Before investigating any unknown topic, fears often abound. We are afraid of uncertainty. We arrange our lives to create certainty. We work to establish financial security. We develop relationships to bring about emotional stability and we settle down into homes and communities to set up some sort of consistency in our daily lives. If you have been putting off looking into options for online schools you don’t have to be afraid, opportunities abound. Online education is booming and the selection is so great that you can find someone to teach you just about anything you want to learn.

Let me start off by sharing with you some of the degree options you have with online schools. Do you like to heal people? How about an online healthcare or nursing degree? You a whiz with money? How about honing those natural abilities with online finance courses? Do you like to get into others’ heads and help them understand their habits, patterns and behaviors? Then an online psychology degree is a good course of action for you. Are you naturally good with numbers? Is arithmetic fun for you? Take a step to the next level with an online math degree. You many more options too. You can try some online education courses, a paralegal degree, an online science degree, trade degree, mba degree, marketing degree, IT degree, human resources degree…alright, you get the picture. Just know, whatever you want to do, you can learn about online.

Another common tendency we have when even when we see a plethora of opportunities before us, we may have even narrowed it down, is to give ourselves a list of reasons why we can’t do whatever it is. We may use the excuse of not enough time or not enough money. We may think we don’t have the staying power or attention. While any or all of these may be true, those who accomplish their goals don’t let the initial gaps in reality verses needs stop them. They determine where they need to go and figure out how to accomplish the rest along the way. They say that he who had a strong enough why can accomplish anyhow. If school’s not in your immediate cards, don’t make excuses, just make a choice not to go. When it IS in your cards however, make a firm decision and stick with it.

Now that you seen that there are many degrees for you to choose from you, have let go of all your excuses for not moving forward let me share with you one last idea for facing your fears. One thing that is an important aspect for many who want to keep moving forward in a path they’ve chosen is surrounding themselves with people who support their decisions. Being with other students, going to some online school forums, making a connection with a career counselor or academic advisor are good activities for those who want to maintain momentum.

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