An online community health degree is not your basic healthcare degree.   In addition to focusing on typical health related topics, community health focuses on the wellbeing of an entire community, whether that community consists of a town, state, nation or the entire world.

Online Community Health Degree Duration

Obtaining an associate’s degree in community health takes approximately two years.  A bachelor’s degree, the minimum for most jobs, takes four years and the same is true for any bachelor’s degree that may be related to the field, such as a degree in nursing or community management.  The master’s program requires two years of study, and the duration of the doctorate programs vary.  For degrees that are available online, the duration of study will vary based on the intensity of the student’s workload.

Community Health Associate Course Information

There are a number of programs, including many community colleges, which offer associate degrees in community health or related areas.  Classes at the associate’s level are intended to provide students with basic introductory information to the world of public health, health management, and health statistics.  However, an associate’s degree may only be useful as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s.  If the student chooses to pursue an associate’s degree, it is important to determine which classes the bachelor’s program will accept as transfer credits.

Community Health Bachelor Course Information

A bachelor’s in community health provides students with the basic skills and information they need to succeed in the field.  Areas of study include those typical to the health care fields, such as the natural and social sciences.  In addition, classes may cover topics such as biostatics or health management, topics uniquely applicable to the field of community health.  Some courses  require fieldwork to qualify for graduation.  Students who complete the bachelor’s program are expected to be able to create, implement and monitor programs intended to increase community wellbeing.

Community Health Master’s Course Information

Many colleges offer an online community health degree at the master’s level.  The courses in such a program will expand upon previous knowledge.  Skills to be taught include teaching the public about health, organization involved in public health, how to obtain funding, as well as assessment of the public’s health.  Like all levels of community health education, a master’s degree often requires fieldwork for completion.  If the student already has a job in the field, it is possible that the hours of work may qualify for fieldwork hours.

Community Health Doctorates Course Information

Doctorates in community health are offered in many colleges, but only a few of those programs are available online.  A doctorate degree is not necessary for most positions in the field and so a student may choose not to pursue it.  However, obtaining a doctorate degree does provide greater job opportunities so it may be worth the investment.  In addition, an experienced consultant or academic advisor may be able to find an online community healthy degree that includes a doctorate program.

Online Community Health Degree Career Outlook

Jobs in the community health degree are exactly what the degree would imply.  Professionals work with the public on many areas affecting community health with the hope of improving the public’s overall wellbeing.  Places of work can include public health departments, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, or family planning clinics.  Skills such as health management and health statistics are vital for jobs in insurance companies or corporate offices.  Paychecks will vary based on position, but the need for healthcare professionals is on the rise, so job opportunities are relatively plentiful.

Obtaining an online community health degree can help procure a number of jobs.  For an individual who wants to help others and pursue a health related profession without focusing heavily on the sciences, a community health degree is perfect.

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