility whether they are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or seeking advancement in their field with higher education. While a bachelors degree is required for employment in this field, graduate degrees are preferred and the best opportunities are open to those with a doctorate.



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