Recently I spoke to a friend that was unduly uptight, like she used to be more fun, but that her funny bone was surgically removed from her character. Over the course of attending MBA school she thought aloud, she had learned discipline, hard work and shrewd bargaining skills, but she also said it was this same stuff that that dulled her fun-ability. I just observed the situation, smiling, because that’s one of the reasons that I like to be around her, because she’s fun!

The day after I had this conversation I was talking to another friend that shared a similar sentiment. He was feeling very stressed because he was in a “accomplish more and more or you get fired” mode. I admit that I admit I’ve had desires to get an MBA, but I prize fun way too much. However, if you had dreams, but weren’t able to make it into the military you may find a wonderful alternative in getting an online MBA degree.

I joke about MBA school sapping the fun from you. I’ve known many others that have gone through MBA school and some of them are among the funnest people I know. But if you’re thinking of taking the plunge, here are some things in addition to getting your stamina tested that you can look forward to learning/receiving.

Efficiency: Because of the rigorous “boot camp” like demands of getting your MBA degree you are forced to learn how to get more things done in a smaller amount of time. You may have treated with homework slid in high school and realized that you can still get by with mediocre effort. Try this in MBA school and you’ll get swallowed whole. However, if you dedicate yourself to the experience, you’ll come out of it knowing how to take a large amount of work, determine what’s most important and get it done on a deadline.

Vocabulary: In the world of business it’s important to know what you’re talking about…or at least sound like it. When communicating with others in the business world you gain points by knowing what others are talking about. In MBA school you’ll get a broad understanding of all that makes businesses tick so you won’t be lost when you get into the corporate world and your boss talks about the internal profit and loss statement and how revenue is on par to exceed the cost of all outsourced subsidiary asset management.

Team Work: One of the most valuable skills in this life is to learn how to work with others. In the business world there are all kinds of teams you’ll end up. Gaining a sense of people’s characters and what how to work with them is invaluable. Your online MBA degree will give you a chance to practice in some of these

Connections: While this is not something that you necessarily see on the course objectives it is a natural outcome of participating in the class projects and interacting with the outside business world. You meet people that can be good connections once you graduate and are seeking employment.

If gaining a greater efficiency, a broader vocabulary, the skills to work on a team and some key connections is something that you want, you may be interested in pursuing an online MBA degree. If you do it, just remember to schedule in time to have some fun so you don’t wake up on the other side and wonder why you’re no longer fun. 😉  Good luck!

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