So you’ve spent some time considering the type of online university program you want to get into. Now what? Well, you may have created a list of prospective colleges to look into. You may have spoken to several academic advisors, teachers and students at the colleges you’re looking into. These can be very helpful steps, but now you just have a lot of data, how do you shorten your list now that you’ve done these things.

We’re gonna help you sift through that list so it doesn’t feel like one of those bad story problems that contain very little actually data needed to solve the problem. This process can be fun. It’s all about asking questions. You can create a chart to help you if you want. It’s similar to comparing cars. Just write the following words along the left side of a paper and list the online universities under consideration up top. Thumbs up or thumbs down, a check or an X, it doesn’t really matter use whatever you like to show that the institution or program either meets or fails to meet the standard posed by the question.

  • Program Match? Does this school/program help me move closer towards my learning goals? Don’t do a program just because it’s offered at a discount, make sure you know where you’re going and that it helps you reach that destination. If you don’t know this yet, you need to spend some more time studying the matter out.
  • Affordable? Can I afford the cost with aid? Some programs have financial aid available. Do your best not to rely exclusively or at all on loans. You don’t want it to be overwhelming to pay for or to pay back.
  • Doable? Can I reasonably add this to my plate and not go under? The work that’s required to complete a program is often no small feat. Make sure you’ve evaluated the real amount of work it takes to complete a class.
  • Meets Needs? Will this institution be able to give me the support that I need? If you have a learning disability, anticipate needing tutoring or additional help or don’t have access to a good library, you are going to want to make sure the online university you choose has these things taken into consideration.
  • Own Speed? Can I work around my schedule and work at my own pace? Granted, this may not be a deal breaker if getting into a program to move forward is the top priority, but it just may be in your situation. Keep it in mind.
  • Feels Good? When all is said and done, would I feel good about selecting this college? You are the one that has to wake each morning, look yourself in the mirror and live with the choices you make. Make sure that you feel good about the choice or you may second guess your decision later when it gets difficult.

You have a list, now make a chart and narrow down your choices. This can be exciting and I wish you the best in your selection.

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